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I wouldn’t mind but I think marvel might…


Odd but can you explain it further… like what’s the plot?


I’ve been thinking of writing a crime fiction game for a while now. A long while, actually, and I have a strong gut feeling that I might turn it into a series of novels. The premise of this project is that every installment will have its own antagonist and its own independent storyline, but each one will still have the same cast of characters. It will contain your classic murder mystery but I think I could also do better than that and expand to include different types of crime as well, just to introduce some novelty. I’ve considered also adding in a criminal mastermind (much like Moriarty) that will have this overarching influence throughout the series, but I’m not sure if it’s realistic enough.


Regardless, I will go through with this project.


Please make it, I will buy it. I love a good crime based Story.


Yes, please. We need more crime fiction stories.

Since you said that you’d start writing it regardless, may I ask what kind of character the readers will be playing? Are we a cop? A private detective? Or just another ordinary person thrown into a mess through a series of ordeals? (I’m assuming we’ll be the ones ‘solving’ the crimes.)


Are you thinking of one detective and a cast of supporting characters, or more like a team of investigators? Either one sounds like it would be interesting.


@Kaelyn: Thank you for the interest! I’m also hoping it will be a great experience for everyone.

@soprano: You will be playing as a private detective. The original vision I had for the player’s character was for them to be somewhat of a lone wolf, but I’m always open to feedback on how set in stone or ambiguous the characterisation should be.

@Joshua_Koch: I’m thinking of a team of investigators. There are a lot of character interactions that I want to implement and it might make for a richer experience for the player, but I also understand that some players just want to stick to being the lone ranger. There is nothing wrong with either route.

I might as well broach the topic of ROs. I am thinking of limiting it to three and seeing as this will be turned into a series of novels, I would like to keep things realistic and let the protagonist’s relationship progress at a reasonable pace throughout the series. But at the same time I also want to dive in straight to the start of the plot and give the player a certain level of familiarity and depth to the relationships just to give everyone a taste of what they’re getting into with a RO.


That would be awesome


i would love that, most detective stories have the mc being young and inexperienced and solving cases with a group, i would be nice for a change mc being a lone wolf experienced detective


I’m sold.

Seriously, we need more murder mystery games. I’ll be waiting impatiently for your demo!

Ah yes, the big fish. I like the idea of this shadow that’s always just out of reach that keeps pulling the strings along… I don’t think it’s inherently unrealistic, it would depend on how you wrote them, of course.

As long as the other antagonists are interesting and stand on their own, I say go for it.


Adopted during the beginning of the Ordoysian kingdom and expanded upon by the Media wars. Beauty became a political and near-fundamental aspect permeated in Sildarian culture. So expansive and rich was this tradition that even aliens found it alluring, although the Gulk commonfolk could’nt give a damn and the Atro’drath view their taste like dressing up paint. it nonetheless drew aww within and without the culture for its expansive taste. Trends are usually set by popular gods both local and national alike. some of which permeate for Centuries and used as a bedrock for fashion. one such trend is tying up the multiple limbs into a bipedal form, creating both a functional and artistic sense of grace, these limbs are further enforced by wrapping the Sildarians leaflets around the arm binding them and hiding the creases into a pure looking form. such a trend is by far the most popular, used commonly throughout the kindgom and any who dissent from these is considered ugly.


Sorry that’s a little confusing can you explain it more?(like the genre and title.)


Hi everyone! I’m currently working on the demo for my game and I was wondering if any of you were interested in seeing it at its completion.

It’s called Path of Fire.


You were young when it happened. Too young to think that it was anything besides the festivities of Winterwane. However that all changed when the screaming started. You remember the cataclysmic fire spreading towards you; reaching out with its fiery grasp. You can still remember the warmth of it on your face. The way it seemingly caressed you, as a mother would her child. Its cruel intention hidden beneath its warm embrace.

You didn’t even notice when it licked your palm, until the icy cold air swept passed your still open hand as you were being taken away from the carnage towards your parents.

Your parents who were normally so strong were shaking in fear. Their eyes shining brightly below the moonlit sky. You still remember the desperation in which they took you in their arms. You remember their voices whispering into your ear.

You remember being yanked from their arms. You remember the screams unending in the wintery storm. You remember, as you were taken to safety, how odd it was to see so much red in a world so white.

You remember, every day, the moment when you lost everything.

You would never forget; for as long as you shall live you will aspire to take revenge on the ones that massacred your people.

Afterall… when you poke the dragon expect to be burned.

Overall Premise:

The MC was a child when their people were killed by the Empire. They only survived because they were quickly rushed out of the village and into the safety of the mountains surrounding them.

You will take on the role of child MC who has to decide on who they want to become. Do they want to let their peoples deaths control them? Or do they want to try to find a common middle ground? The choice, of course, is yours to make! As the MC grows older and learns more about their heritage, their powers will coalesce into their true persona (the person you want them to become).

You can play as female, male or non-binary

I also want to note that this game will NOT be stat based. I’m more for the story aspect of this novel. Though stats will play a part in deciding key factors, it is not a key point.

If you have any more questions feel free to message me on my tumblr, here


Can you tell us more about the premise? It’s kept deceptively vague. I don’t have a good sense of what you would actually be doing in the game, in a practical sense.


Of course I can. :slight_smile:

At the start of the story the MC is in their village celebrating the end of Winterwane (February). The festivities are going off without a hitch until the village is attacked. The MC, as a child around 8 or 9, is taken to their parents who are the village leaders. The parents knowing what is going to happen quickly give the MC to their guardian. Who immediately takes the MC into the surrounding mountains (which leads to a hidden trail that leads out of the mountain range towards a small town.)

The first few chapters (which is what the demo consists of) will be the MC growing up around humans and learning how to interact with them, as well as blending in with them. The last chapter of the demo will be what happens on the MCs 18th birthday. When their heritage awakens within them. (I may add one more chapter to the demo so the player can see what that truly entails.)

The rest of the story is about the MC and their adventures (and plans for the Empire), as well as the people they will meet. (I.E. the ROs.) It will also consist of the MC deciding what their true path in life is.

A path of revenge? Where the MC can think of nothing else but honoring their peoples legacy by killing the men who massacred them.

Or a path on the middle ground? Where the MC wants redemption but doesn’t want unnecessary blood shed in the process.

And, of course, there is the path where the MC learns to forgive (or at least tolerate) the Empire and learns how to live within its domain. Though how that works… I can’t really tell you that.:smiley:

I hope that helps… if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.


What’s stopping the main character from just marching up to the capital, roasting all the guards and noblemen, and burning the castle down with hellfire?


I thought of that too when I first thought of this idea; and this is what my mind went to immediately. The MC had a traumatic event happen to them at a very young age. This caused psychological problems (that will be addressed in the book) that causes the MC to shy away from their heritage… and even if they wanted to use their powers they have no training to do so. They were in training for only two years (powers start truly developing at 5 or 6 and they fully develop at 18), which isn’t enough time to fully grasp the entirety of their powers.

However, it will be different for each MC. For the ones who are revenge driven the main reason they can’t use their powers is because they have little to no experience. (As well as the psychological trauma.)

While more docile MCs will have the psychological trauma at the forefront of their minds. They can’t see passed it because they blame their powers/heritage for the loss of their family and people; meaning the ones that they love in the new village would be put in danger if they decided to start, tentatively, using their powers. Which is something that they would never do.

They are also in hiding, so their guardian will never allow them to fully use their powers. The MC will be trained on how to manage them and hide them from humans, but it won’t be the type of training that the MC would have in the village.

(Also the MCs powers strengthen as they age. So as time passes on they become stronger, they’re sort of building up their strength if that makes sense. Or for the revenge driven ones, biding their time.)

Again, I hope this helps. I’m sorry if I wasn’t the best at explaining my thought process. I hope I did an adequate job though. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.


Sounds interesting…though is it purely based on Mc trying to destroy the empire or does it have bits of the MC interacting with other NPCs?


No, it’s not purely on the MCs need for revenge (although that is one of the big factors). The MC will also meet and interact with many people throughout their adventure. I’ve also planned 7 ROs, which I hope you all enjoy. One of which you meet in the demo (as he knows you the longest out of all of them).

I hope this helped and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me.


Okay, so this isn’t a fully-thought-out concept, but I’ve been tossing it back in forth in my mind for the past few months and I wanna see if it’s worth exploring it.

A group of friends sneak into a summer camp during a humid summer night to drink, have fun, and reconnect. However, tensions among the group seek to tear them apart. Then, suddenly, a power-outage forces Cheryl, a raven-haired girl with varying attitudes, to fix the circuit breaker and continue the festivities. An electrical overload in the system suddenly creates chaos for her as she is electrocuted upon restarting the power. She watches as her memories are re-written, changing her enemies into friends and vice-versa. It isn’t until people begin to disappear from the memories of everyone that she realizes something dire is happening to her own mind…

The story is meant to focus on the fragility of memories and how easy it is to forget something - or someone - entirely. There’s some pseudoscience of electrical signals in the brain being affected by foreign electrical currents, which affect electrical signals that carry memories. The most fun feature of this is that the player eventually become a “separate” entity from Cheryl and will need to remember things for her, else she and her friends vanish completely.

My main questions are this:

  • There is a set protagonist: Cheryl. Most people prefer customization for their MCs, but I feel like the purpose of the game is to show that the player isn’t the protagonist, so I’m wary to allow customization.
  • There’s a cast of about 9 people including Cheryl. Is this too many? I want the player to have multiple outcomes at the end depending on who survives, and I want to have a lot of group dynamics at play that break people apart, but that coding might get complicated, not to mention the issue of writing scenes with certain people missing during mid- to late-game.
  • The game would feature a notebook system, where certain actions and facts learned about characters through dialogue choices will be recorded for later reference, which helps the player fix Cheryl’s memory. How detailed should this be? Too much detail might make it too easy, whereas too little would make the game almost impossible given that small details are what help Cheryl keep people alive.

So now… several polls. lol

  • Keep the set protagonist, Cheryl.
  • Allow for minimal customization (gender with preset names).
  • Allow for full customization (gender and custom names).

0 voters

  • Keep the cast of 9.
  • Reduce the cast slightly, to 7 people.
  • Reduce the cast significantly, to 5 people.

0 voters

  • Notebook should contain detailed information.
  • Notebook should contain adequate information.
  • Notebook should contain minimal information.

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(I only voted to see the results, why I put them as “show on vote” is beyond me lmfao)