How to add content on the stats page after the start of the game?

I’d like to add information like character reference or choices after the said character is introduced (or delete them once they died) not immediately at the start of the game, how to do that?

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I honestly need help on this too. I apologize that I can’t be much help.

All I can think of is a possible false command?

I’ll have to play with coding a bit more to be qualified to help

You can use if statements. I don’t know if that’s the optimal way to do it, but I know it works.

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One way to do this is to create variables that check whether the player has met the character or not, and whether the character is alive or dead. In startup.txt:

*create met_chara1 false
*create chara1_alive true
*create met_chara2 false
*create chara2_alive true

Next, add *set met_chara1 true in the scene where the character is introduced. When the character dies, add the *set chara1_alive false statement.

In choicescript_stats file, use *if statements to show information about the character.

*if ((metchara_1=true) and (chara1_alive=true))
    Example text of Character1's Bio.

Yes! If statements work as well but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t hide choices to go to another stat page. I mean it works, so I’m content with this method until I find something that works better.

This is a god send. Thanks!

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You can also use simpler variables to make it cleaner - for instance if your character is named Jay:

*set jaymet false
*set jayalive true

After setting these variables to true or false in the game itself, the use of *if in the stats page can just be:

*if not(jaymet)
    You have not met anyone yet.
*if (jaymet)
    Description of Jay here
*if ((jaymet) and not(jayalive))
    Jay has died.

Hopefully it helps to make things less clunky!

Could I also clarify what you mean by this?


If you have for example a different stats page for one of the characters you can make the option to choose that page invisible or unselectable.

grayed out choice if char_1 is dead:
*selectable_if (char_1_alive)
  #Move to (char_1) page.

invisible if char_1 is dead:
*if (char_1_alive)
  #Move to (char_1) page.


Another problem has been resolved for me.

I meant that there’s a choice then the options for different stats, such as relationships, personality, morality etc.

You could also make it even simpler by using a string variable instead.

*create jay_status "you don't know who this is"

*label jay
There is a guy standing in front of you. $!{jay_status}.
    #You know Jay.
        *set jay_status "Jay is an acquaintance"
        *goto jay
    #J-man is my friend.
        *set jay_status "Jay is a good friend"
        *goto jay
    #Who is this guy?
        *set jay_status "You don't know who this is"
        *goto jay


I’m still not too sure what you mean, sorry >< From what I gather, I think you want a choice on the stats screen that navigates to a separate relationships/ character page?

If so, what you can do is create entirely separate scene files based on what you want. Say, relationships.txt and character_guide.txt

      #View relationships
            *goto_scene relationships
      #Read a description of the characters
            *goto_scene character_guide

and then to link everything back nicely on each separate page (I’ll use the relationships.txt one as an example:

      #Read a description of the characters
            *goto_scene character_guide
      #Return to main menu
            *goto_scene choicescript_stats