Interest Check Thread

I will probably make that customizable, too. Thanks for playing!

So will you only be covering bull run because that’s the name of the demo, or are going to go through other battles?

This is probably a very stupid idea, but I’ll give it a shot.

After playing the demo for Falrika the Alchemist (I decided against buying the full game), I think (despite comments that I’ve seen) that the basic premise is possibly quite workable for a choicescript IF, but I’d like to try plenty of changes in executing this idea.

I’m thinking of creating a female gender-locked story with anime vibes. You’ll play as a sorceress in a high-fantasy world, with a cat familiar. There will be some gameplay elements, and I’m thinking of adapting the city management system in Dragon of Steelthorne to create a simple day-to-day stat management system in the game. I’ll also add ROs (male and female) to the game with some emphasis on romance.

If I’m not getting mocked to oblivion for this suggestion, I’ll probably dig out some otome VNs to reread over the weekend and try to put together a demo. I’ll probably not put this up on HG (since this would likely be a really hard sell commercially), but I’ll probably submit this to IntroComp or IFcomp (so it’ll have to be closed beta testing again).

I’m not planning to create a WIP thread for Dragon of Steelthorne 2 until the first game is out for at least two weeks, and we’d be lucky to see the HG release before June. Thus, I’m thinking of a small project to distract myself in the meantime. If you folks are done laughing, does anyone have any thoughts?

Tentative cover art (using my awful art skills):


I have some feedback, but I’ll post it once you make a thread, if that’s OK with you.


If we get enough renown could we become the general of the army?

honestly, if you go through with it i’d read it. i do love my “cringe” animu stuff. i knew of otome vns before text ifs, so if you get that nostalgic vibe down i’ll be all over it. the transition from vn to if style of writing will prove an interesting hurdle to jump, i’ll say.

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I have an idea for a post-apocalyptic interactive fiction game where the action takes place in underground states and cities.


  • Tell about life in post-apocalyptic states / cities 5 years after the apocalypse as well as about interaction between the underground states
  • A fighting competition between cities where main character participates for sake of their family
  • A main character who unwillingly becomes caught up in political games

I don’t know if anyone will be interested in this idea, but I started working on it today.


It’ll be tough to create the anime vibe without visuals and sound, so it might just end up being a bubbly IF, but I’ll see how this experiment plays out.


Of course, thank you for the input.

will it be similar to Hunger Games?

I don’t know. But probably not. I haven’t read the Hunger Games or seen the movies.

I’ll read that :slight_smile: good luck!

It sounds interesting, DarkRose, but you’ll need to, at some point, address why everything is underground and what’s going on at the surface to keep everything underground.

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Some ideas of yours sound similar to Apocalypse Chronicles, The Thousand of Us and Street Jam. Some ideas:

  • What kind of interaction?
  • How did this fighting competition come about, who’s behind it, what it’s for?
  • What sort of political maneuvering is involved? How did the PC get caught in this mess? How to resolve this mess?

I love post-apocalyptic fiction (my current WIP as well lol) so I always have an appetite for the stuff. One thing that does jump out to me though:

This will largely depend on your apocalypse cause, but 5 years seems like an extraordinarily small amount of time for full-fledged states and political squabbles to have developed, especially underground, where all infrastructure needs to be developed from scratch. Typically stories set themselves 30-70 years out from the point of apocalypse in order to build up realism in their new factions. For example, 5 years isn’t enough time for a group to have citizens/agents/soldiers/leaders who have been taught the group’s values from a young age.


Checking for interest first before going ahead with anything. The case files (name is still a work in progress and is subject to change). the settings is a world where super powers are normalized and have been around since ever.

People with super powers are mostly referred to as powered. Powers are ranked into different categories by letter. namely A,B,C,S,SS,SSS (this part of the plot is still subject to change as i might think of a better name or way to categorize the powers.) with A being the weakest and SSS being the strongest and most rare.

You play as a powered, parent of one that is an SSS. you work in the NYPD (new York powered department) as one of the best agents they have and unfortunately you are put on a high profile case alongside a few other people. Some you know and like or hate and some you don’t know.

The case? a high number of people with previously low or mid ranks are suddenly retaking the rankings test and ending us with ranks as high as SS and even SSS. This is extremely worrying as they are only a few SSS in the world especially after The massacre of mc’s family.

The people retaking the tests have also been reported to be extremely violent and unstable, overloaded and even some have been likened to zombies.
They have been popping up everywhere and have become so much that the government can no longer ignore the issue, they have also been reports that a new drug on the streets is the main cause of all these.
Who is producing these drugs? and how the heck is the person even making them?.
This was written quite haphazardly so i apologize if the lore is all over the place, I’m trying my best to give as much as I can without giving out much spoilers. to explain and clarify some stuff.

  1. The Mc is not a single parent, the other parent is quite actively involved. He is also an SSS. he and the Mc split up for mutual reasons as he wanted to further his career and go places while mc didn’t. He works as Head of security at the white house and is directly responsible for the president’s safety. And yes Mc will have to work alongside him and his team for the case. which might or might not be a terrible thing as he might or might not be an RO.
  2. I’ve seen a lot of amazing wips on choice of games where the Mc is over powered but doesn’t want that and so either runs away or hides their power. i took the opposite approach lol. in as much as i made Mc sound normal in the synopsis, Mc is quite the celebrity. lemme explain.
    Mc quite literally grew up in the spot light, Mc’s parents were big time super heroes and billionaires (think batman but with no secret identity or mask and you’ve got an astute example).

As a result of that mc and their siblings grew up in the spotlight. Until the massacre of course which took the life of not only Mc’s parents but also their siblings.
As a result of that mc has quite the fanbase and following but of course they will be an option to be more of a private person and to keep your personal life private.
thank you so much if you’ve read this far, this is still a work in progress but i just wanted to know if people would be interested in something like this.


So is the story gender female lock sense the other parent is a dude

no it’s not genderlocked lol.

What is PC’s power level, or is that something that will be a choice?

the Pc will probably be at the highest level possible which is the SSS. this is as a result of various reasons.