Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Yeah I remember when she said it and I had willpower so I said still no and she was shocked I could resist it. Her control magic seems pretty weak though, you could resist it with like 4 willpower or so. Reyna is probably much stronger.


I just hope we won’t have to specialize in willpower to resist her. It would be nice if there was an option to outsmart or trick her, but given the way willpower is rather underutilized unless you’re using Control Magic, there probably won’t be.


I wanted to make a Nephilim and get perfect grades but it would give me like 2-3 willpower and probably fail. My Kitsune had around 10, with the new control magic/psychic power classes it might be enough to get resistance (also if there will be another specie scene to get +5 willpower from the illusion training). Also there was some book or something that said Celestials are a lot stronger in that kind of magic so maybe you could use Celestial magic to your advantage?

Also according to the never used compulsion achievement you’d probably be able to use control magic yourself, maybe you could use it on her then she won’t be able to attack you altogether.


There is the Cressy’s potion if you don’t have enough willpower.


Except my mc and Cressy really don’t like each other very much.

I agree with @justme hope it will be possible to use our other stats to come out on top too.

Celestial magic makes into a druggie addict though, besides it may raise willpower but it seems like you need pretty high willpower in order to use it without first turning into an addict, making it a nice little conundrum.


If you don’t have enough willpower and neither the potion, then I can’t see how the MC would resisti control magic.


Hope there’s another option later on to get another potion or control magic resisting item though Alty, Cy or Astrid?

Point is still the willpower raising options tend to make the mc into an asshole and that’s not what I want to play here.


If you choose your characters joinedmseveral clubs, it gives you +10 willpower without being an asshole.
If you study Control Magic at the library, you can raise your willpower without being an asshole.
There are other way to raise it without being an asshole, if you don’t want to do it, than you can’t really complain when someone uses Control Magic on your MC.
And your characters will have Control Magic class and Magic/Psychic Resistance class, plenty of opportunities for you to rise your willpower.


Actually most of the willpower comes from the beginning and doesn’t require you to be an asshole. At the first choice pick: Choose to stay awake, later tell Astrid: “can we pretend this never happened?” and in the test move in front of her (this choice is kinda the opposite of asshole actually). Later on you pick the clubs option to get +10 (I usually pick the +10 intelligence one though) then you get +5 more as a Kitsune/Cambion from illusion/hellhound training. That’s how I got 10 on my kitsune.


The will power is the worst part basing the MC off of myself. I’m the laziest person I know. (Probably not the greatest accomplishment)

Also at the beginning if you say “This cant be happening” it gives you some will power


Cept’ you need that 10 int in order not to fail most classes, like most around here I seem to want to do well in school.

As do I. I know Kitsune gets a bonus ,which is why my Foxy has 9-10 points, instead of the 4-5 my main mc manages to scrounge up without making him into a dumb, gullible idiot.


I think you can still pass most classes without the +10 (maybe except elemental manipulation?, I only got 97 in it even with 25 int) though not with a grade of 90+
Oh also you can take Artifacts instead of Battle Magic to get extra int from the class so you’d still end up with 20+ and pass every exam with good grades (though you’d lose a bit of combat abilities like telekinesis)


Not necessarily, you can pass all the classes without the +10 int. I did it choosing the +10 willpower.


Well, it seems prudent to at least put some effort into our studies lest we get booted out.

And if we get booted out, all of our romantic partners suitemates will most likely find themselves in even deeper shit than they already are. We gotta help out our homies at some point, right?


Well considering the mc seems to be the main trouble magnet, as definitively proven in the house of mirrors scene with Leon they might actually be rather better off, or at least much more safe without the mc being there.

Maybe we can craft a magical item to help us with at least resisting control magic (a tattoo would be best I think, difficult to remove for one) and the story is hopefully able to be resolved without the mc needing to actually use control magic themselves.


I think there should be several solutions to avoid getting mind controlled aside from willpower.
First you have the Artifacts class, in the 2nd semester there is a new anti-magic artifacts class and you could use one of them to resist hostile magic. Then you have the ritual/potions classes, you get opportunities in the game to buy spell ingredients yet they had no uses so far. You could craft a potion or make a sigil that resist mind control.

Though the main reason the MC is in the academy in the first place is their control magic abilities so it would make sense for you to try using it at some point.


Not with 4-5 willpower it wouldn’t.

Indeed, my first thought was to have the mc makes Cressy’s potion to raise his willpower himself, my second and better one was to look into the possibility of getting an anti-mind control rune tattooed on my mc. A wearable amulet or something might also be possible, but that could be stolen or ripped off at the most inconvenient of times of course. Least preferred would be mind control resisting potions as they would have to be both carried all the time, taken at the right time and their phials break fairly easily.

Pass, yes, excel at no. I wouldn’t want my main mc to have my maths performance, being my worst subject way back when as his “gold standard” because that would mean squeaking out barely sufficient passes each and every time.


You will have more than 4-5 cause there are new classes like magic resistance/psychic powers and control magic (and control magic is a mandatory class as well, you’d probably need high willpower for a good grade too)
And there could be a tattoo that gives a permanent +10 willpower maybe (kinda reminds me of the Arcane Tattooist class in Lost Heir 2)


Well my mc would not normally be one for tattoos, but this one seems kind of necessary, provided it exists, given the kind of troubles he tends to attract.


I’m not sure if this is the case now, but I have a gut feeling that Willpower is going to be one of this stats that’s going to be overshadowed by the other syats and not really have any use, but then it’ll be the main stat for this super vital and important part of the game. Which I’m not quite a fan of; if a stat is going to be that important to the point where it can affect whether you get a good or bad ending, I’d like to know of its importance early on rather than get punished for ignoring it.

But I suppose there are ways to get around this: playing as a Human forces you to focus on Willpower if you want to get a good grade on Magic Reisistance, and Kitsunes can get an occasional boost in it here and there. The ideas above of making an Artifact/Potion to resist it is also viable, and there’s also the anti compulsion potion that Cressida gives you.

I don’t know, I guess I’d just be miffed if I found out that the amount of time I’ve spent surfing the code to tweak my character into this almost perfect state where’s he’s good in all three combat styles, intelligent and charming would all go to waste because I’d have to somehow squeeze in another stat in the five that I’m already trying to balance (a stat which, as many of you have already said, doesn’t really provide any enticing options).