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I think a low-fantasy/pseudo-historical game set in an 18th century style world could be fun

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Hello everyone!

I had this game concept tossing around in my mind for about a month now and I wanted to post a thread about it on this forum. While I am curious to see what is the public interest about it, I mostly want some feedback and suggestion about this idea. It’s still very early in the story/plot planning stage but I do know the basic outline I want to do and features. Since it’s just a game concept, I decided not to post it in the WiP category since I don’t exactly have a demo or anything written.


It has been five years since your older brother mysteriously vanished from your life. Your family was hopeful at first. They had a blind faith that he would show up sooner or later. He was always the mischievous type but never reckless. The police were helpful and more than accommodating for your family about this disappearance case. Yet as weeks turn into months and finally into years, it became a strain to keep on pretending that everything will be alright. You watched as your mother and father pretend that everything is normal but you know that the elephant in the room weighs heavy in their minds. Divorce is just around the corner for them. You noticed how the once friendly detective who worked on your brother’s case has become cold and quick to irritate. Something tells you that the detective thinks this is nothing more than a cold case. And then there was you. A freshman at your state’s college; the same college your brother went to. It’s been five years yet you still chase his shadow. Just when you’re about to throw in the towel as well, a mysterious man/woman approached you at your lowest point. They were uncomfortably affectionate towards you, yet you couldn’t push them away… they know where your brother is. They’re more than willing to help you search for him but only if you play a game with them.


Basically, the entire story is that you, the player, are trying to search for your missing brother. Turns out that five years ago, he played this mysterious game with his best friend. They were in the lead and when it looked like they were about to win… they vanish. Now, it’s up to you to win this game with your partner. This is basically what I got up to this point. I’m wondering if I should go at this “game” with a mystical aspect. That everything is “magic” or something. Or should I go with a more semi-realism deal in that this game is some weird dark web game made by a bunch of super hackers or something. What I do know is that this game is some sort of app game that gives the players task that they have to complete before the time runs out.


Now the features is pretty much the “selling point” for this game.

  • There is only one love interest/RO. Now, before anyone picks up their torches and pitchforks, let me explain first. This game is suppose to emphasis on your relationship with your partner (AKA the RO). The two of you are in this in the long run and you can’t survive without the other. Oh… and did I mention that your partner is a yandere for you?

    Yep, the entire gimmick of this game is that you’re stuck with only one love interest who is madly in love with you from the very beginning of this game. (For those who don’t know what a yandere is: Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), which is defined as strongly and deeply exhausted, infatuated, moonstruck, head-over-heels, or lovestruck, but in this case used for "lovestruck.")

  • That being said, just like how you can customize your looks, gender, and name, you can also customize your yandere. You can chose how they look like, their gender, and their name. But if you really don’t want to chose, your partner would have a default name/look. (If you’re curious, their default name is Avery and they’re an albino)

  • Since your partner is a yandere, you will have a “push or pull” stat (IDK what to call it yet). Your choices and interactions influences how your yandere would act. If you push them away too much or villainize them, you might end up with a “bad ending” where your yandere kills you out of anger or ruin the game for you. But on the other side, if you pull them in too much or validate their actions, you might end up with a different “bad endings” where your yandere kidnaps you and keeps you locked up forever. Your basically doing a balancing act with your yandere where you’re trying to keep them both in check and happy. And I should say, yes. You can absolutely get a “good ending” with your yandere where you’re in a normal relationship or end things as just friends. (The reason why I’m putting quotation marks around “bad” and “good” endings is because it’s debatable if they are or not. Some people would actually consider a lock up ending to be a good ending. Depends on the person.)

  • Another feature would be that your yandere is asymmetrical to your character’s stats. If your character is crazy good with strength but lacks intelligence, your yandere makes up for that by being great with intelligence but lacking in strength. Because of this, when it comes to puzzles or skill checks, you can chose who to do it. You or your yandere. But going back to the “push or pull” stat, depending on how well you’re getting along with your yandere, they might reject in doing a puzzle or forcibly do a puzzle without your permission. Again, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your yandere.

  • There will be other NPCs in the game. You can interact with them and befriend them… just to see what your yandere would do. You can sort of use the NPCs to push your yandere over the edge or use them as a learning tool to teach your yandere to get along with other people

So, that’s my game idea. The story itself is probably not all that amazing but the important part of this is the yandere RO. They’re pretty much the emphasis of this game and your relationship with them. With this game, I’m exploring all aspects of the yandere trope and how the yandere’s S/O’s action play a large role in what sort a person the yandere comes out as. So, what does everyone suggest?


I can’t imagine a normal relationship with someone who can or could have kidnapped and killed me.


I can’t imagine a normal relationship with someone who can or could have kidnapped and killed me.

Well, normal is probably a strong word for a story and a character like this since the circumstance isn’t normal. My bad. But the point I’m trying to make is that you could end up with the yandere in a more stable relationship.

Let me take this moment and dispel the myth that all relationships with yanderes will end up badly. It’s a myth and there are examples where the S/O and yandere would end up together (The easiest example would be Yuki and Yuno from Mirai Nikki). Let me also say that my yandere here, for the game, does not start off with thinking “Oh damn. I want to kill/kidnap MC.” No. They start of in thinking that they want to A) make you happy (“finding brother= MC’s happiness= I want to help find MC’s brother”) B) wanting to get along and strength the relationship and C) be affectionate and end up in a relationship. Yanderes are lovesick. Not Psychopaths. They are not sadists either. They doesn’t want to kill or kidnap you. But only if things become desperate.

That being said, that’s their default perspective at the start of the game. Based on your interactions, you can sway them one way or the other. But you can also help them and find a compromise in their affections towards, you, the MC in a more healthier way. And if you do get to the point where they could kidnap or kill you… well, I mean. You already got the “bad end” there buddy. Not the “good end”. Of course, you can also talk them down from doing either of those actions as well.

Well, if anyone is curious how I’m gonna go about this. Why not check out my yandere blog that I run with my friend. We break down and analysis the yandere trope and you can basically see what is my thought process on this (purely optional. I just added this since I know some people have their questions and this is easier than me writing an essay):


Didn’t point out to any mental disorders, but if a person who is failing to have a proper relationship with you has the urge to kidnap, torture and/or kill you, that is not sane neither normal anyhow.

That’s the equivalent of saying that you date on the veteran difficulty, because instead of a broken heart, you may end up with a broken X.

I read your explanation, but sorry, nothing is swaying me to have a romance (or any kind of contact) with someone of said description who I have to keep constantly satiated just so they don’t kill me.


Different people look for different things in a game. My advice is that you should be extremely clear about what the player is getting with yours. Reading through your synopsis and plot sections gave me no indication that the game would really be about balancing your relationship with a yandere.

If/when you post a demo, you should lead with that, and you should post trigger warnings. Everyone should know what kind of game they’re going to encounter before they press play.


Agreed, Yanderes can’t be defined as safe people and I will never understand the interest in them, same as with the S and M Fifty Shades abuse crap. I wish you luck with your game but it’s definitely not the sort I would play, romantic relationships should always be healthy and consensual with both parties.


Well, I’m not going to forcibly sway you one way or the other or cause a fit. I already know that this game is pretty much appealing to a niche (well, I shouldn’t say niche since the yandere fandom is quite large on tumblr and have our own forums) community. So I understand where you’re coming from since normal people wouldn’t find this appealing.

But I only want to emphasis that the yandere does not torture their s/o. Tbh, if you read something that has that, I don’t consider the person as a yandere. Just as a psychopath and that’s it.


Of course, of course. I’m completely on board with you and @derekmetaltron. If I were to ever make the demo, I would slap a warning label everywhere on that. I’m quite aware that not everyone would be into something like this. This is just something as someone from the yandere fandom, reaching out and extending an invitation for others to explore as well as making a sort of “love letter” to the already fans.

And derek, there are many reasons as to why people like yanderes. But I’m not going to bother in going on a tangent on that since I doubt you want to read that. I just want to say, you may not believe me, but you can have a healthy and consensual relationship here. And even with the kidnapping ending that is a consensual ending. Again, you might not believe me. I’m one of the most vanilla fans in the community when it comes to yanderes. I’m not really into that force stuff.

Not trying to force anyone here since I know some people have their own perspectives. This is just me putting out an invitation to explore a trope.


I am honestly curious:

You can’t give someone consent to kidnap you, since that defeats the purpose of kidnapping (taking one away by force), so, how? Genuine question.


As long as people know what they’re getting, then I say go for it honestly. There are lots of games around here that are horror-y and have creepy characters. Absinthian Ballad and Heir to the Throne come to mind. Your concept is different, but my point is there’s definitely an audience for it.


When the options are to choose to ‘get kidnapped’ or get kidnapped anyway, that’s not exactly much of a choice. Of course I can respect you have your opinion and particular interests, pretty much everyone has kinks I suppose, but you’ll probably want to be careful how you write it out, especially when the reader won’t have much choice in the matter…


I was intrigued by the mystery of investigating the brother’s disappearance but I’m not quite sold on the idea of the yandere. Sorry. It seems to me that there isn’t going to be a ‘good’ ending unless we concede to whatever the yandere wants. This makes it look like there is a ‘one true path’ since we appear to be unable to reject a relationship with the yandere without being punished for that choice.


Agreed, and no offence but it seems like this idea of yours is really using a cover story aspect to hide a text based Yandere Simulator, and if that’s all it is really then it’s only going to appeal to a very specific and arguably disturbed community. As I said many of us have distinctive kinks and I’ll admit I myself have considered a game which could go alongside one of mine - but when any kinks involve hurting people in any way its not something I can understand or see as appealing. I think you should be careful about how you handle this game or at least consider moving heavily away from the Yandere aspects…


Not going to lie… lowkey kinda hurt that you compared this idea to Yandere Simulator. I mean, it’s water off of my back since I understand the point where you are coming from. But also, Yandere Simulator is a piece of shit in my opinion tbh. Now that is an actual fetish game and it’s clear to me that the Yandere dev A) doesn’t know what a yandere is and B) awful as a game dev. You may find it as a surprise but most people in the yandere community renounce Yandere Simulator… well, I know I do since I see it hot garbage that should be called “Psychopath Simulator” than “Yandere Simulator”. Anyways, I’m rambling at this point.

The point is, and you may not believe me, the point of this game isn’t about hurting people, killing, ect. A bit jaw dropping there but a yandere isn’t a yandere because they kill or hurt people but because they’re lovesick. That would be like saying if I hold a knife then I’m automatically a murderer.Though I’ll give you credit in saying “yeah, this is a bit of a cover game for this kink.” I am tired of seeing stories where the yandere is just running around killing people, the MC standing around like a statue or twiddling their thumb, and the story having the predictable ending insight. I believe a yandere character can shine if handle well and done in a compelling story. Like Mirai Nikki or Chrimson Gray. (Though, I will add something like that happening since it is a “Bad end” And on the note of bad endings, in your last post… uh, don’t know how to tell you this buddy but once you get to the kidnapping part you already got the ending. So you wouldn’t have the choice and the ending is running on autopilot. By then, you already lost your choice of “getting kidnap” or “not getting kidnap” based on your actions). And just another minor thing as when you mention “arguably disturbed community”. All hands on deck in the context for Yandere Simulator but just asking you don’t lump the yandere community (though there is some overlap since people like what they like). We engage in civil discourse, point out why a yandere is bad or why they aren’t a yandere, and pretty chill when people say they don’t like yanderes since we understand the distaste.

@Cheion Well… I’m going to debunk that in saying that “no, you can’t get the only “good ending” by conceding to whatever the yandere wants.” That’s how you get a “bad ending”. You can very much put your foot down and say “No. That is creepy and I don’t like that.” and A) not get killed as a result B) influence the yandere on a “right path” and C) lead you closer to the “good ending”. Also, there isn’t only “one true path”. You can very much end get a “friendship ending” where you’re not in a relationship with the yandere. So much so, that you can hypothetically end up with someone else and the yandere wouldn’t freak out. Actually… for those doubters out there, just for you guys, I’ll make a “good ending” where MC is marrying someone else and the yandere is there to say “congrats” before handing a (genuine, not double meaning) wedding gift (like a toaster or something?). Well, if I do make this game.

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It’s a fair point that I probably don’t have an understanding of what you define a Yandere as and the two examples I tend to think of are that game and Monika from Doki Doki Poem Club or whatever it’s called… so I apologise if I came off as insulting in my last post. If as you say those are poor examples of your interests then it makes sense that you would dislike such games and examples.

I’m gonna admit something here that I happen to be a macrophile (someone who loves giant sized women) and some connected aspects like Endosomatophila (basically Fantastic Voyage with inner body adventures). But there’s common aspects of it I hate or dislike like the obsession with feet or the violent types of giantesses. And violent stuff in general. So everyone’s different. :grin: Ultimately its your story so don’t let me put off anything since I can understand how a group of likeminded people can disagree on all issues and preferences, so do what you want as long as you remember to mark and label it properly as what it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Preview of a demo is up!


Ahhh I see! Thanks for that clarification! Like derek, I’m not really familiar with the yandere fandom so forgive me for any incorrect assumptions I made. Nonetheless, write the story if you want to! And all the best for that endeavor, if and when you do embark on it :slight_smile:

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It’s a lil bit early and I’m just now writing the overall framework of the story and I was just wondering where I should start on the main content (customization, quests, small filler quests, etc.) As well as overall mechanics such as time or space manipulation and other god-like abilitys.


How about being single God in the world? Like in abrahamic religions? Creating everything from the start, keep people in line if they are not worshiping you than you may decide to send a prophet or just burn them or flood them. Humans creating new religions and what you do about them. Your people misinterpretating your message like going for witch hunt or jihad or something. Managing the army of angels. Managing the world, haven, hell and other things you know the usual God stuff put in a game. We already have a multiple Gods game, and other games where there are multiple Gods, how about going for a single God? A little different it will be, but I’m sure the game would be interesting regardless however you go for it. Best of luck :cherry_blossom: