Keepers of Fairfort (WIP) [1st post: 19 Nov 18]



Welp, now I already know who I’m gonna romance first!


@charaznable I’m still thinking about that! I wanted to go with a preset one at first depending on gender and orientation, but I think I’ll go with picking it individually :slight_smile: seems more fun that way!

@soprano :joy: I wrote that on a whim on my way home from work. It… may not be the best indicator of how they’ll eventually be.


Wait… So transportatiom via Angel , how will it works? Will she lift me up to the air or i ride on her back ? :-):thinking:

Whatabout Idris ? At least a car or bike can carry 2 person … but if walking would means i need to carry her on my back when running from enrmies :slight_smile:


Hahaha you’ll find out ingame! As for the vehicles, I can’t promise anything yet because I haven’t gotten into those details yet.

Right now though, I would say that I don’t have plans to include vehicles as that really isn’t my area of expertise. I don’t quite fancy the idea of writing the technical details of how they’re to be driven, as it’s not something that I feel I’ll be able to deliver well :slight_smile:

And… Actually ignore what I wrote in that earlier post, LOL. It sounds so bad. This is why I really need to check my work many times before I hit post :joy:


I think if I was fighting group people how can walk off get shot will scared the crap out of me


There is a route where you can avoid the fight :wink: And since everything happened really quickly, it’s a case where you’d have to act based on a flight or fight instinct, so running or fighting (while being terrified) is an entirely plausible emotion to feel!


you my love this visual novel called bloody chronicles it look like good and it coming on steam


well it not hard for me to say I’am looking forward to this :smile:


Absolutely loved the demo! Am looking forward to see more of the game in the future! Just a quick heads-up: “De Silva” is not really common in Latin America, it’s usually used “da Silva”, in the feminine and with a regular d (at least in Brazil and in some other countries)!


Haha cliffhanger. Great story relatable character and i got to protect a child


Theoretically there is a third option in addition to fight or flight… how about, surrendering ? :-):joy:

But i would believe that is the worst choice , surrender and get tortured will be the worst case scenario, unless the adversary is an honourable foe who won’t apply torture as a method to extract information :-):stuck_out_tongue:


@howlin_drak @ArtemisFowl @BlackkPearl Thank you!! :hugs: it really means a lot when others like my story. And I couldn’t resist the cliffhanger :sweat_smile:

And @BlackkPearl oh I didn’t know that, thanks for letting me know! I’ll make a note to revise that in the next update :slight_smile:

Theoretically, yes - They will take it as you willingly handing Idris over to them, just as you can do the same (albeit more explicitly) in some paths. However, those people are bound by an oath to silence anyone who gets in the way of their mission, so they’re bound by their creed to kill you even if you surrender. This will, eventually, lead to a fight :slight_smile:


Omfg that cliffhanger… was expecting an intro to the ROs after that fight lol. This will definitely be worth the wait :laughing:


Finally found time to read. Just finished it and I really like the story so far! I can’t wait to meet the other characters!

I named my MC Anya and apparently there’s a character named Enya. Hope that’s not the name of the male version or I’m gonna have to give my MC a different name lol.

Found a few small errors btw



think it’s supposed to be “cracked”

This isn’t really an error, but why are the bold and shy stats not against each other? Does that mean we could be both bold and shy at the same time? I’m a bit confused.


@Mad_Man I haven’t written up those scenes to satisfaction yet, so they’re not included :laughing:

@Marceline_Reyes thanks for spotting those errors! The bold/cautious stat is mainly to track actions (like acting on impulse or holding back to think first). The charming/shy one is mainly to track interactions with people :slight_smile:

I’ll update the description of stats so the distinction is more clear xD

Nope! The male will be called Eden xD they’re in the RO section in the first post!


Finally had the time to read the demo (it has been sitting on my phone for so long). And what can I say? I liked it a lot! I like your writing style, it’s descriptive but not overly so. The customization options were really neat too. Mark me as one who likes the metaphors to describe a color. Black, like obsidian paints a better picture than only black for me.

I wonder how an MC that doesn’t like the supernatural will play out. Pretty much all the ROs and main characters are supernaturals, right? That ought to be interesting.

Idris is so cute! I feel protective over her already. I think you did a great job of making us care about her well-being. She’s not just a kid someone dumped on me, she actually has a personality.

And uhh, the chemistry someone mentioned with Quenton? I feel it too. He’s really not an RO? :eyes:

To summarize, I’m really looking forward to more!


Ahhh thanks for the lovely comment!! :hugs: I’m trying to wrap my head around the interactions too, to cater to all MCs xD and yes all the ROs are supernaturals!

I must admit that I didn’t expect Quenton to be such a hit LOL. He was only planned for a minor role but… I’ll see if he can be promoted to a bigger role…somehow. but no plans for him to be an RO yet!

Progress Update
I might as well give a small progress update while I’m at it xD and progress is…not that much unfortunately. I realised there were a lot of flaws in the direction I initially planned so some things I have written/planned are going to be scraped.

But, I’ve more or less gotten an outline of where I want the story to go, so now the challenge is thinking about how those plot points can play out. I’ll do my best to write as much as I can, when work isn’t kicking me in the butt so much!
I’ve also written more information about the lore so those are things I’ll be sharing here very soon! :smiley:


Here’s a little tidbit about vampires and the roles they played when they once roamed Fairfort :vampire:

From the book 'Supernaturals in the Natural World

Section I: Vampires

An Overview

Vampires were once a great fighting force in Fairfort. A popular choice of bodyguards, vampires were highly-represented in law enforcement and military occupations. Vampires are either gifted with an enhanced combat ability, or with an unearthly ability to manipulate the elemental arts.

Skills and Abilities

For those gifted in strength and skill, these vampires can easily prevail even against the strongest foe. They become truly formidable once trained in the martial arts. Such vampires typically have an athletic or muscular built, and are quite deadly in close-quarters combat.

For those gifted with magical talents, these vampires are highly-attuned to the elements of the Earth, mainly: Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, and Earth. These vampires do battle by tapping on natural forces, turning it against their enemies. Although a combat-gifted vampire excels in delivering powerful one-on-one attacks, magically-inclined vampires shine in their ability to deliver broad-based damage, making them highly dangerous opponents to face in a ranged battle.

Regardless of their specialisation however, the vampire’s diverse talents made them one of the most popular supernaturals in Fairfort in the past. Purebloods — that is, vampires from a purely vampiric lineage — were especially sought after. This was because their abilities were unparalleled even in the supernatural world. It is rumoured that of all the vampires who roamed Fairfort in the past, less than ten were purebloods, though past documentations can neither confirm nor deny this theory.


This looks good. I want to see more of this :slight_smile:


@Avid_reader Thank you for stopping by to comment! :slight_smile:

There’s something I wanna ask all of you too.
The idea I have is that the Keepers, who are all Supernaturals, won’t be happy if you chose to hand Idris over to those people. This will result in different flavor text when you meet the Keepers in Chapter 2. Some will openly show their contempt (as they tend to be fiercely protective of their kind) while others may be a tad bit more understanding. Their receptivity towards you however will be quite different from the case where you do protect her instead.

The thing is, I’m aware that instances where players are punished for choices they make is not something some will fancy. So my question is: Will it be something you’d consider as being ‘punished’ if your character is called out for making this choice?

Also would you all rather have me share the character profiles here first, or leave it till the next update (which won’t be anytime soon)? :slight_smile: