Interest Check Thread

G-Man, don’t ever apologize for your story or ideas! It sounds like a really fun concept.

Writers do this all the time. Rough drafts and drafts that never see the light of day allow you to practice writing and maybe some ChoiceScript… important skills to have! Write for yourself! If you think it’s a fun story, more than likely, someone else will as well. (Like me.)

I personally love stories that deal with AI and our future. (Will AI make humanity’s future bleak? Will artificial intelligence remind humanity that they are human (compared to being Gods)? Will AI outlive and outsmart its creators? Many possibilities and the list goes on and on.) I love that even in this concept, you have brought in some nods to this. So, there is an interest from at least one person.


I think your yelling courtroom game sounds like a lot of fun!

Hosted Games has published puzzle games before - in fact, most of their early games were puzzle games, and some of them still hold up pretty well.



Honestly, if most other people started a WIP with this premise, it wouldn’t excite me too much, but your execution so far is fantastic. The three languages contrast each other in really interesting ways, and I liked the challenge of picking through the options and trying to influence everyone the way I wanted. Looking forward to more of this!

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It’s time for another progress update for my WIP Presidential Sim, The People’s House!

In my last update, about eight days ago, I brought up my hopes to deliver a functioning demo by around this time. Unfortunately, it will take another few days to release a demo.

This first chapter has proved to be very coding-heavy as I wanted to provide the player with as many choices as possible to shape their Presidential Administrations including their spouse, Vice President, Cabinet, and even their relationship with big business. I’m also working on code to allow you to choose actual policies to implement in terms of legislation and Executive Orders! All with their own impact on your approval rating, your relationship with each party, and with consequences later down the road.

While I’m very excited about the progress so far, as a first-time Choicescript author, I’m running into a lot of bugs as I begin to test out the code I’ve written so far. Still, I’ve been hammering out a lot of these bugs (thank God for the Choicescript forums!) and am getting closer to being able to release the first Chapter (roughly 15,000 - 20,000 words) as a demo!

This is proving to be an incredibly exciting and fulfilling experience, and I hope that my short posts will help to prove to anyone else looking to author a book with Choicescript that anyone can do it!

Thank you all for your support and kind messages,
R. F.


I am looking forward.

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can I get some help to produce simple world building, plots, and features?

like most of you here, I too have brainstormed myself to find magnificent stories, but as time goes by I feel that it’s too complicated for first timer, too heavy for the non-experienced.

that’s why I ask for guides for a simple story yet fun to play, I just want to make sure it is released and I got experiences about production process from scratch to release.

thank you

My advice as an experienced writer is to start with writing stories on a smaller and intimate scale first. Basically, instead of writing a massive epic about a world under attack by an eldritch entity, focus on a story about how a group of friends encountered malevolent forces in a cabin in the woods instead.

I haven’t started on my own Hosted Game yet. Well, not yet, but that’s a general advice. Hope it helps.


I have the idea to write the story of an MMA fighter’s career from start to finish.

In the non-combat part of the content, there will be a story according to the selected background. (An Olympic medalist will not be the same with the story of a poor immigrant living in the gym.) As the story progresses, there will be many different events. Love, friendships, enmities, “business” part of the fight, family life, personal demons, media, fans will be the general topics of these events.

As characters, coaches, nutritionists, managers, promotion officials, mafia, government officials, fans, ring side girls, teams, best friend, childhood/college crush, family members, childhood friends, media etc. can appear in the story . Note: Not all of your characters will appear in a single playthrough.

For people who do not want the fighting part in detail, there will be an option at the beginning of the story and the results of matches will be determined completely according to the selected coach, background and your choices in outside of the cage.

For those who want the fighting system in detail, it will have the following features:

  1. The Fighter will have certain skills. (For example: Boxing ,wrestling etc.)

  2. There will be a fighting style system. (For example: Striker, grappler etc.)

  3. There will be a difficulty system and it will start with certain attribute points according to the chosen difficulty. These will be distributed according to the selected style and background.

  4. There will be special moves (Traits) that the fighter will use. ( For example: Triangle choke, left uppercut etc.)

  5. There will be guards and stances. (It will affect the fate of some fights)

  6. Coaches, teams, nutritionists and social life will be effective in gaining trait points in general.

  7. The superstar light will have an impact on your career.

  8. I want to add a steroid/PED abuse but I’m not sure. I can write in a rosy universe where professional athletes don’t use them.

  9. It will be career lifetime statistics.(For example: It will drop if you knockout)

I can add more but I’m not sure.

If there is interest, I will start writing after the 20th of June.

PS: My native language is not English, sorry if I made a mistake.