Keepers of Fairfort (WIP) [1st post: 19 Nov 18]



It’s the one that @Elysian pointed out I believe! I have rectified that, and it passed quicktest before I updated it again, so it should be fine now. I also did a quick play through and it could go pass that scene. Are you still getting that error? It shouldn’t be the case if that’s so… :thinking:


Ok, this is amazing. It’s so well done that I never thought I’m still playing an WIP project. Never been a big fan low-fantasy cop genre, but I’m hooked with the story.

Questions though:

  1. Since we are up against supernaturals, what will we have for weapons? Can we use magics and the likes? Or are we only going to use mundane techs, or even anti-supernaturals technology?
  2. How many chapters will it be? And how many routes are ending are going to be in the game?
  3. Since there are going to be 6 ROs, how big a role the romance will be in the story? Will it be a romance-focused game? Or the romance will just be a subplot.

Also, can we have a high-speed car chase in the game please?:oncoming_police_car:


Definitely like this idea!


I really like what you have so far. I was a bit tired of the whole “wait supernaturals are real!?” plot. It’s a good change. And the way you write about the mistery is great, I can’t wait to find out what the hell happened to Miranda (probably Thanos) and who Idris (adorable) is and who and why do they want her. And I so wanna meet the ROs.


Instead of high speed “car” chase, i hope we could have a choice of vehicle … well i am actually leaning towards a Harley Davidson or motorbike, since it feel cooler on a bike… especially a Harley, and a bike can also maneuver better like riding into some alleys :slight_smile:


MC being chased by two SUVs

MC uses a bicycle


In this case, i will instead running by foot and apply Parkour :wink:

Well, just hit the wall and rebounce on top of the SUV , break the windshield and then Somersault to the next SUV :-):stuck_out_tongue:


Will still use the bicycle, just for the sake of it


I need to have a unicycle option.


Might as well add rollerblades and defeat them with power of disco


If you want a high manuver battle, then I suggest it’s a sports bike instead of a Harley.


Sportbike it will be like Jason Bourne…
Harley will be like Terminator :slight_smile:



Why not tank?



A tank won’t park at the street … but we can get a Harley from biker’s bar :slight_smile:


You really like Harley huh? But speaking of that particular steel horse, for some reason i wanted the MC to ride a magical horse automaton, like the one in the Breath of The Wild (didn’t know the name, haven’t play it yet)


It looks cool riding a Harley with shotgun :slight_smile:

TFW you come back to your thread and see a whole discussion about vehicles


@charaznable @lokidemon007 @WillyJackson thanks for the love! :hugs:

What makes you think supernaturals are the only ones to fear? :slight_smile:

I have some main plot points planned out, but not the full story yet - so I can’t say for certain how long it will be. As for endings, there are many different ways major plot points will come together in the end, so at this point, I can’t give a specific number of endings!

I’m excited to write this too! Ive included those six as ROs because they will be the main characters you will interact with in the story. Romance will be a sub-plot however! Did I really give six? What manner of hell have I given myself…

Miranda: Idris? I don’t feel so good…


Oh yeah, this reminds me. Will the RO gender choice will be changed with just one choice, or can we pick the RO’s gender individually?