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Hey there everyone! Long time lurker here who finally got the courage to type something because I’m far too much of a coward and shy. I don’t know if anyone would be interested, but this idea has been in my head for quite some time. I always adore stories where the protagonist is the bad guy, as being a goody-two shoes isn’t bad, but sometimes, you just want to spread chaos.

Fell Star is a Science Fantasy interactive novel set in Freiy, a fictional continent where magic once flourished with abundance, only to slowly diminish overtime. Magic is disappearing, and no one knows why. You are a Harbinger, a bringer of either hope of doom, who wishes to rest. Despite seemingly meeting your end, it seems not even death can free you from the clutches of fate as you find yourself alive and in a strange new age where metal and steel has replaced magic, and a ‘child’ who sits before you… Has your heart beating in their chest.

Basically it’s a mix of Final Fantasy (Think Final Fantasy 4/6/7ish because mecha’s are cool), Nier (Yoko Taro has influenced my way of writing stories) and Princess/Prince Maker (because of the the focus on raising the ‘child’ who is highly influenced by the player’s actions, choices, and personality, shaping them along the journey.) It’s a focus of found family, mystery, vengeance, redemption, angst and more.


“Be wary of the Harbinger, for they bring either hope or doom.”

After your fall, you awaken in a strange place. Buildings made of metal and steel, the iron and silver weapons used to strike you down have changed their form, and the magic that once flourished throughout the realm is no more than just a flicker.

There is something else that is peculiar with your awakening. You are neither dead or alive. And the person who sits before you, covered in blood, is a child — rather, a child is putting it lightly, what sits before you is a Homunculus; a vessel who has your heart.

Just what has happened during the past years of your death? What will you do, Harbinger? Will you bring hope to this new age you’ve awakened to or will you bring it all down and build anew?

  • Customize your character. Range from customizing your gender, pronouns, appearance, personality, skills, and more.
  • Influence the ‘Child’ with your decisions! Your choices and actions influence their outlook on life. The child is a blank canvas as every choice you make will impact the way they themselves should act. Will you teach them to be merciless or merciful? Will you teach them to love or hate? Will you keep them at an arm’s distance, or end up keeping them close?
  • Connections are important, whether they be good or bad. Find allies to aid you on your journey as well as make enemies who are both new and familiar. And, perhaps… You might find something 'more’ with the people you meet along your way.
  • Will you go on the path of revenge, to search for the one who is the cause of all of this and bring order to this new world? Or will you enter the path of redemption, casting aside the hatred festering within you from before and try to live a peaceful life? Or, will you continue your search for your end?
  • Will history only repeat itself once more?
People of Interest

The 'Child’ Homunculus — Shian
“A fake. A copy. A replacement. The child was created no more than to be a sacrifice. A sacrifice is easily disposable. They are taught to not think. To be obedient. To never go against their orders. For they only have one purpose in life. Yet, the homunculus can’t help but want …”

The 'Ascended’ Templar — Asol Apostolos
(Omnisexual Male, romanceable by any MC)
“The man who slew the 'Great Calamity’ plaguing the realm and was revered as a hero. Yet, in the last moment he spent with them, the words and look they shared remain engraved into his very heart, etched into his mind. It is strange, as Death has refused to take him. Perhaps one day, he will find the answer he is searching for…”

The 'Holy’ Saintness — Iina Teodoro
(Omnisexual Female, romanceable by any MC)
“Saintness. It is no more than a title. She knows that. She knows very well that without her 'powers,’ she is just a normal village girl. That she is no one special. The Saintess does not believe that she is worthy of such a title. A saint is someone who wishes the best for everyone but she is filled with so much envy, so much wrath, and oh so much hate…”

The 'Runaway’ Witch — Ae-ri Song
(Pansexual Female, romanceable by any MC)
“One of the few last witches of Freiy. Having been hunted down for her magic, she continues to run, despite the soles of her feet aching. She runs, not wanting to give up what is left of her powers, of her people. She runs, hoping to find a place where she can finally rest…”

The 'Lost’ Shepherd — Divyan Shir-Del
(Pansexual Male, romanceable by any MC)
“Your eyes can see that their soul is merely a fledgling, so young yet, it is no more than a flicker. He is a being who took up the mantle to help those in need too early, someone who was forced into a prophecy he never asked for. His cold blade touches your neck as tears spill from his eyes…”

The 'Mad’ Beast — Cassiar
(Demiromantic Gay Male, romancable by Male and Non-Binary MC)
“A human or a monster? The beast no longer remembers what their original form was before. The name Casair is familiar but they know better than to accept it. It isn’t his. This name. This persona. This body. Whoever it was before who owned this body is long gone. It belongs to him now…”

The 'Undead’ Soldier — Freida Decroix
(Demiromantic Lesbian Female, romancable by Female and Non-Binary MC)
“Limbs torn apart and replaced with metal. The human body is so limiting, so weak. That is why she abandoned it. When you die, the maggots take their turn but seel knows not the touch of rot. The soldier must get up. No matter how tired she is. How broken her spirit. She must rise…”

The 'Fallen’ Divine — Meidh
(Panromantic Asexual Non-Binary, 'romanceable’ by any MC)
“They know you. They know you very well. You’ve lived together. You’ve fought together. You’ve spent almost an eternity together, until you broke your promise. A promise you made long ago. Though, they can’t help but find it strange; why don’t you remember them…?”

The demo should be released some time in winter as I have written a decent amount, but want to refine it. I’ll love to hear your thoughts. There is a Tumblr blog where you’re free to ask questions about the game!


This sounds amazing! I’m looking forward to reading the demo :smile:

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More Info !

The ROs

Cotton Cruz

Species: Fennec
Race: Larone
Gender: Male

Key Notes on Personality

  • Emotion Driven
  • Kind Hearted
  • Goal Oriented
  • Loyal

Aldolux Beatrix Nexus ‘Nix’

Species: Fennec
Race: Goxhen
Gender: Male

Key Notes on Personality

  • Honest
  • Sarcastic
  • Confident maybe even arrogant
  • Laid Back

Rylo Ojao

Species: Fennec
Race: Nors
Gender: Male

Key Notes on Personality

  • Headstrong
  • Understanding
  • Stoic
  • Calm

Brin Haio

Species: Fennec
Race: Nors
Gender: Female

Key Notes on Personality

  • Bossy
  • Playful
  • Thoughtful
  • Trustworthy

Haize Alatair Rosewick

Species: Fennec
Race: Larone
Gender: Female

Key Notes on Personality

  • Quiet
  • Polite
  • Gentle
  • Charming

Isia Rhi

Species: Fennec
Race: Nehri/Larone
Gender: Female

Key Notes on Personality

  • Timid
  • Curious
  • Optimistic
  • Patient

And a secret not so secret ‘romance’

NB: The story will be very romance oriented but I’ll try to code it in a way to include asexual/aromantic players.


That sounds interesting. Looking forward to playing the demo


You had me at a mix of Final Fantasy, Nier, and Princess/Prince Maker. Looking forward to the demo


Knight Ryder; Twenty//ninety
"In the next digital age, what would you do to survive?
( )______ )) _________________ )) ~~~

Welcome to Haven city Ryder. In this city, only the strongest survive. You’re a Knight Ryder, a specialized hacker and net chaser trying to survive just like everyone else is. The question is, what line are you willing to cross? Will your life mean something or will Haven city break you like so many others?

Subjects/Important Bits:
In a world where cybernetics and body modifications are commonplace, how is identity defined?
Romance/relationships and how technology might assist or hinder in the future.
Moral and ethical decisions that come with advanced tech and the like.
Artificial Intelligence, souls, religion, and all sorts of good stuff.

Stats so far:
Game text: +200K(as of 12/14/21)
(5) unique factions and (35) unique NPC’s.
(4) Hacking mini-games.
(5) Regular mini-games.
(24) Unique locations.
(+50) unique images and gifs.
(3) “short videos” via gifs
Fully narrated with (6) voice actors
(25) voice clips/recordings the player can find
A full OST upon release
Player will have 50 days per a run/playthrough
(4) endings so far.

(since a few people have now asked)
+Full journal/log to track progress.
+Challenge Store: Completing certain goals will produce game points. GP can be redeemed in the Challenge store. (basically the cheat store. Buy things like ‘infinite money’ and ‘all cybernetics unlocked’)
+A very wide array of gender and orientation options.
+Save system
+Unique/randomized conversations for NPC’s and romance interests. Creating unique scenes you might not get every playthrough(tested and working so far).

Tags: Futuristic, Cyberpunk, Drama, Romance, Adventure, Sandbox, Male, female, non-binary.

Checklist before Alpha is released:
Release date goal: 1/15/2022
+Would like to release “mini-game standalone” for testing and interest check.
+Add at least (2) more voice actors.
+Complete at least one full “run” or shorter “demo” with a complete end. Unsure of which yet.
+Finish up music score for OST (currently 8/12 tracks as of 12/14/21)
+Open a Patreon?

Checklist before Beta release:
Release date goal: TBD
+Finish full rough playthrough
+Contact COG about hosting or licensing and begin that process(fun).
+Start marketing campaign(if applicable or even possible)
+Start paid beta-test runs and beta-editors

Full release goal:
Release date goal: HAHAHA TBD
+Website/Wiki/and bug reporting page.
+Finalize hosting/licensing and final-release prep
+Start on the second game

I actually started this game about two years ago. Mostly writing all the game content, art, and music. I had always had a hard time finding someone to script things and never had much success with programming. Choicescript really closed that gap and so far things have been progressing well. With most of the “content” done and the programming and proper coding to finish up.

Any thoughts/comments/concerns I would love to hear back. Concept art and a trailer will be going up in the next week or two. Video editing has been slow and with COVID things have been moving any slower. This is a solo project so that doesn’t help either .

I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks.


Hello there again :wave:

Despite not having started writing chapter 1 of YATP (You are the Prophecy) I decided to list some other ideas of IF that i’ve been working on.

While I will be releasing most of these at some point in my life, I want to know which one is most interesting/appealing to you to begin are start it off as a little side project

P.S Sorry if this is a lot to take in.

Wild Coyotes

After the death of your sister in a so called ‘Freak Accident’ which was later ruled out as a ‘suicide’, your mother, out of concern for your well being sends you to an estranged camp for out of Illinois where your sister had worked as a Camp Counselor. Upon your arrival at camp, you quickly realize everything is not what it seems and are whisked into the world of the paranormal and supernatural. Do what ever it takes to survive but…

BEWARE of the Vaolfe

Disclaimer: I have only watched one ep of Stranger Things but if you want to understand the premise of the IF then think that.

Genres: Supernatural, Mystery, Thriller?, Romance…

Child of Raeindos

I have a weird obsession with ‘isekai’ and being the ‘chosen one’ and I’m debating whether or not for it to be the main point of the story

As the power of the sun finally starts to wane so does the force that kept the ‘King of the Night’ locked in his dark chamber for centuries. The prophecy is being fulfilled and a vision of The Dark Ages looms its willowy over the seven kingdoms. Will you be the people’s doom or their savior.

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance

The Price of Salt

When a tiny red dot appears in the sky out of nowhere one day, panic ensues the people. As the size grew so did fear and soon the start of strange unnatural events. After days of silence flaming balls of fire started raining down from the sky and any the hopes of some weird ‘natural’ disaster disintegrated into the realization of an alien invasion. You are living in the time of an apocalypse, how will you change, how will you grow and will you even survive

Genres: Apocalypse, Sci-fi, Romance?

The Devil May Care

Tentative Title

Set in the 17th Century (1800s)

When a mysterious stranger happens upon the quaint village town Edewrin, he claims the village to be cursed by a dark spirit and accuses you of witchcraft. Disbelieving of his claims, the townspeople run him out which he then afterwords promises the town and the world destruction. Things, however do not get better from there. When a young village girl becomes possessed and two children go missing, in the hysteria the townspeople point their finger of blame at you and your once very simple life is turned upside down.

If this premise sounds familiar to you it’s because I took some elements from the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Also… NOT AT ALL historically accurate

Genres: Supernatural, Thriller?, Horror??, Mystery?

The Island

You wake up delirious and confused on an island possibly surrounded by water. After trying to figure out how you ended up here you find your not the only one stranded. You 10/12 individuals around the same age as you who say they can’t remember nothing of themselves and how they ended up here themselves.

On an island of full of mystery will you find the missing pieces of the puzzle or will you stay trapped forever on The Island.

Genres: Mystery, Adventure, Drama, Not romance focused but you will be able to form deep bonds with the people around you.

As Blue As Blood

I don’t know much for this one but the basic premise should be able to come off

You’re either a vampire, turned vampire or a human (living in the world of the vampire overlords) - not set in stone

You’re blood is special, and you soon realize that every vampire wants a taste of you (and your life is in immediate danger) after being whisked away by some vampires and a very deep, dark secrets that will change the course of history and trajectory of your life is revealed to you.

Shaping up to be a you’re human and you’re special type of thing

Dark of the Moon

It’s been seventeen years since the vampire and and werewolfs revealed themselves to the world and just a few months since the humans, vampires and werewolfs raged war against each other.

In a world were the supernatural are real anything is possible… but the likelihood of the world splitting… unlikely

Genre: Supernatural
(Most definitely gonna revamp this idea)


Tentative Title

After the death of your family in a devastating fire you move to recover from the trauma that it gave you but you are brought back to the very place that gave you nightmares after the arrival of mysterious letter. You start to uncover the mysteries that lay within the family mansion and realize that the fire was more than a mere accident.

Genres: Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller?

Which one intrigues you the most?

  • Wild Coyotes
  • Child of Raeindos
  • The Price of Salt
  • The Devil May Care
  • The Island
  • As Blue As Blood
  • Dark of the Moon
  • Moorestown

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Wow a lot of of effort was put out into this. I’ll be watching out for the full release

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Interesting. Will we be able to save others & choice what kind of cybernetics (if any) that our MC has?

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So many interesting choices to choose from. I definitely like the Child of Raeinos, As Blue as Blood, & Wild Coyotes ones. I look forward to seeing which one choose to make. I think a few of them could actually be combined into one but that’s just from what I read on the descriptions. Such as the Child of Raeinos & As Blue as Blood. Like our MC gets Isukied into this other world that just so happens to have mythological creatures such as vampires & we get turned into one & have to learn how to control our new abilitie or we almost get turned but get saved by a group of vampires & potentially get to choose to become one while trying to save people/aid in their destruction but this is just my opinion


Thank you! Look out for the demo and teaser vid coming soon. I got really lucky with my local library having a full audio/visual lab for free use. With covid booking has been rough so deadlines are a bit wonky.

If you mean a save system, yes there will be a save system! Part of the reason is so I can also track analytical.

As for cybernetics, yes! The breakdown of cybernetics goes basically like this.
Head Slot: This is where your “operating system” cybernetic would go. Determining your energy, action points etc. Better upgrade, more you can do.

Torso Slot: This slot deals with environmental-type stuff. Some areas will only be accessible with the right environmental cybernetics.(Dealing with zero oxygen, heavy air pollution, etc)

L. Arm: This is the “utility” arm slot. The ‘skimmer’ mod for example let’s you pick up recent messages on NPC’s phones if you can get close enough. Another is the ‘grappling hook’ mod which will assist in getting to areas you otherwise couldn’t.

R. Arm: This is the “weapon” arm slot. Everything from a machine gun arm to a hidden blade. Rumor is there is even an experimental rail gun mod somewhere in Haven city. :wink:

Legs: This slot counts for both legs. Offering mods that might increase how much distance you can cover, designed for long falls, and even a mod that will let you walk over mines and through laser trip wires with no issues!

Remember though, this is also a game about morality and ethics. A good example is the “flayer” mod. With it you can directly extract memories from enemies and NPC’s. However, you don’t get to choose which memories get ‘flayed.’ Meaning it could be a completely useless endeavor, and because of how the flayer functions it leaves the person completely paralyzed.

There is also quite a bit of lore on the history of cybernetics. It will of course have its light side and darker side.

You can also do a run-through with absolutely zero mods which is called the ‘purist’ run. I consider it the game’s ‘hard’ mode. Which will offer it’s own unique benefits :wink:

Thanks everyone who has shown interest so far! I’ll post update’s when I can and hopefully have a blog up with the teaser trailer.


Interesting. Thank you for the information. I was referring to saving NPCs that our MC comes across: Can we choose to save them or leave them to their fate & focus only on surviving?

Yes, every npc has a relationship stat. Additionally, if an NPC is tied to a faction your decision on how you interact with that NPC may change how the faction views you. Things to keep in mind when dealing with others in game.

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Interesting. Thank you for the information. I can’t wait to play the demo when it releases

Hey folks just an update!

The standalone puzzle game is about 90% finished. As well the trailer is about the same. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Corona yesterday and feel like someone beat me up when I wasn’t looking. I’m going to try and work on it as much as possible but expect delays.

The good news is one of my dear friends(and one of the main voice actors) has offered her assistance. She’ll be hopefully be helping me finish the last few bits via zoom. As well she’ll be running a small broadcast with a few other of the voice actors talking about the game. Everything will be posted in a new thread in the demo section when it’s finished.

Thank you everyone for being super patient!


Hopefully you will have a fast recovery. Take care!

Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully everything goes well after that.

I’m sorry to hear that. Take all the time u need & I hope u have a swift recovery

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Hello everyone, and happy holidays.

Regarding my WIP Scarlet Lords (see post 3975), the development has been going well enough and I’m learning a lot of things while writing it. I have expanded the world lore a lot and am planning to add more depth to the Merlyaverse, among new/reworked mechanics and characters.

But it happens that the situation in my country isn’t optimal, and recently I’ve had to focus more on IRL stuff and less in finishing the project. Because of that, I don’t exactly know if I can finish the demo in the next two months.

Also, I may have been a little (too much) eager when I posted the Interest Check last month. I was probably going to release a half-finished work with too many flaws and then feel like I had done a poor job.

So now I’m going to rework many things, add new ones and delete others. I admit that, being my first IF project ever, it is ambitious, maybe overly so, but I’m determined to finish it, be it in two months or seven years.


You are the bastard of King Javid of the wealthy and powerful kingdom of Dagwar with a very ambitious mother who plans to put you on the throne to elevate her status after his death.

With this goal in mind, she sends you to court. Will you be her pawn and do as she asks? Will you take the throne for you own ambitions or will you carve out a different path entirely?

Immerse yourself into court politics, intrigue, plots and affairs. Scheme to take the throne or don’t but most importantly, survive.


  • Summon demons, create love potions, raise the dead and impersonate the living! If you can use it, magic will be a powerful tool. Just make sure you cover your tracks; the court mages are powerful and suspicious.

  • Gather spies and collect secrets from all corners of the palace and even beyond. Pick the right ones and your information will be bountiful. Pick the wrong ones and your schemes might be exposed.

  • Be as just and pure as you’d like or as Machiavellian and cunning as you desire or strike a healthy balance between the two. Whichever you pick, remember, your reputation will precede you.

  • Ascend the throne peacefully through diplomacy or after bloodshed.

Romance members of the court, have affairs, one night stands or even get married to increase your power, influence and reputation. Be mindful that your lovers can get pregnant and so can you. (If female MC)

  • Farrow (Male)
    A recently pardoned pirate, now privateer and the Queen’s lover. Is your romance with him just to get under her skin? Or could there be something more between you?

  • Cisi (Female)
    She is the priestess in training of the royal house and a shy, demure individual. She’s committed to her faith and generally wary of romantic gestures. Will you be able to pull her out of her shell?

  • Hagia (Female)
    She’s the perfect noble lady, bred and destined for marriage, children and managing a country estate. But her ambitions lie further than that, she wants to be queen and has her eyes on marriage to your brother.

  • Hayro (Male)
    Handsome, powerful and wealthy. The Lord commander of the Royal Navy seems to have it all except for happiness that is. What is it that this brooding mountain of a man wants? And can you give it to him?

  • Nevida (Female)
    Princess Nevida is royalty on a diplomatic visit. The princess is clever, witty, cunning and more importantly has armies that can back your claim to the throne. Of course that’s not the only reason to befriend her, right?

  • Arina Asan (Female)
    A shape shifting witch that gathers information for the queen. She’s closed off and quite frankly, an unpleasant person with few friends and many enemies. It’s advisable to be nice to any black cats you see stalking the halls. That might be her or her familiar and she’s fond of hexing those who offend her.

  • Cyrus (Male)
    An assassin from the eastern isles. You know this because he was sent to kill you but changed his mind for some reason. Will you ever find out why? Or will you end up on the wrong side of his blade?

  • Nyfilem (Male)
    They say not to make deals with the devil but how can you resist the charm of this particular demon and his promise to give you the throne?