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The pitch
The Island of Taelia is home to six fairy races, each with their own culture and abilities: there are feisty fire fairies, mischievous forest fairies, aloof and learned sky fairies, steadfast river fairies, sociable sun fairies, and the mysterious and elusive cave fairies. Deep in Taelia’s history, the races used to be one, but over time these differences became near insurmountable. Each race began to live in near isolation from one another, and mutual respect morphed into open disdain.

Today that changes. You’re welcomed to Faecraft Academy, the premier all-fairy school. For the first time in a thousand years, all races will learn and live together. You’ll be sorted into a “pod” with five other fairies, one from each of the major races, and you’ll thrive or dive as one. Tensions are high, but so are the opportunities. You’ll be forced out of your comfort zone and taught skills you never knew you were capable of.

But don’t let the novelty distract you: something serious is happening at the Academy. The teachers are nervous and your classmates are murmuring about dark happenings. Amidst all the excitement, a question lingers: what is the true purpose of Faecraft Academy?

You can’t help but wonder if the fairy elders built this school in preparation for something. It may just be Taelia’s last chance to unite as one or be wiped off the map completely.


  • play as a first year (12 year old) student
  • choose your race: fire, forest, sky, river, or sun
  • attend classes in a giant tree!
  • master magic, hone your combat skills, brew potions, sharpen your intellect, and explore the school grounds - your life may depend on it
  • forge alliances with your classmates, impress your teachers, or be a lone wolf
  • uncover the Academy’s mysteries, defend Taelia, become a preteen rebel, or just focus on getting through your first year (someone else will solve all the problems, right???)
  • help the fairy races resolve their differences or divide their ranks further

One of my primary goals here is to create a robust and engaging world that can accommodate a vast array of stories for all ages. The world takes inspiration from:

  • D&D
  • LotR
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Real world myth and legend

Target audience
Originally I planned this story for middle grade, but that may change as I iron out details. I’m a huge fan of stats and don’t know if I want to simplify the actual gameplay (perhaps different game modes will help here). My vision is for a story that appeals to the same kind of crowd as Harry Potter.

I’ll probably ask this again as the story progresses, but out of curiosity, what age group is everyone feeling based on the pitch?

  • Middle grade as planned, Philosopher’s Stone style
  • Bump it up to YA with more of a high school feel
  • Do what you want, whoever likes it will like it
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I can get the first 3 inspirations, but when does Star Wars come into play in terms of inspiration?

One of the things I admire about the Star Wars universe is how adaptable it is, one of the reasons it did so well with fan fic (think of all the old school Star Wars novels that were published before Disney). The world’s rules are in many ways simple yet versatile, and you can tell pretty well any story within that universe, and always expand. That’s my goal here…have a world I can build off of, and theoretically that others could play with too. The story starts off on an island but there’s a very broad world and history to be explored.

This sounds like the kind of thing I love!


will there be a fairy transformation systam like in winx club also if your open suggestions can there be sound fairys just asking

Hmm… if I were you, I would bump it up to YA. Especially if you want it to get some traction. It also allows you to do more, gives the MC more freedom, etc. And that doesn’t mean it has to become super serious, or inappropriate. I love Harry Potter. I would never tell an 11 year old they can’t read Order of the Phoenix, for example. It’s a bit more serious, has higher

This advice is under the assumption that this won’t become a serious with 7 parts :joy:

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I’m definitely open to suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: there’s no transformation system, and in general these fairies won’t be much like fairies from other stories. I’ve been considering changing their name, perhaps to “elves” or something entirely new, but for now I still view them as fairies…magical beings with an attunement to the natural world.

As for sound, the sun fairies specialize in enchantment (although any fairy can learn the skill, it just won’t come as naturally). Part of their magic lies in “enhancing” sight and sound. For example, they infuse their song and art with special properties, and could, say, manipulate emotions or put something to sleep with it.

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Thanks for the feedback! I would love for it to become a 7 part series, but that may be getting ahead of myself :joy:

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Okay, so I’ve been expanding my Naruto-inspired if idea and now have more a concrete view on what I want to do. Hence, this post, which will pitch the concept to you.

Title: Cloak and Dagger

Summary: You are born in Tengokakure (Village Hidden in the Heavens), a shinobi village in the Land of Winter. For as long as you can remember, it was always your dream to be a ninja of your village. But now that you graduated, you feel a bit disillusioned. For the past three years, you’ve only been given low-ranking missions – babysitting toddlers, walking dogs, shoveling snow. But the only way to get higher-ranking missions — things like escorting merchants across the country or capturing thieves — is to pass the chuunin examinations.

This year, your teacher has agreed to let you take the chunnin exams that are taking place this spring at Sakuragakure (Village Hidden in the Cherry Blossoms). But something is not right. You and your team are given a special mission — to befriend the jinchuuriki of Sakuragakure. You know that your jounin-sensei has been given special orders — that he refuses to share with the rest of the team. Other genin have been giving missions too. Your childhood friend, Akari, has been given the mission of making a map of Sakuragakure. You fear that your country means to invade. And you are right.

Take part in the war between Sakuragakure and Tengokakure. Choose which side you’re on: will you stay true to your country or betray them? Will you seek to make peace or will you be a loyal soldier?

The choice, as always, is yours.

  • Customize your main character. Choose their gender, pronoun, looks, personality, and skills.
  • Choose your clan.
    • Shirogane: Members of this clan are born with Magnet Release, which grants individuals the power to manipulate magnetic fields and control metal objects. It can be used offensively and defensively without the need for physical contact.
    • Kuromori: Members of this clan can manipulate dark and void-like chakra that causes necrotic damage. Masters of this clan specialty can even summon a black hole-like rift to trap enemies. They also have the Kurugan - eyes that can see through darkness or smoke.
    • Kaneko: Members of this clan shapeshift. They have the ability to transform into any human or animal form.
    • Gushiken: Members of this clan have Crystal Release, which grants individuals the power to create and control crystal constructs.
    • Name changeable: Clanless: Lacks bloodline abilities but can choose an extra ninja specialty.
  • Select one ninja specialty:
    • Medical Ninjutsu: Medical Ninjutsu is the art of using chakra to heal injuries, cure diseases, and enhance the body. Medical ninja possess a deep understanding of anatomy, biology, and chakra control.
    • Fuuinjutsu: Fuuinjutsu, or sealing techniques, involve the use of specialized seals to store objects, control beings, or trap enemies. These seals can be inscribed on various surfaces or even implanted within individuals.
    • Kenjutsu/Taijutsu: Kenjutsu is the art of swordsmanship. Ninja who specialize in kenjutsu are skilled in the use of swords and other bladed weapons. Taijutsu refers to hand-to-hand combat techniques. It focuses on utilizing the body’s physical capabilities and martial arts skills to engage opponents.
    • Genjutsu: Genjutsu involves the use of chakra to create illusions that affect the target’s senses, typically sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Genjutsu users can manipulate perception, inducing hallucinations or controlling the target’s actions. Skilled genjutsu practitioners can cast illusions so convincing that the target perceives them as reality.
    • Elemental Ninjutsu: Elemental Ninjutsu involves the manipulation of the five basic elemental chakra natures: fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning. Elemental ninjutsu users can create and control their chosen elemental nature, unleashing techniques ranging from basic elemental projectiles to powerful elemental transformations and area-of-effect attacks. Each element has its own strengths, weaknesses, and associated techniques. This class focuses on a single element of your choice. Choosing Elemental Ninjutsu multiple times enables specialization in multiple elements.
  • Select which romance route to pursue or romance no one. You can select the gender for all love interests.

** I will edit this post in the future with a description of the love interests.


So dose the kurugan changes the eyes like gives them a special pattern or something?

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this but my mind tends to wander. While working on Onryō, my mind got distracted as usual. And I ended up coming up with this Idea for an IF that I quite love. Of course, Onryō is my main focus, and I would want to finish that first before seriously beginning work on this, but I just wanted to ensure the idea was out there and to see what people thought.

(Please note, this is all subject to change. I still haven’t worked out all the details, but the core idea is set.)

18+ due to violence, sexual implications, and other themes that may be triggering.

This idea stemmed from me wanting to combine my two favourite genres: Superpowers and Sci-Fi, so here it is:

Working Title: Child of Sin

Your father is the Galaxy’s most infamous supervillain. He is responsible for many incidents on planets across the Galaxy. You are the youngest child of 4, and while your father does love you dearly, the thing is, he is a supervillain. So naturally, you are expected to be a pawn in his plans.

The first half of the game will involve you accompanying your siblings on expeditions to various planets to train your powers (your powers will be able to be selected from a list of three, of which your Father has them all), and to just generally sow chaos.

Saying that, here are the characters:

Earl Astatine: Patron of the GAFEE (Galactic Alliance For Evil Enthusiasts.)
Your Father, Earl Astatine (real name unknown.) Is the most infamous and powerful supervillain in the galaxy. He is famously hot-headed, yet can back up his words with his immense combat skill. Despite his short temper, he is highly intelligent, and the plans he cooks up have brought many a planet to it’s knees. He has the powers of Telepathy, Pyrokinesis, and Telekinesis.

Rose: The gentle and loving oldest sister with thorns.

Your oldest sister, Rose. She inherited telepathy from your father. She is the one who took care of you as you grew up, and as a result is the closest to you. But she treats you like a baby in need of protecting. It’s up to you whether you prove her right or wrong.

Despite her gentle nature, when matters do not concern her siblings, she is incredibly cold and calculating. She frequently speaks in metaphors, and sometimes acts as tactical advisor to the GAFEE. However, she is is still skilled with an energy blade. If anyone dares threaten her siblings, especially her beloved youngest sibling, their blood will run in the streets.

Gabriel: The second oldest. An angel of blood and love.

Your only brother, Gabriel. He inherited telekinesis from your father. Backdoor deals, political assassinations, one-night-stands. Gabriel is a diplomat at heart, and is perhaps more ruthless with his words than his powers. On any one occasion, a crowd of love-struck men and women can be seen following after him, proclaiming that he told them “You’re the only one for me, sweetheart!”. (He told that to all of them.)

But he is no stranger to getting his hands bloody when the situation calls for it. If a backdoor political deal goes wrong or out of his favour, the next day the police might just discover a body crushed by intense force. He is fond of his youngest sibling, but mostly lets Rose coddle you.

Carina: The third oldest. The flame warrior with a heart of fire.

Your second sister, Carina. If there was one of your siblings who inherited your Father’s arrogance and hot-headedness, it is most definitely Carina. Combine this with the fact that she inherited his Pyrokinesis, and you have a recipe for destruction the likes of which most planets have never seen.

Along with her axe forged from a dying star, she is without a doubt the strongest fighter of your siblings. Unfortunately, her temper often gets her into arguments with your elder siblings, though she does try and hold back against you. But she is content to let your siblings and father make the plans, so long as she gets to burn something.

I am not sure if I will add romance options at this point, as I want the IF to be a sort of slice-of-life focusing on relationships between siblings in a situation such as the one I have presented, but it is not off the table.

Along the way, you will be able to choose which sibling you are closest to, if you dislike them, etc. You will also be able to decide whether you want to betray your father, or work wholeheartedly with him. Depending on your relationships with your siblings, you might be able to convince them to join you if you choose the former option.

The final half of the game will involve your Father’s quote on quote, biggest plan to date, and this is where you will have your right of passage as an official member of the GAFEE. Betray, or serve. What is more important, Family, or Obedience?

I hope you like this idea as much as I do!


Could we strike out on our own and start an evil galactic empire?


I haven’t thought of all the possible paths yet, but I’ll add “Pull a Palpatine and Proclaim the Galactic Empire” to the consideration list. :sweat_smile:


It would be kind of funny if dad’s name was actually Earl and he decided to use the title to hide that. Because who names a galactic villain Earl? Feels kind of underwhelming.


I mean we can choose to have telekinesis so we could sort of use the force, also was more thinking of a standard space empire, an galactic empire seems like and end game thing

Super interested in this and the fact it’s a slice of life with focus on sibling/ family relationships.

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Hey! I’m working on a little something titled ‘In Plain Sight’ (A.K.A. IPS). It’s currently about 10k words long, but it’s currently in closed private testing since I still have a ton of bugs to fix before I release a playable demo.

I’d like to do an interest check to see what the wonderful people here on the CoG forums think about this premise.

In IPS, you play as a character of a background of your own choosing, which dictates your starting stats (or just play a custom character), in a dystopian world where the entire earth has been taken over by a United Government.
You are a new agent of a special counter-terrorism task force created by said United Government, embedded in society until they call on you.
Go on missions to take down rebel cells, thwart rebel schemes, get promoted… Or turn against the system and help take down the United Government.

Key features:

  • Playable as male, female, or non-binary
  • Most named characters are planned ROs, with their own unique backstories to promote replayability.
  • The story is non-linear, meaning your choices affect certain things that appear in a following chapter, or even the whole story.
  • You can continue to stay loyal to the Government, or you can join the terrorists. Or, you could even go undercover as a Government spy…
  • The opportunity to use cheat-codes if you generally don’t like grinding stats, or are like me and have some kind of god-complex going on.
  • An ever-expanding iceberg of intrigue and plot twists, as well as various secrets…

TW: (Mild?) violence, reference to tobacco and alcohol

EDIT: I’ve managed to push a demo out a bit after I made this post, you can find it on my profile. Honestly, I thought the demo would still be a week away but, here we are.


IPS sounds cool to me. Awhile back I played a game where you’re an agent (memory like a sieve so can’t remember the name!). I really enjoyed it. Sounds like you have several directions the player can go, which makes play interesting.