Its All Up To You

I have a dilemma, basically, I have two great story ideas and am wondering which one to pursue to make a into choice of games story. so I thought instead of doing the hard work myself I would enlist the help of you guys/gals to help me out. I give you a short description of each the rest is up to you

Option one
This one is more an original idea, basically, in this one your a cop who gets set undercover in one of the most dangerous gangs in America ¨The dying of the light¨ you get dragged deeper and deeper into this gang eventually realising that there a family and how attached you are to them. this one will be more mature and a lot darker and I have some good material to base this off

Option two
This one will place you in a small town, being the son or daughter of a farmer, who can turn into a werewolf. You then move to a bigger town meeting more magical creatures that live in this town. this one will be more romance based

  • Option One
  • Option Two

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whichever one wins ill post a full description of it and then get to writing it I guess


Option 1 sounds so much more cooler and original and not at all like something already seen before in CoG/HG (unlike Option 2).


SMOOCHIES! I mean…ahem-…romance! :grin: so yeah Numero 2!


…um…both…Both are good.


Ehehehehe. Mmmyeess. Give me the darkness, I thrive on on it. MuahahahahaAHAHAHAHA-

Damn where’d that come from?



Eh, I just re-read “Life of a Mobster” recently. More romance.

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Aaand it seems the community itself is confused, splitted apart 50/50.

Both’re good, tho.


Option one all the way I am a huge fan of both the Sleeping dogs game as well as the numerous cinematic and literary works that cover this field so I am right on board with this concept


Oof this is looking tight

Option one reminds me of another WIP.

I choose option two, because I’ll always pick magical creatures over action stuff! :unicorn: :sparkles:


I feel like I have a very different idea from this person, but it might be hard to tell with the description I gave you

option 1 is not only cooler than option 2 but its actually the coolest idea of story ever in my opinion~ :heartbeat:


Its a whole different story. Option 1 involves MC joining/undercover in a gang. In that story the mc joins a police team.

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i’m going with option 1 because i’m secretly an edgy little shit. i’m pretty sure romance can still be implemented in option 1 anyway. if anything, it may even raise the stakes because not only do you start being friends/family to these criminals but you also fall in love with them.


maybe to make it more dramatic, fall in with the boss’s child~😁


if we’re really raising the stakes here, then let’s just go all the way and fall for the boss themself :joy:

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I actually like both concepts but I’m leaning more towards romance :grin:

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Heck yeah! Gotta love ’em unicorns :unicorn:

And the romance, and the werewolves… I’m a sucker for fantasy :sparkles:


@Oliver_Fell Hey, if you dont mind me suggesting, i would like to say why not combine the two ideas. You may be able to find a balance.