*if statements in stats screen?

Hello fellow forum members,

I need your help with finding a way around using *if statements in the stats screen.

In my startup file I have *create characterdead false. This variable, as you can see, keeps track of whether that character is dead or alive. What I want to do in my stats screen is to have it so that the relationship variable for that character (Which I have created in my startup file) to only show up if that character is still alive. What I have in my stats screen is:

*if characterdead =false
percent character_rel

Note: the percent is indented by two spaces.

However, this does not work as the error message which I receive says that the *if statement has to be a text, percent or opposed_pair.

Is there a way around this?

I hope you can help,
Thanks in advance.


*if (not (characterdead))


*if (characterdead = false)

I tried both your suggestions but neither worked.

 *if characterdead = false
      percent character_rel

Try that

I just tried that but I still got the same error message “invalid line; this line should start with percent, text or opposed_pair.”

How about

*if characterdead =false
        percent character_rel

Again, you’ve saved the day. Thanks!

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