Interest Check Thread


No! This is actually very great! This is probably he first Magical Girl story I’ve seen here! Yeah, the deconstruction of Magical Girls is a cliche in Japan but not in CYOA game form. I am definitely looking forward for this as you got me all excited for a new type of game.

As for the plot? I like that it is not the typical Magical Girl but edgy like Magical Site in that it deals with the aftermath of the typical traumatic coming of age charactrr arc of other magical girl stories. So kudos to that since that itself is very original, so please don’t think of it as cliche. It s great! :smiley:


I figured I should probably do a check here before I keep playing with code, but would anyone be interested in a choice game based on playing dnd with friends?


I would give it a go! I Your fanfics on tumblr are really awesome so I’m highly interested to see what you’ve planned for your own game :smiley:


I would try it too, sounds fun


Hey everyone, it makes me SO happy to see interest! Let alone so much and a postitive response! It means a lot. I’m going to stay up late working hard to get this demo to you guys.

My biggest question to ya’ll atm is: Are multiple choices directly after each other annoying? The beginning lets you define your entire transformation and appearance, separated by paragraphs. It’s detailed, involving things from color schemes to objects and etc to try and bring unique MCs to life. Buuut it could also drag on too long?

At what point will you say: “I really don’t care what color my hair is described as.”? Almost immediately, or do you find high customization fun and rewarding?


I personally like customizing every detail…it helps me connect with my MC.


I recommend having quick options that let the player set a whole bunch of variables together, and then deeper customization for those who want to put together their own unique look. I could post a piece of example code tomorrow, if you’re interested.


IMO customisation is fun, but seamlessly introducing it into the narrative makes a big difference too.
For instance…
“You sigh deeply as you run a hand through your… (select hair color), grimacing at the dark circles that smudge your (select eye color).”
is something I prefer much more than something that’s just
“Choose a hair color. Choose your eye color.”

Especially for the latter, I don’t particularly fancy it when I have to go through many options of choosing name, eye color, hair color, hair length etc all at once.


With customization, I think it usually works well to include options for detailed customization, but also include an option to skip those details for people who are less interested in that, along the lines of what @Hazel’s saying.

The game definitely sounds interesting either way, but I’d like to check: are you writing this as female-locked or would you consider a gender option? A magical boy using all the magical girl tropes can be really fun (see the webcomic Mahou Shounen Fight for a fun take on this), plus nonbinary options are a positive as well. It’s okay if you’re not interested in doing that, but I think it could be an entertaining angle (and defying some gender stereotypes :persevere:) to at least think about. Good luck either way, anyway :slight_smile:


I also like a lot of customization. It helps me imagine a persona as I’m going into a story fresh. Though, I think it’s good to have an option to skip for those who don’t like it. There seem to be a lot of strong feelings on both sides.


It’s worth noting that the genre is very visually-oriented, so the aesthetic is going to be pretty important to most players.


Ooh, count me in too! That sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with it!

Regarding the customization: I wouldn’t mind it especially if it’s worked nicely into the narrative. And especially the first transformation sequence :sparkles: , it would be a disgrace if it wasn’t detailed! Just try to aim for a good balance. And you can always space the customization out. It doesn’t have to be all at once in the beginning.

I don’t mind playing as a girl but I agree that MCs of other genders are also interesting!

Speaking of customization, an option to skip them entirely actually turns me off–it tells me that it probably doesn’t have any effect, and having no effect is basically taking away what I like about customization.

I also appreciate it a lot when customization options aren’t just “color customization.” People have more defining characteristics than hair and eye colors. :wink:

Anyway, just my two cents. :blush:

Ooh, that’s a nice middle ground, actually! I think I’ll do that too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because it’s easier. Anyone can easily picture what brown eyes look like. I’ll bet you in a group of a hundred people, you won’t find five who know what a “patrician nose” is.


Ugh! You know that it will devolve into either involuntary gender-change, of the kind I hate or at the very least have absolutely awful “magical boy” uniforms that aren’t really suitable for guys and certainly far from cool or sexy. :unamused:

But I can certainly appreciate that such a game wouldn’t be for me in the first place. As long as it stays confined to Hosted Games it also wouldn’t bother me.


I would not mind seeing a CS game focused on being a psychologist to other NPCs. “How does that make you feel?” and “Does that make you feel like you’re on the right track?” and exploring other’s subconsciousness.


Nothing wrong with a cutesy magical boy uniform. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I guess the ones you linked to are a little too much for my tastes, admittedly… :sweat_smile:) But, yeah, definitely no involuntary gender changes, please…


So many replies to unpack!

Well, first I’d love to see anything educational regarding code. So I’d love to see this idea for a skip option that sets the variables if it’s okay and not a bother.

Secondly, it is a bit more…involved than simply colors. Trying to describe it, the customization sequence its like putting on a play on stage where you decide the actors, props and costumes. But it might be more helpful to discuss once I post the scene itself. Then people can say “no thank you I’d like to skip that” or “it was well worked into the narrative.”

I agree with Franzinyte that the first transformation is something I love to see fully in the MG genre.

Whether it is skippable or not, the things you choose or are chosen for you are relative to variables that will be set and referred to later. Not just for example your hair, but the mood you set and motifs you used.

Regarding mahou shounen, it is something I have considered. I have not disregarded the idea entirely but I’ve also wanted to make something special for the female demographic that calls on the traditional appeal. Of course, I know that there are also many male fans of the genre and they might enjoy being able to be themselves in the narrative! As well as those who feel it would simply be interesting to see the flip. Myself included. :slight_smile: So I will consider it very carefully before deciding to move on, or rework to include male option that pleases and doesn’t become…the negative experience of male option tropes idonotlikeusernames describes.

There’s a lot to think about now. I’ve been…occupied the past few days. But getting it out there now is a certain priority. I am also working on drawing up some character art to go with the profiles, but demo takes priority. Based on responses, I will try my best to work customization into the narrative and provide a “Rapid” option for people who want into the action that doesn’t involve the visual glam other mahou fans like to see.


I’ll do a thread on it when I get the chance, but to start with, you can take a look at the source code of my own demo. The appearance code is towards the end of the startup/chargen file. The appearance options I’ve included are quite rudimentary.

With the magical girl transformation sequence, you can have all sorts of fun options like ‘blue-green ocean-themed transformation’ or ‘classic pink princess’ or something along those lines. Once you have the basic visual language set in your head, you can break it down to what sort of variables you want to include: costume, weapon, choreography, maybe a motto or a musical theme. But packaging it all together lets players experience the visually rich language, without exhausting them with design questions they may not know how to answer, to get the kind of effect they want.

You could have a lot of fun with it.


This is an idea I’ve been working out for over a year now. It’s a big undertaking so not a project that will see the light until I am at least halfway done with it. To be honest it may not happen for a few years because it’s pretty ambitious and I want it to be nearly perfect. But I wanted to share the idea and see if an interest exsists.

So the game is set in the Visnyean empire, which is thriving in the aftermath of civil war that has lead to a new sytstem of government negotiated between nations. The empire’s hold over each country has dissolved, and the nations have more of an agreement to remain one for security and ecnomical reasons.

Essentially, the resolution to the conflict was to cycle between different nations to control the empire, every 150 years. The next to rule depends on how that nation fairs in a summit, where each nation sends envoys to “compete” in order to establish their worthiness. The main component of the summit is a tournament style system (more on that in the future) but that’s only one of the ways to secure power. Much of the summit for those not interested in becoming the new capital is securing political or economic agreements with foreign nations.

You’ll play the role of an envoy for one of 6 major countries, and your goal is essentially dependent on what is expected of you given your background, which country you’re from. Each nation has a different agenda, and your role in it will vary wildly. But generally, you will be working to secure your nation’s status as future capital.

So more on each major country, and your background associated with it.


VISNYE: (pronounced with a silent S) Current capital for the Empire as it stands, a country rich in mineral resources and a center of growing industrialization. The glittering appearance of the capital hides a history of labor abuse and class warfare, but a recent attempt at overthrowal of the empire has seen a more more “progressive” heiress take the throne, though it is mostly lip service.

BACKGROUND: Not playable.

MYNHEL: Religious, conservative nation, and a major military force in the region. Conservative in that they’re pretty simple and straightforward. They love their religion, their king, and their army. Genrrally, they’re seen as the frontrunner for future control, as they’re well established and very pwerful. However, Issues with the current king and whispers of corruption has left their standing more shaky and has made the king desperate for victory.

BACKGROUND: You will play as a well connected leutenant general sent mainly to focus on claiming victory in the tournament.

KAISHEN: Rural, but beautiful farming based country. They supply much of the food for the region, so many nations depend on them. But the newest ruler is taking advantage of their position. Her ambition has led to her creating artificial food shortages in order to create discord in foreign countries, and the country is seen as the force to take down in the summit.

BACKGROUND: You will play an assassin for the queen that will serve as a spy during the summit. Your goal is to gather secrets and create friction in order to put Kaishen in a stronger position.

GRENWALSH: Portside hub built around the gulf that expands to several other major countries, so they’re kind of the central point of trade of the empire. Where merchants go to work. They’re the only country with a representative democracy as they’re so large there isn’t really a central ruler. The leader is a staunch isolationist who hopes to see the end of their participation in the empire and establish Grenwalsh as an independent nation.

BACKGROUND: Play as an elected official for one of the bigger cities in the nation. Your goals are more open, but you’ll need to appease many different groups in your actions, mainly your constituents, and the merchants who sponsor you.

EUSTES: Rebellious country that left the empire sparking the civil war, but rejoined in the aftermath and proceeding treaty because of economical disaster. Mainly an industrial country, shifting away from agriculture as the opportunity for growth was stronger. But since the industry is so new and strange, they are in a precarious position. There is also strongly religious sector, and a growing movement to protect the sanctity of the country and stop industrialization is present.

BACKGROUND: You’ll play as heir to the throne of Eustes, where you’ll need to work on estalbishing ties to foreign nations and secure a strong, politcal marriage.

ASCILLA: Magic and knowledge oriented country, home to the most prestigious school in all of the empire. Is typically seperate from politics as its a smaller country without any kind of political clout. Its king oversees a country that also mines, thanks to its vast mountain network. They have a rigid caste system in place as well, with a huge focus on aristocracy.

BACKGROUND: You MIGHT NOT be able to play as an envoy from this country. I’m still working on making this country playable. If I include the option: You’ll play as an instructor and scholar from the academy, and your role would likely be as support for the other envoys. Your magical talents would mean you’re likely focusing on competing in the tournament as well.

So yeah, it’s going to be a pretty in depth game. It probably won’t be overly long, to focus on replayability. There are also around 13 characters in the game for you to befriend, and a few less that you can romance. If there’s interest I can share a little bit of information on the other envoys or any other info really.


So anyone wants a venom game or is it just me ?