Interest Check Thread


I got that part! It was the specifics that confused me – I chose the yellow dress, because I thought it meant “I know I’m dressing better than I should be, but they won’t necessarily be able to tell,” and I think it actually meant the opposite?

But anyway! I’m very interested, and hoping to see more from this! :heart:


Ooo, sorry! You did choose the option that is the most ‘diplomatic’ but that isn’t going to please everyone.


The First Mother for instance isn’t crazy about that for her own reasons, but First Wife would be impressed by that.

There wasn’t a right or a wrong option, just what you wanted to state with you appearance.

edit: how do i use the /spoiler correctly ?? :o


Will we be able to customize our MC (like choosing hair color, eyes etc)? I really liked that you included the option to let the player pick what dress they wore. Small details like that adds some extra flavor to the story (in my opinion).

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Ah thanks. :3c

Re: custom MC, yes! I’m planning on custom hair, eyes, body type, and skin color. And the dress choosing will be a frequent thing, since that option would be a function of etiquette as well as aesthetic.


I already love the aesthetics of this game. By the way, will you be creating a new thread/topic once you’ve got a more “solid” demo?


Yes. I want to have the MC customization, the stats, and at the very least one whole chapter before I’m willing to call it an official demo. But I will def be posting a real wip thread later.


So MC sets up a bubble and then uses it? And do they transport their body, or just their mind? Do they need this "aether " to fuel it? What happens to things in those bubbles, do they stay frozen in time, or it is just a space where you teleport from another bubble and that’s it? Can you use another time traveller’s bubbles? Can they design the shape and size of these bubbles?
These are just a bunch of questions I came up with, because I think they might help you. A thing I thought though, is that it would be cool to control time in those bubbles.

Undiscovered/Unrecognized authors thread

yes this is what I wrote for the use of a bubble. your vision of the room begins to bend, suddenly the room changes to 1912’s america, the bend begins to become normal again, suddenly theres what sounds like a snap and a theres a white flash, that is what the traveler would feel during time traveling.

that is something quite important, the MC will act and feels as if there physically there, but they are very limited in what they can do, which calles this into question.

Yes, it is the reason they are able to manipulate the ‘quantum energies’ which is how the MC can time travel.

To the Mc, no, but to an outsider, every thing would kinda flout upwards, and look as if it was put under a fisheye lens, the mc would look like a peace of glass was smashed but all the pieces were still in the place.

no for both of them.

Time looks frozen from the outside, but then it all goes back to normal like time reversed, this is because for you while it may be days before you come back, it only a noticeable couple of seconds for an outsider. plus time being frozen is just a unexplained phenomenon caused by travel, the bubbles as I’m calling them, are like an entrance and an exit. you can create a entrance but there needs to be an exit, those happen naturally. you then travel between them forming a bridge behind you, this bridge only disappears when come back to the present. the bubbles are only a mean of transportation.


A while back I saw a post about a group project on Tumblr with everyone’s different Sidesteps from FAllen Hero…and a random though occurred to me,

What if there was a massive group project where we our own OC and everyone writes a path for their OC. And the MC of the story has the opportunity to romance a writers OC in the game?

:open_mouth: There are a lot of people with amazing OC for HGs I just thought it would be a fun idea to y’all and or do xD


That sounds like a great idea, but I can see their being a lot of trolling and paths that contradict each other. (Unless there will be rules like during roleplays.)


there would have to be set rules, for example, why each RO was there,I was thinking somewhere a long the lines of a combination of the bachelor/ette and love island.

So say MC needs money for something so joins a TV show that if you win, you get :point_up:t2:BILLION dollars (idk lol) and it is filled with who ever decides to participate.

I’m just trying to shoot some ideas out here for fun :

• MC needs money for some reason so they enter this compition
• All OC RO all have their reasons for joking, this will be in the descretion of all potential collaborators

•Rules of the game, if MC chooses to stay with RO in the end, but RO chooses to take the cash instead of the MC then Mc get nothing ROget everything. And Vice versa

•if both MC and RO choose money, you both get nothing.

If you chose to stay together you split the prize.

This is just an option, the premise of the story can be what ever we decide on.

Keep it stress free, purely for fun

I’m sorry for the silly idea, I just thought that I would be a nice way to get people to get and have fun



Though usually I’m not a fan of matriarchy-themed stories, your concept intrigues me and I want to see more. I’ll be able to provide better feedback once I’ve played your demo/teaser, which I will do as soon as I’ve got the chance. I will say that I’m very interested in your novel interpretation of the words “wife” and “mother”. I have a sense that the world building will be the best part of this story.


What if I want all the money?


Then lead them on to the point we’re they choose to be with you and you pick the money instead xD


Ok, I know I’ve already got a WiP running, but I’m having a bit of writers block. So I came up with this idea:


Ok, so the gist of it is that you would be playing as an officer(so it would be genderlocked to male, for obvious reasons) of the British Army/East India Company (I haven’t decided which it will be). It would either be set in Africa or India. Is anyone interested in this idea?


What reasons :confused:


Neither the British Army, nor the East India Company allowed women to be officers.

That wouldn’t work for an officer, for a variety of reasons. It certainly wouldn’t work for an officer of the East India Company.


Sorry, but why strictly genderlocked? What about if a woman wants to disguised as a man and enrolls in the army?


Will the story be in the past? Cuz women can now have any role in both the British and the Indian army :stuck_out_tongue:


The British Army, yes. The Indian Army, no.

And, yes it will be set in the past.

I don’t need to. The article I provided clearly states that women are only allowed in support roles in the Army, and training roles in the Special Forces.