Interest Check Thread


Well if they are reasonable people they will understand why you are like this some people just don’t trust people and it will strain you relationship with them they know you don’t trust them or anybody for that matter they could. 1. Try and earn your trust like everybody else.
2. They just don’t bother or care about you like you don’t about them.
3. They are neutral about it all and understand your reasons.


Well they think similar to you but I think they’ll just not like you cuz your the future head of the family.


Remember trust can get you hurt and it can get you killed just don’t trust anybody it will save you a lot of heart ache and it might just save your life.


Opinions on the Sisters?

Should I keep them as cunning and vicious? Basically thinking their smarter than anyone else?

Or should they be super dark and creepy?

And here’s there weapon:


cunning and vicious


FYI making werewolves the same as Enid’s dad in OK KO.
So this would be Logan:


I seen this image on my Pinterest(weird cuz usually I only have cute little monster pets ^///^) and thought maybe I should use it for the werewolf’s in my story in a way. Like maybe what happens to them during a full moon? Thoughts?


There’s ‘The Aether: Life as a God’. I know you mentioned monotheistic, and there is a pantheon and a meta-plot with them, but as for creating and cultivating an inhabited planet, you’re own your own. It’s almost got two storylines, the cosmic one and your planet.


I like ‘The Aether’ but I wrote that as a reply to the post of a dear author, the post above mine. And frankly aether was more of a Godly drama, a young god, old gods. Demons killing Gods. Well I am not saying it’s not interesting. But it was not what I expected.


I needs a light saber <3


Lol I think that’s copyrighted XD.
How about a nice magic mirror?
image image




I have toyed with a Mass Effect style game where you work with and have the option of both befriending and romancing several characters from different alternative universes. Some of which could be…

  • A sentient male Dinosauroid from a universe where the smarter saurians survived extinction and who has a fondness for 30’s Film Noir with his trench coat and fedora.

  • An Aztec-Viking Female Warrior, born from the union of two former operatives from two universes where the Aztec and Norse Empires never fell.

  • A dashing Cavalier gentleman from a universe where magic helped England win both the Hundred Years War and the Royalists the English Civil War.

  • A nervous yet deadly scientific woman, accidentally fused with two other versions of herself from two of the most common bad futures of a Zombie infestation and an AI uprising - part cyborg, part human, part zombie.

Curious what characters people are more interested in as possible NPCs or RO options if I ever got round to this one!


can the mc be another race or just ol regular human?


That I haven’t decided, though I think one of the core premises would be that you get to pick what alternative universe you come from a small selection. Like say a universe where the Roman Empire never fell or the Russian Revolution was averted, that kind of thing. You would basically be part of a Time Police or Multiverse Police or something.


Should I make all the monster ROs part of the same after school club? Like a community service kind of club and they are trying to figure out what’s going on in the town? And you can invite your favorite character to join in your investigations like in a RPG party system format way?
For example you and the club investigate the storm drains and you can pick 2 characters to go with you on your search and they help you fight and look for clues???


So does anyone have opinions on the pets? I’m also open to suggestions?

image image


Sooo after giving it some thought I don’t think anyone is really interested in my story(besides the nice people that liked and gave some in put ^^ thanks btw) I originally posted so I could have some help with the storyline and stats and what not but not getting a lot of input which isn’t really helping me write the story.
So I think I’ll hold off on this story for a while. Lol maybe I should just make a yaoi aka BL(Boys love) story cuz I never have trouble writing for that genre XD.
Thanks again the few that tried to help me ^^. If I ever figure out the story line and stuff I’ll be back ^^.


I wouldn’t say nobody’s interested… :frowning: I’m sure if you got a prologue/chapter 1 out, you’d have far more replies, though. As for what story to write, just write what you want to (and if that’s super gay, I would not complain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).


Well all I have for sure is an idea on the very beginning of the story. You think that would be enough??