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I was actually considering that point of view, thank you :grin:


Hello I’m Mirror(real name stupid I know). I have recently been working on a idea for a story I think would be fun to read but wanted help with it/ your opinions on the idea. And if I get enough help(and learn how to code ^^’) I can make this an actual Choice game which would be fun ^^!

Title: Monster Knight

Plot: Highschool is a tough time in a teenagers life even more so when you’re one of the only humans in it. Welcome to Lilith Hollow a town in a parallel dimension from the normal world inhabited almost entirely by monsters and mythical creatures created and founded by your ancestors. Since ancient times humans have feared and hunted monsters, it didn’t matter if the monster had intelligence or was peaceful humans hated them and wanted them gone from this world, all except for your family whom wanted nothing more than to help them. You are a member of the Monoceros family, a family that for generations have helped and save monsters of all kind from humans, demons, and other dangers to them. The Monoceros may be a human clan but your family is anything but ordinary humans. Blessed by a unicorn thanks to the first of your clan your family has a deep connection with monsters each member being born with power over them called The Unicorns Gift or Gift for short that your family has been using to help monsters. Because of all your family does for monsters every where your family has been given the title of Emissary by the monster people charged with being the law and protectors of them. Thanks to your family monsters have been living peaceful in Lilith Hollow for centuries happily under your families care. But that was generations ago now the monsters have mixed feelings about your family thanks to members of your family abusing their Gifts to act like they own the town and the monsters in it. Monsters are beginning to lose faith in your family at the worst possible time, with Demons and other harmful creatures breaking through the towns wards more than usual. Not only that but for unknown reasons monsters have turned savage causing havoc to the town and with your father gone you’re the only hope for this town. No pressure right? Become the child of the current head of the Monoceros family with the Gift to feel the emotions of monsters and use your power to help monsters or take advantage of them. Choose a weapon from 2 physical and 2 magical to fight against evil, and pick a mythical pet to be your loyal companion and fighting partner. Attend high school at Hecate High and befriend/Romance 5 girls and boys monsters that attend the school and have a rivalry with your cousins that also attend the school and protect the students from them. Can you try to save the town, find the culprits, and find a date to the Halloween Dance in this monster savior story? Hopefully ^^?

The Monoceros Family Info:
Like I’ve mentioned in the plot your family is a family with a deep connection with monsters. So deep the Monoceros family are immune to many monster abilities/traits such as being hypnotized by a vampire or becoming a werewolf from a bite or scratch. Not only stronger, faster, and more durable from normal humans your family are also capable of harming evil spirits and make full physical contact with ghost.
As Emissaries your family’s duties include helping monsters with their problems, acting as mediator to rival monsters, law enforcers, protectors, demon hunters, and community service. Basically your family are like the police in the monster world ^^’.

The Unicorns Gift:
After one of your ancestors saved a unicorn from a pack of demons when no one else tried the unicorn blessed her with a Gift that has been passed down to every member of your family. Each family member has their own Gift that can Only be used on monsters and not on other humans. Your MCs Gift is the gift of Empathy. Your family are able be sense the feelings of monsters but with your Gift you can completely feel what the monster is feeling as if it’s your own. Constantly being teased by your relatives for having a “weak” gift but your father has told you that one day you will see the real power of your Gift.

Every member of your family has a weapon that they train with from a young age to use against demons and rowdy monsters and you’re no exception to this.

Rod: A steal rod with runes engraved onto it. Use it to bash demons in a marshal arts kind of fighting style.

Whip: A whip used to attack from a distance and bind enemies. A restraint for monsters but a deadly weapon against demons. Also able to reveal hidden enemies or incoming threats.

Hand Mirror: A magical mirror able to shoot beams of light and create barriers. Capable of breaking spells.

Parasol: A beautiful umbrella embodying the power of the weather.

**Still thinking of added effects for the Rod and Parasol weapons.

Pet Companion/Partner:
No story is complete without a pet that helps you fight me and my friends say ^///^.

Wyvern: A low level breed of dragon that will only grow into the size of a tiger one day. But for now it’s the size of a cat and very cute. Has a bubble breath that impacts feel like rubber bullets and bubbles that heal. Also loves cuddling and wants constant attention ^///^.

Pixie: A tiny fairy with the appearance of a flower. Speaks in bell rings and able to communicate with plants to ask them to aid you. Also shoots magical bolts that feel like wasp stings. Loves to ring compliments into your ear and play with your hair.

Yo-kai: A Japanese spirit with the appearance of a horned fanged skull mask in ghostly fire. Able to conjure and manipulate fire to aid you in a fight, also can temporarily possess a enemy for 3 seconds to give you openings to attack. Loves popping up and scaring people around you and listening to gossip and telling you what it heard.

shadow Hound: A three headed shadow wolf pup. Despite still being a puppy it has the strength, speed, and endurance as 10 fully grown wolves. Has the ability to split apart into 3 separate shadow hounds to become a pack of hunting dogs for you. Loves to play with you and very loyal… plus such a good boy ^/////^.

There are three types of monsters in this world.

Creatures: Monsters similar to animals in the normal world.

Monster: The people of monsters.

Savages: Monsters that are treated like beast for so long they act like it and turn into the monsters humans believe they are. Your famiy is able to save them from this psychological prison unless they are too far gone.

Monster Romances
If your going to a monster high school with the only humans there are family members obviously you’re going to date a monster lol.


Name: Logan
Species: Werewolf
Info: The oldest wolf in his family of 18 brothers he always makes sure he acts like a brave leader to set a good example for his brothers. Is the captain of all the schools varsity sport teams and loves it. Although hates how sweaty his fur gets at the end of the day.

Name: Quentin
Species: Gorgon
Info: A quite albino Gorgon boy with white scales snake hair and tail, and pink eyes. He constantly has his nose in a book avoiding conversation and eye contact with the other monsters despite him wearing special glasses that prevent him from turning people to stone. His favorite stories are about champions of gods on quest.

Name: River
Species: Merman
Info: A part of the sea folks River is a merman that enjoys a good party. Mermaids live for a few hundred years so he figures he has a long time to worry about the future so he’s planning on enjoying his life to the fullest. I guess that means going to ten parties a night?

Name: Castor
Species: Daemon
Info: unlike Demons Daemons are good imp like monsters with the firey powers of a demon. Castor is your childhood friend and has been training with you to one day help you fight demons and other threats. Because he’s your best friend he’s always on your side and always first to defend you.

Name: Geralt
Species: Ogre
Info: Big, muscular, and mean is the stereotype of most Ogres and Geralt is no exception to this. Constantly picking fights with other monsters in school your day isn’t complete with out stopping him from beating someone up.


Name: Odette
Species: Harpy
Info: Stereotypes of Harpy’s being birdbrain shrinking monsters would die the moment anyone meets Odette. Smart, beautiful, graceful, and an amazing singer it’s no wonder she’s the most popular monster in school. But if you try to tell her she is to her face she won’t believe it, how humble.

Name: Moon
Species: Vampire
Info: While most vampires follow the old rules such as being invited in to enter a building Moon is rebel that follows none of them. Why wear boring expensive classy clothes when you can wear awesome punk and rocker clothes. She’s currently trying to form a all girl monster rock band and dreams of becoming famous not only in the monster world but the human world too.

Name: Belladonna
Species: Zombie
Info: A young hippie Zombie girl that loves plants especially flowers so much she has a flower crown that is growing right out of her head. Shes all about that flower power. She’s also studying medicine recipes so that create her own healthy potions to help hurt monsters get better.

Name: Winter
Species: Ghost
Info: You would think dieing and becoming a ghost would be a sad thing, doomed to be trapped a haunt a location forever. Well thanks to your family Ghost can free themselves of this rule and live in the city like any other monster that happened to be dead. Despite being free she feels like a part of herself is missing and she can’t seem to get out of despair with out it, such is the fate of most ghost. But that won’t stop her from trying! She’s going to tame this darkness and then decide what to do next with her undead life.

Name: Alice
Species: Spider girl
Info: A spider girl that is obsessed with the Victorian age. From it’s fashion all the way to the personality of that time. She’s constantly wearing big dresses that cover her body and some of her spider legs. She acts with grace and we’ll manners, and to anyone that doesn’t sit straight or something she doesn’t approve of she’ll be there to annoy… I mean help you until you do it right.

**Let me know what you think of the ROs and if I should fix them.

Enemies/ Your Cousins:
Your Cousins are a big problem for you not only in school but every where.

The Sisters
Names: Do, Re, & Mi
Gift: Apart: Mins Reading
Together: Mind Control
Weapon: Doll
Information: Do, Re, & Mi triplet sisters that are always together and act as one woman sharing three separate bodies. There’s no need to remember which is who because all three are exactly the same even their hearts beat in the same rhythm as each other. Cunning and vicious apart there Gift is only capable of reading the minds of monsters, but together with their combined power are able to take complete control over a monster turning them into their puppet. There weapon is a mechanical doll they control with their mind.

Name: Dusk
Gift: Pain Illusion
Weapon: Scythe
Info: Your cousin that believes he should be the next head to the Monoceros family due to his combat skills, intelligence, and mostly his gift to make a monster believe their in excruciating pain which makes all monsters terrified of him. He’s training to become stronger and doesn’t care who her cuts down to do it.

Name: Vicky
Gift: Illusions
Weapon: Sludge Hammer
Info: A girl every one wishes would skip school or not show up completely. Vicky is a bigger bully than Geralt not only relying on physical pain brought to you by her trusty hammer but also psychologically bullying monsters by creating labyrinths or dangers that only they can see because of her Gift of Illusions. Once she has enough fun and gets bored she stops the illusion by slamming her hammer across the monsters face.

Name: Bertram
Gift: Monster Possesion
Weapon: Gauntlets
Info: A martial arts fighter he trains by fighting monsters that are usually unwilling to fight. He loves fighting monsters and thinks the family should have became monster hunters instead of protectors. His Gift allows him to send his subconscious into a monsters body taking it over as his own until he chooses to leave.

**The cousins seem to stick together and all seem to hate you.

So that’s it ^^’ let me know what you think of this idea and fill free to contribute, state your opinions, or suggestions. And if you have any questions fill free to ask ^////^.

Inspiration for this story was: Netflix Hilda, Gravity Falls, Monster High, Secret Saturday’s, Undertale, Halloween Town and various anime. ^////^’


I love Gravity Falls :joy_cat:


i like this idea its really good :ok_hand:t6:


Wow, sorry I actually meant WOOW!!, that sounds amazing, and if your looking for help learning how to code, the basics of choice script are fairly simple and there are plenty of guides here on the forums if you need help, and of course if you have any questions you can always post about it I’m sure that the people here would be glad to help out with the coding aspect


Will there be any other weapons to choose from.

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No thought 2 melee and 2 magical weapons would be ok. But open to more ideas. Might switch em if I like the suggestions.

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Thanks ^////^ and I will but probably not for a while. Still need help figuring out the story and little things. That’s the main reason I posted here for help ^^.

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So I go here now for help on my story? Ok.
Does anyone have ideas on what the stats should be? I’m having a hard time deciding also should I change the title or is this a good title?

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How about a morals stat? Like good or evil .-


Like for if you help monsters just to help them or gain their influence?

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Yea or like do you actually help them or just control them


Very undertale I like it lol. But I’ll need help with villains choices because I’m not that good with thinking of bad guy Choices… I’m too nice sadly ^^’

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So was thinking should I change Geralt to a Minotaur or keep him as a Ogre? Both strong monsters… and sexy ^//////^ lol. So wanted opinions. Which would you want to be friends with/date?

Or Minotaur:

I’m pretty ok with either since I’m still figuring the characters out. It would also help if you said why you like the one over the other will help me a lot ^^.


A long sword maybe or a short sword,

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Idk I thought of those at first too but I think they wouldn’t be good for trying to knock a normal monster out without severely hurting them. But I’ll keep it in mind. Might be good for a villain route or something ^^’

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Well if am fighting monsters i don’t think i am going to care if i hurt them i care more about my own life than theirs so i will be going in for the kill and a villain route sounds awesome being a monster hunter killer sounds bad ass.

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Well your not supposed to kill them? And you’d mostly be fighting demons not them… well only savage ones but still there basically people. Plus wouldn’t a sword be over kill to stop a high school fight.

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But a monster is a monster in my eyes i am not going to trust anything other than my own sword arm.


… you would make a great advisor for help with the monster hunter route XD. I have a hard time thinking of mean routes lol.

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