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Look up punita arora


I suppose the answer of, “I want to recreate a historically accurate story,” is sufficient enough.


Alright, so I’m losing steam on my current story; so I came up with another one!

The stories called Full Caliber. It tells the tale of you, a vet of the occupation of the middle east (The exact country or location is pretty irrelevant) returning home after a injury took you off the line of duty (home will probably end up being Canada, you know what they say; write what you know). Only to find that your long time girlfriend/boyfriend has found themselves roped in with a bad crowed (they also cheated on you, though its more complicated than it sounds). They lost all your money and gotten your close [Insert family member name/Relative] kidnapped by a international gang. Leaving you no choice but to go out on a rampage tearing the gang apart piece by piece till you find your [Insert family member name/Relative].

The story would end up pretty similar to a lot of old action movies. You’d have encounters with a variety of characters such as a harden vigilantly, a dashing detective, a charming drug lord, and a cast of characters I haven’t really put much thought into yet. They’ll be a whole lot of flash backs, romance, and lots, and lots of guns and violence.

What do you all think?



That is an impressive level of fucking up for one person to do.

Sounds fun.


Hmm a game with the plot of an 80s action movie in all its glory. Sign me up!!


Sounds like a crazy story, I’m up for it!


There have been women disguised as men in the British army before the first world war as well.
I particularly like this one:

Good enough at what we today call passing and possibly trans enough that “he” rather paid up child support on a false fatherhood claim by some other woman.

In any case I think the possibility of being a trans man or a woman in a pretty good disguise could possible enhance the story.
That you can’t be presenting as a woman, I get, that you can’t be one at all less so.


Umm, I’ve never shared an original story (even if it’s just an idea) before so here goes nothing! Also, I’m not the best at giving these kind of descriptions so feel free to ask me anything if I didn’t make anything clear or whatnot. ^^

“The Tale of the Bloodstained Dog”, a historical fiction story set in 18th century (specifically July 4, 1869 to December 31, 1899). It’s about a collage freshmen in modern day who gets sent back in time and gets mistaken for “Bloodstained Dog”. Without a way back home, the MC must become the “Bloodstained Dog” to survive. Be warned, there is no happy ending for this dog.

This story will be female locked, and for the sake of the story, all the ROs will be male only. I’m so sorry if you don’t like it but it’s how I want to write the story since this is the first time I’m doing something like this and I want it to be a little easy for me.

There will be four romance options, do note that one of them will be the husband of “the dog” (the other MC, of sorts) and there is something about one of the other ROs but I don’t know if I should share it yet.

Also I want to be clear on something, the historical characters will not be real people (they may be based on real people but that’s it) and not everything with match it’s real life counterpart. It may have been oblivious but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

The story with a standalone game/book and will end at about, umm I want to say chapter 30 to 35, since I really can’t see this becoming a series and I don’t want to make it one.

Here’s a teaser, to both get a better idea on how I write and to see if this something you guys want to see more of.

This what you’ll see when you first get into the story, umm minus some choices you guys would have and a few other bits (I can’t show everything, you know).


December 31, 1899.

It feels as if the world is on fire. The smell of death and iron hang in air. Yet you must stand proud for those who can’t, to stand and fight for those who can’t.

If only your body could listen. Your body aches and your blood is turning cold, seeping onto your armor. Your sight is beginning waver and the world spinning.

“Stand down, dog.” exists out of the lips of Aylin, your soon to be killer. In a way you’re proud of her, you almost thought she didn’t have it in her. Even looking down at you, like you used to do.

Aylin looks at you one last time and starts to turn. Her eyes, those like Erol’s and Ava’s, honest. You swear, the only thing she got from you was the color of them.

Ahh… Why did you reach a hand out for her? She stops in her place and turns slightly but doesn’t face you. Kind of, she can be too honest for her own good at times…

“Aylin… I’m so sorry.” The words just come out. “I know you won’t forgive me but-” Not now, not after everything please…

Like I said, honest. Her eyes widen as tears begin to fall before giving a look of sorrow. “I am as well, mother.”

She tries to move closer but you shake you head, “Go, just go. They need you more then I do.” She looks at you one last time before running off.

Lying down next to tree, you do what you do in moments like these. Look up at the moon.

The moon is as bright as ever, almost like that day 30 years ago. Reaching out a hand, as if to touch it.


Sorry for being dense, but who is the Bloodstained Dog? I get the impression they’re a historical figure, but I couldn’t find any information about them on Google.


First, I want to say I’m sorry in advance if I sound/come off as rude because I’m not trying to be.

But I said this…

In the context of the story, the bloodstained dog was a real woman, and the same goes for every other character (except the playable MC and another character, who also isn’t a real person but that’s a big spoiler) in the story.

Again, I’m very sorry if I come off as rude.


nothing rude , you are merely clarifying . its fine :wink:


Don’t worry, you’re not coming off as rude at all. :smiley: I think I just got confused because the description doesn’t explain who the Bloodstained Dog is, so I though we might be supposed to know her from history.

For the purpose of guaging interest, I think it’d be helpful if you could elaborate on what being mistaken for the Bloodstained Dog means, story wise.

Who is she? A noblewoman? An assassin? The leader of a baked goods cartel?

When we become her to survive, what are we doing? Maneuvering high society politics? Carrying out contract hits? Running other bakeries out of town?

In the absence of more information, I’m imagining a become-Jack-the-Ripper serial killer kind of story, buuuut that’s probably not what you had in mind? :rofl:

Ultimately, though, if you want to write this story, I encourage you to. There’s an audience for everything; write and they will come. :wink:



Ahh okay, I see! I’m sorry about that, like I said in first post I’m not the best at giving story descriptions and well, I didn’t want to spoil things to soon (another bad habit of mine). I really need to get better at that…

Speaking of that, here’s some basic stuff I didn’t put in the first :

*The Bloodstained Dog is known for three major battles. There are few other battles she is known for but other then one, they’re not going to be in the playable part of the story since they already happened. The dog (as I’m going to call her from this point on since her name will customizable) is just a well known soldier turned assassin.

*I think survive might not have been the right word in that sense since you only really need to worry about it in the chapters that take place on the battlefield or well anything to do with the dog’s sister in law. Since up until near the end of the story, the dog is just a known soldier.

*This isn’t a story with any politics in it since I’m going to honest that I’m kinda tired of politics and I’m flat out not interested in politics in general. I mean, there obliviously will be some mention of politics here and there but it’s not the main focus. This is mostly a story about trying fight fate and failing at it.

*I know this will be one of the deal breakers for some people and I totally understand so I have to mention it. The dog is a mother, and in a little later in story the playable MC will as well.

*Also something I thought mention, even tho it’s not a big deal but the whole dog part in her nickname is (mostly) to mean “loyal like dog” and umm, not another reason why you call someone a dog (mostly).

*Ohh, I don’t know why I said there would be four ROs. There’s only going to be three ROs. Sorry about that!

Hopefully this helps clear things and makes things a little more interesting for your guys. If there is anything anyone wants to ask, feel free to do so!

(Also, I hope you don’t mind Lan but I have steal the baked goods cartel idea from you. Don’t worry I’ll give you credit.)


She is the Lieutenant General…