Journey to the throne(Wip) Updated 11 April


I love the update, especially when you are able to choose what classes you excelled at.
Keep up the the good work!

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I don’t know from where this error is coming, I have looked into the file, everything seems correct there and checked with a quicktest too.
But thanks for your reply man I will look into it and will do some alteration with code.


The error from my earlier comment is back again. I played the game several times. When I play normally, I get the error, but when I choose the 1st answer in every choice to get to that part where the error happened earlier, it doesn’t. :thinking:
After trying several more times, I came to the conclusion that the error most likely depends on the main occupation of your city: asking about the treasury count in a farmer or merchant city gives you a normal answer, but the blacksmith town gets a “prologue line 1486: increasing indent not allowed, expected 1 was 2” error, instead of “Haven is the town of blacksmiths, we have so and so gold coins”.
I hope that helps.


Ok fixed it now. Thanks @Kotosinica and @Jaden_Hairston_Reid for your replies


i really like this story…
keep up the good work
i look foward to reading more

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Is there anyway way u can add a save system in the game


Well right now I don’t know how to add a save system or checkpoint one but I will figure it out and will try to add it in next update.

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Since you’re using dashingdon, there should be a box somewhere when you’re updating that talks about a save system. All you have to do is check that and then add this code:

*sm_init mygame | 3

at the end of your startup file right after the *create section (or the achievement section if you add any achievements later on). In your case, make sure it goes between *create bad 0 and the “Welcome to my very first ChoiceScript game!” line.

Just make sure you change the mygame part to your game title, though. You can find more about the save system in this thread. Saving System Plugin :relaxed:

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Thanks for the info and you are great help as always


I thank you as well, for I am going to write soon in dashingdon.


Hey giod luck with the creation of this game, by the way I like the way you are creating the story because it seems to have a natural development. How the stats have been made is good (in my opinion) and I must admit that when it comes to reading I like the medieval stories.

Think it would be a good idea to know ( in the future) to let the player know the max number for each stat.

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Hello guys,

Updated the game today, please tell me how you find it

  1. Added the first scene of chapter 1.
  2. Added character description for all characters in the stats screen
  3. Add many new things in the prologue part.
  4. Added save system thanks to @Jaden_Hairston_Reid and @expectedoperator

I am confused with some things so I will need your help, you don’t need to comment much If you don’t want to, I will give you the option just select one of them

  1. The character description in the story does it make reading frustrating and you want to skip it? (Yes or No)
    1a. If yes, do I need to remove this part or try to make it short and better? (Yes or No)
  2. The going to the barrack scene that I added it makes the story better or worse?
  3. The scene between mc and sibling where two options are given about “I will miss you” fake and genuine one, should I put more options there? (Yes or No) and if you have any suggestion there please tell me about it.
  4. Do any of you know any application or site that I can use to make a map?

It is my request to every reader that please from now on read both the male and female part. There is not much difference in the prologue but chapter 1 is going to be completely different for both parts.


When male MC asks Jeff why he left his band, he gives the ansver, and proceeds to “Yes my lord I have spend most of my life in Auturlondum” part immediately (and it’s an answer for “Ser Ivor mentioned you are well familiar with the roads”).
When asked about the scar, an error happens: chapter1 line 349: bad label am8
Check your *goto for different labels.
Good luck with your game.

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Thanks man for your reply.

I checked the site it is really good and the errors you mentioned has been fixed too.

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After that, she starts walking away from you but then she turns back and speaks to you “…, after talking with your father, you also come to me with your sister.”

then she look at your father and says “Even I want to have some private conversations with my children.” This comment from your mother brings a smile on everyone’s face.

“No, It’s all right Ser Ivor but I want to ask you some question about today’s event.”

“Yes, my lord.” He speaks dutifully.

Carefull with he/she branches, I played as female with a brother and these mistakes popped up.

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I got this when i clicked next chapter and went to show stats

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I liked both chapter ones for the brother and sister so far – for the sister, I liked how it dives right into dealings of the court, and how you can decide if you want to get involved with the hunting party or not. For the brother, I appreciated learning more about this renowned Jeff that Ser Ivor had spoken of.

I enjoyed the character descriptions and the descriptions of going to the barracks in the story – although when I tried to look at the character section in the stats screen, I got that same stat error.

Also, when Lord Dorrick asks why you’re bringing the list, one of the choices is “It is all right…” which I feel is an odd way to/doesn’t really answer the question and simply leads to whether we want to talk to him more.

Perhaps you could add choices for genuinely and falsely saying you won’t miss your sibling. Also, when your brother asks if you want to go to the capital, maybe there should be a choice for saying you didn’t want to go and are happy you don’t have to.

Looking forward to going on a hunt for the boars! :relaxed:

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@Emmelienxd Thank you mam for drawing my attention toward the he/she thing, other than yours I found one or two more that I have fixed and Thank you again for your reply.

The error with the stats screen I have fixed it and @Jaden_Hairston_Reid and @expectedoperator thank you guys for your help.

Happy you liked the description part and the “It’s all right choice…” I put
it there because you know, if mc doesn’t want to reply or want to avoid the question and then want to go ahead or stay.

And about the “I won’t miss you” the genuine one and the false one.
The genuine one I didn’t add because they are in a very close relationship so far so you know, it will really look odd when you are really close with someone for years and then someone will say I won’t miss you.
And for the fake one how about I add some you know kind of a little bit teasing with it, you know I will miss you because I will be doing this or that.

And yeah the last choice you are talking about “didn’t want to go to the capital and happy to stay.” yeah you will see it in the next update.
and Thank you again for your described reply. It always helps.

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Will ROs be introduced in the next update

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I see… if you don’t mind a suggestion, perhaps something like “I don’t mind bringing you the list” would work as well – it’d still convey the MC’s avoidance/unwillingness to reply, but it would connect to Lord Dorrick’s question at the same time.

As for a genuine answer regarding “I won’t miss you” – I suppose you could have something like “I won’t miss you because I know I’ll see you again” type of thing. Otherwise just adding a teasing false one would be nice and add to the camaraderie between the siblings. :thinking:

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