Interest Check Thread


Idk I thought of those at first too but I think they wouldn’t be good for trying to knock a normal monster out without severely hurting them. But I’ll keep it in mind. Might be good for a villain route or something ^^’


Well if am fighting monsters i don’t think i am going to care if i hurt them i care more about my own life than theirs so i will be going in for the kill and a villain route sounds awesome being a monster hunter killer sounds bad ass.


Well your not supposed to kill them? And you’d mostly be fighting demons not them… well only savage ones but still there basically people. Plus wouldn’t a sword be over kill to stop a high school fight.


But a monster is a monster in my eyes i am not going to trust anything other than my own sword arm.


… you would make a great advisor for help with the monster hunter route XD. I have a hard time thinking of mean routes lol.



Has the body of a male model, built for show instead of strength.


That … sure is a enormous package crammed between his thick, ripplingly muscled thighs.


What … exactly did you search to find these two particular images, rather than, you know, more classical descriptions of such monsters?


Well monsters you have been taught your entire life to fear and distrust them just like demons i just can’t see people or anybody in general trusting monsters cause i sure wont.


Pinterest and tumblr pages… that are basically eye candy XD. Just trying to make the date able monsters worth dating. Does this help with the ogre?


I’m sold on the Ogre. Gimme the sexy beast! :grin:


But you were raised to think monsters are friends and worth protecting? Unless maybe if you spent a lot of time with your aunt and uncles?
Oh should that be a thing?


Ha ha ha, that’s definitely something that could tear the roof off of buildings.


Yes as long as there is the option to not trust monsters i am sold people in general will fear monster there is no way around that.


Lol ogres will also have tusks in this world. And yes he will be able to tear off a roof but he’d prefer punching someone living.


So does that mean you wouldn’t romance and of the monsters in school?


No the risk is to great in my opinion but i will be honest i don’t really trust anybody monsters doubly so.


Aw I’m sure after you get to know monsters you will be like this with them ^^


As long as monsters stay at least 10 feet away form me we will all get along just fine ow and if i am packing weapons and armour we are maybe but i just can’t ever see myself trusting a monster i just can’t it would be insane to trust monsters.


But you live in a town filled with monsters with the only humans from miles around are your family.


We live in a town with monsters that sounds like my worst nightmare that sounds terrifying but you can grow up with people it does not mean you have to trust them i never even trusted my own mother.


Well that is a valid mind set for a bad guy route in the story. Just wondering how that would affect your cousins feelings towards your character if your personality is like this?