Interest Check Thread


Is there any interest for a super soldier story which follows the journey of you a super soldier and a group of others like you who work together with the government and carry out black ops missions and such.

The story would be loosely based on the super soldiers in civil war that I felt were kinda wasted and the Punisher which I just finished watching.

I plan to make it a more gritty dark story like my other WIP Camp B9-42 and I plan to make it a really in-depth playthrough with every decision have a massive effect on the story, so there is a lot of planning I have to do before I’ll have a WIP ready.

So is there any feedback/suggestions or interest for this?


How are they super?


You mean super like captain america? If it is, don’t make them badass in everything, choose a skill for each of them be amazing and they would be just ok/good in the rest. (Just a suggestion because i will play anyway.


Yea like…enhanced reflexes


Super as in
Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed
Enhanced reflexes


That’s the idea to have each one have a specialised ability and them just be alright in other stuff, still better than the average person but compared to the rest of the group would be lacking


Would we have to choose between those 3 or will we get all of them?


I’m always up for a good super soldier story so count me in for a supporter


You would have all three powers, the specialised abilities would be things like martial arts experts, gun-wielding skills, intelligence/tactical thinking. That type of stuff


Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


Oh, I get it. So we are better than most humans in most things.

Does that even make sense ._.


Pretty much.


This sounds really interesting. I’ve always been quite fond of high amounts of character customization, and virtual fantasy worlds are my jam.


I need some ideas for a Time Travel Game I’m writing, Mechanics are welcome. so far what I have, is mainly how your character got the powers, which was an unfortunate accident with some aether, and that there is some sort of time traveling society. so I’m asking the forum, you guys got any ideas. I also deciding locations by having Anomalies.

Undiscovered/Unrecognized authors thread

How do time travel work in the said universe?

Let me get my physics brain out. I might be able to halp.

Edit: never mind, I don’t want to shove a bunch of numbers at you :sweat_smile:


nah, its fine, as for your question, the MC can manipulate Quantum energys (Sciency word for I can manipulate space and time), they gained it after unfortunate accident with some aether, which is an futuristic energy source named after the fifth element (

by manipulating the Quantum Energies, they create a ‘bubble’ around them, which allows them to create a bridge between their bubble and another bubble. bubbles can exist in another place or time. thus causing time travel. that about all I have so far, besides there being some sort of time traveler’s society.


Hello! This is my first post here, and I wanted to check interest about a story idea I’ve had forever but am now finally tinkering with.

You play as a 20-year-old noblewoman in the fictional country of Hei Lla, where the rule of land lies firmly in the hand of women. As a matriarchal system, noble houses are constituted of up to three Mothers at the head, and up to three Wives just beneath. Rank and ritual are incredibly important, with society ordered into seven ranks with the Royal House governing at the top. (‘Wife’ is more title than indication of being wed to one person; that exists but is called something else.)

You are on the cusp of your adult life, about to be ‘wedded’ into a new clan, a new noble house. The responsibilities of noblewomen are the skillful management of the clan’s wealth and resources, the establishment of social connections, and the role of motherhood.

In Hei Lla, ‘Motherhood’ is not a biological process, but a formal social appointment. Becoming a mother in nobility can mean either carrying a child yourself or adopting a child; either way there is an important civil ceremony where you are declared a child’s mother. Women who are assigned male at birth are just as capable of becoming one of the elite as anyone else.

The vision I have for the entire game is that it will be in two ‘books’: the first will be the MC as she advances through Hei Lla’s society and as she either makes enemies of her new family or grows close to them. There will be several romances with men, women, and NB options, as well as important friendships and/or enemies to be made. The second ‘book’ would be about your daughter: the choices you make in Book One will effect what futures are open to her.

So. I am planning on gender-locking this work for female-only, which I realize is not a popular designation for cog games. But I have a specific vision for the issues and culture, and it would be a very different story from a male perspective. I am thinking about finding a way to also include a NB mc, but I am wary of trying to shoehorn people into this culture without being mindful. I would also note that while the nobility have strict practices, these are more relaxed in the lower classes.

Anyway. I’ve made an attempt at a start, and I’d call this more of a proof of concept than a demo:


Your demo/proof of concept is short, but I think it’s enough to make your own WIP thread (rather than posting in Interest Check), if you so choose :slight_smile:

I think this is an interesting concept, and I’d love to see more!

I’m all for nonbinary player characters (I’m a nonbinary person), but I’m glad you’re being cautious/thinking through their role/inclusion. “Gender roles are a Thing in this world but nonbinary people are basically/effectively women” would feel pretty awful/erasing, to me.

About the demo...

I enjoy your writing style!

Do you have a stats page? I got an error when I tried to click on it. Even a static, very preliminary stats page might be informative about your game. (Idk, I look at stats pages to get a sense of the type of decisions we might be making/actions we might be taking, range of personality options [if that’s being tracked], etc – I don’t actually know if that’s a common practice.)

You’re doing a lot of worldbuilding in a small amount of space (which is great!). I followed most of it, but was confused about the dress colors.


Ooohhh, I’m interested in this one already. Sounds very interesting, definitely gonna bookmark this one.


“Gender roles are a Thing in this world but nonbinary people are basically/effectively women” would feel pretty awful/erasing, to me.

This is EXACTLY what I do not want to do.

And lol, no stats yet. You are seeing the absolute extent of my coding skills so far as I picked it up just yesterday. Stats are planned, though. I want a customisable personality, and trackable relationships at the very least. And-- yeah, the dress thing could be confusing, I see that. Basically, sumptuary laws are v strict and indicative of rank. I’ll be going into it a lot as I keep writing.

Thank you! :slight_smile: