Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Hmm I guess they also had another shifter type. Well his type of wraith is powerful but other accounts of wraith, maybe not. Aren’t they just considered ghosts? Like in Scottish folklore.


The reason is probably similar to what you had in mind: shifting is a power common to multiple available races, so having Yakov be another shifter would make him less impressive.


Marvel 's Wraith is pretty awesome :wink:


As of now, the game is being set up with the possibility for a sequel, so any ending where MC stays alive won’t be completely bad. That being said, MC will currently need to have some willpower to avoid one of the arguably not so great outcomes.

A couple of people mentioned it already, but Kol is already a shifter, so having another would be sort of redundant. Also, it would have made Yakov pretty underpowered compared to the rest of the suitemates.


How much will you need? I think I only had about 5 or 10. Though in the second semester there seem to be a control magic class and a psychic abilities one (does it add willpower?) so I could probably get a lot more.
Also will there be another specie training scene where you can learn to better control things like illusions or celestial magic? You could get extra willpower from this


Uh, oh, crap, willpower is kind of my dump stat right now, mostly because the interactions you currently need to do in order to raise it don’t hold much appeal to me. :worried:


[sigh] Yup, me too. I usually go for high intelligence characters because I want to pass my classes, damn it. Oh well.


Same here, my first priority is always the intelligence stats. Well excuse me for wanting to surpass Einstein.


True I like passing my classes, I also go for high cunning with my main mc.


I wanted to make a Nephilim character and try to get 100 in every class with it (using the healing job to get potions stat) , but it will give me very low willpower so I guess it’s not a good idea.


I found a typo:

Katia is mercurial. One day she’ll want to play with Briseis and the next she can’t bare to be near her. What she wants always changes.

Katia is mercurial. One day she’ll want to play with Briseis and the next she can’t bear to be near her. What she wants always changes.


Oof, seems like you made a wrong turn while posting this, @darkwolf76 :sweat_smile:


Well I feel like an idiot!:sweat_smile:


High willpower, eh? Hmm… Surely a genius could avoid such a problem in the first place. :wink:


Is every playthrough guaranteed to have that event? or only some?

Edit: I’m referring to the willpower save thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I think joining the artifact thieves of your own free will is an option, so it probably won’t happen in every playthrough.


There are these achievements in the code:

*achievement victory visible 10 Save the World
Well, at least New Magi City.
Well, at least New Magi City; you won against Reyna.
*achievement defeat visible 10 Watch the World Burn
Well, at least New Magi City.
Well, at least New Magi City; you lost to Reyna.

From this it’s pretty clear who the main villain is and I think it will be her who will try to mind control you so the willpower check will appear either way.


Pure speculation:

You can also be betrayed by her after you join up:
*achievement outlivedusefulness visible 10 Outlived Your Usefulness
You’ve done your part.
You were betrayed after the sacrifice

I just noticed the comment for this achievement :joy: :

*achievement secret8 hidden 10 Traitor in Our Midst


I think Astrid was a part of Reyna’s group and Reyna used control magic on her and that’s the reason why they fought and Astrid left their school. There was a scene in the game when you date Astrid that you can say control magic is unethical and she said it’s horrible and that she experienced it before.
Reyna is probably the one who caused most of the attacks targeting you too, in your meeting she seemed to hate you and in the code you can see that you start with 50 relationship with most people but only 10 relationship with her. Also I think Jarrod mentioned her too once in the hunter plot.


Doesn’t Astrid use Control Magic on the MC if they refuse to pay her back in Chapter 4? Seems a tad hypocritical. :sweat_smile: She probably learnt it from Reyna.:roll_eyes: