Interest Check Thread


Which character would you guys like to see first?

  • Loreena
  • Robin/Robyn
  • Edmund
  • Ayleth
  • Esmé
  • Cedric
  • Caspian
  • Emperor Aghadi

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@trevers17, this sounds like a really interesting story and I’m already looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face: I did vote for having at least a gender option though, if Cheryl’s gender isn’t that important I think it’s best to aim for inclusiveness. Even if we’re not Cheryl, I imagine there would be people who would want Cheryl to be more like them so they can relate better.

I also voted for a slightly smaller cast, as 9 + Cheryl sounds like it would be hard to manage. If you’re up for the task though, by all means go for 9. :grin:

@Eleana, your idea sounds great too! The characters you mentioned so far definitely seem interesting!


Thank you so much for your nice words. They mean a lot to me, and I hope you’ll like the demo when it’s released. :smiley:


Those words were well deserved. :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll love your story, it’s a cool idea and with that cast you’re off to a great start! :wink:


Thank you so much!


Heyo! Newbie here, with an idea that I might make a demo for? Maybe? It’s between this and a couple of other concepts, but this is the one that jumps out at me more right now.

It’s sort of a Ghostbusters/Spiderwick hybrid idea so far, with the MC being a ghost and teaming up with a group of “supernatural investigators” who go around dealing with magic/mortal incidents. The story will probably be pretty focused on relationships (be they platonic, romantic, or otherwise) as I tend to prioritize characters over external happenings. I’m still toying around with the idea, so I’ll try not to put too much here in case I change it later, but any feedback would be appreciated! No pressure though.

Working title is “Until the Storm Dies”, but that’ll probably change to something more catchy lol


Summaries aren’t my strong suit but here it goes:

You’re dead. Have been for a while. When you were young, you were sent to live with your uncle. Soon enough, you discovered that your new home was no ordinary manor, but a gateway of sorts – a crossroads between the mortal and magical planes.

Years later, something happened (though you can’t for the life of you remember what), and you were very nearly killed. Your uncle panicked and tried to use magic to save you, but instead of pulling you back to your mortal body as he had intended, your spirit became bound to the manor for all eternity.

Cut to present day. Your uncle is gone, and no one else has come to visit you in a long while. Your only companion is the grumpy little brownie that cares for the manor, and has since you were young. Until, that is, one stormy evening, when four humans show up looking for a place to spend the night. They claim to be a team of supernatural investigators, tracking down magical occurrences and making sure that both the supernatural and nonmagical worlds remain relatively stable.

They intend to leave once the weather clears – except it doesn’t. This is no ordinary storm, and soon enough, you might find that your death is just one part of a bigger plan. Befriend your new crew, come to terms with your past, and maybe, for the first time in a very long time, find a future worth fighting for. Worth living for.


The Team (ROs):

  • Nole
    Deadpan intellectual who cares more than they seem to and isn’t afraid to school literally anyone who dares bring their ignorance into their presence. Deathly scared of dogs. Also deathly scared of anyone finding out that they’re scared of anything. Believes everyone deserves respect.

  • Ariel
    My sweet stealthy child. Healthy self-esteem, but struggles a lot with social anxiety. The kind of person who enjoys the serenity of drinking tea by a window when it’s raining, but then turns on the TV to watch wrestling and gets way too into it. Also has strong opinions on holiday movies.

  • Joan/Jonah
    Impulsive, slightly obnoxious, well-meaning prankster who honestly just wants to prove that they belong on the team. They’re very different people, at least on the surface, but J really looks up to Nole. Probably the most impulsive member of the team. Also an angry mom friend. Will fight you for not eating/hydrating.

  • Dane
    A would-be drummer who acts laid back but really isn’t. Incredibly selfless. Keeps everyone grounded. Would die for chocolate but would also give you their chocolate if you wanted it, even though they’d be sad.

  • (Non-RO probably) Murphy, the brownie caretaker. He’s a grumpy guy, but he cares about you enough to stick around for all this time. Openly hates deception and insincerity, but also seems to know more than he lets on.


Okay, I’m interested in this. I have never played a game where I am a ghost. Well, except for The Grim and I


I like big casts, and i don’t feel like eight additional characters is even that much :stuck_out_tongue: The big thing is to make sure they all stand out as distinct, so there’s a memory hook for the reader to keep track of who’s who.

Hi! :smile: Dragon transforming main character sounds really nifty :grin:

This is a pretty little thing, but I was noticing… your listed ROs are really tall :sweat_smile: Do people in your setting just have a really high average height? Otherwise you might want to consider a bit more of a spread; the shortest character is 5’5", which is still above average for a woman, and all the men are over six feet tall :astonished:

Or possibly even “consciousness,” depending on what Trevers means :thinking: “conscience” would be like a guide in your mind telling you what’s right, while “consciousness” would be the state of being conscious, or a conscious entity :thinking:

Ghost main character sounds fun too! :ghost: The listed characters sound like a fun mix of personalities. Are they all gender-flippers (aside from Murphy)?


I totally agree, and that’s why I’ve thought about removing a few people. I have two characters who are “mean girl” characters, and one character that’s pretty similar to the protagonist, so that already lets me knock out two if I feel the need to. However, that’s also a new dynamic to explore, since the mean girls could team up and the protagonist could drive away the similar-protagonist by being rude.


Describing characters instead of just showing them in-story isn’t a strength of mine, so I’m glad they still sound fun!

For genders, I actually haven’t fully decided yet! There’s one or two that I saw as having specific genders, but there’s not a lot of ROS (so far anyway shhh) so I don’t want the player to be locked out of any routes. Maybe the player should just be able to choose their genders when they meet them? There, that’s my tentative decision lol.

So “yes, probably” is the short answer :stuck_out_tongue:


The game sounds very interesting and something I would enjoy.
I’m not expecting a combat system but will we have some paranormal powers


Naturally! I’m still narrowing the options down, but there’ll definitely be a few different abilities in play. Some will have more to do with the physical world, some will be about interacting with/possibly manipulating other people’s minds and spirits, some might be more about channeling electricity or other natural forces, etc. Can’t wait to see what future me settles on lol.


Well, one thing, when I say “distinct,” I don’t mean they need to be completely different—there can be shared basic archetypes—just that there needs to be some sort of characterization hook so you’ll remember who it is. So there can be two “mean girls” if they still seem distinct enough in some other way; maybe one has a prominent interest in something, maybe one has a distinct mannerism of some sort, maybe a particular style, or a goal that one of them is pursuing… there are still a lot of ways to distinguish them. And there could be interesting dynamics with teaming up, up rivalling, or being able to influence their interactions with each other (maybe you can try to drive them against each other). All up to what you think works, of course :slight_smile:

Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: the lack of pronouns had me wondering. I think as long as you don’t make it so there’s a bunch more options for one gender than the other, you should be fine either way, though I certainly don’t mind swaps.

They all sound pretty endearing so I’ll just have to see what they’re like in action before having any favorites :hugs:
(I can say, as someone with cynophobia, albeit not deathly scared levels, I will be relating a lot with than :sweat_smile:)


:slight_smile:, thank you for the kind words, and there are reasons why the majority of the ROs are tall (it’s where they’re from originally), while Ayleth isn’t native to Ioria. (Think of Iorians like Nords from Skyrim, they’re all tall battle hardy people, while Ayleth is like a Breton.)

I hope this makes sense, though don’t worry there are a lot of characters that the MC will meet on the short end of the height spectrum.


All those heights seemed perfectly average to me. :sweat_smile: Just goes to show how much of a difference your own experience can make on how you interpret something.

And @magdalith, that sounds like great fun! Do we get to mess with people’s minds or do we have to be a nice ghost? :smile:


The guys are 6’6", 6’2", 6’4", 6’3", and even one of the women is 6’. By comparison, the average height in places like Scandinavia and the Netherlands (the tallest places in the world) in modern times for men is only about 6’. And in Medieval times, the average heights would have been much smaller, due to poor health and diet.

I mean, if @Eleana wants to make them basically a race of giants, then that’s fine. It’s a fantasy race in a story about dragons. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Fantasy stories do seem to have a habit of making human characters unnaturally tall… :thinking: Not a complaint, really; just an observation.) But those kinds of heights are very much not average anywhere in the real world.


actually in some Sudanese tribes these are the average height, just because it’s not normal for us doesn’t mean it’s not normal somewhere else :relaxed:


Checking, it looks like the Dinka people only have an average of ~6’, too. :thinking: (And, of course, none of the “tallest peoples in the world” lists I saw mentioned them. :roll_eyes:)


:smiley:, thank you for being understanding. The original plan had Iorians that were shorter but, for some reason, I started writing them taller so I just kept it.

I also had more ROs than 7 at first (some were fairly short). However I felt that the number of ROs was too much and I didn’t want to overcomplicate my story. I want my story to be the best I can make it. (The reason I cut out the shorter ROs is because I already had the ROs that are listed completed, back story and everything. So I decided to cut out the undeveloped characters.) However, if you guys would like to see shorter characters I would be more than happy to bring 2 ROs that I cut.

Hopefully this will be okay. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I hope you have a nice day. :smiley:


Tall people are the best but can also be the worst enemy you’ve ever encountered, take this from a short person.

I personally adore tall ROs cue piggyback rides headcanons :eyes: