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I’m sorry to hear that. Take all the time u need & I hope u have a swift recovery

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Hello everyone, and happy holidays.

Regarding my WIP Scarlet Lords (see post 3975), the development has been going well enough and I’m learning a lot of things while writing it. I have expanded the world lore a lot and am planning to add more depth to the Merlyaverse, among new/reworked mechanics and characters.

But it happens that the situation in my country isn’t optimal, and recently I’ve had to focus more on IRL stuff and less in finishing the project. Because of that, I don’t exactly know if I can finish the demo in the next two months.

Also, I may have been a little (too much) eager when I posted the Interest Check last month. I was probably going to release a half-finished work with too many flaws and then feel like I had done a poor job.

So now I’m going to rework many things, add new ones and delete others. I admit that, being my first IF project ever, it is ambitious, maybe overly so, but I’m determined to finish it, be it in two months or seven years.


You are the bastard of King Javid of the wealthy and powerful kingdom of Dagwar with a very ambitious mother who plans to put you on the throne to elevate her status after his death.

With this goal in mind, she sends you to court. Will you be her pawn and do as she asks? Will you take the throne for you own ambitions or will you carve out a different path entirely?

Immerse yourself into court politics, intrigue, plots and affairs. Scheme to take the throne or don’t but most importantly, survive.


  • Summon demons, create love potions, raise the dead and impersonate the living! If you can use it, magic will be a powerful tool. Just make sure you cover your tracks; the court mages are powerful and suspicious.

  • Gather spies and collect secrets from all corners of the palace and even beyond. Pick the right ones and your information will be bountiful. Pick the wrong ones and your schemes might be exposed.

  • Be as just and pure as you’d like or as Machiavellian and cunning as you desire or strike a healthy balance between the two. Whichever you pick, remember, your reputation will precede you.

  • Ascend the throne peacefully through diplomacy or after bloodshed.

Romance members of the court, have affairs, one night stands or even get married to increase your power, influence and reputation. Be mindful that your lovers can get pregnant and so can you. (If female MC)

  • Farrow (Male)
    A recently pardoned pirate, now privateer and the Queen’s lover. Is your romance with him just to get under her skin? Or could there be something more between you?

  • Cisi (Female)
    She is the priestess in training of the royal house and a shy, demure individual. She’s committed to her faith and generally wary of romantic gestures. Will you be able to pull her out of her shell?

  • Hagia (Female)
    She’s the perfect noble lady, bred and destined for marriage, children and managing a country estate. But her ambitions lie further than that, she wants to be queen and has her eyes on marriage to your brother.

  • Hayro (Male)
    Handsome, powerful and wealthy. The Lord commander of the Royal Navy seems to have it all except for happiness that is. What is it that this brooding mountain of a man wants? And can you give it to him?

  • Nevida (Female)
    Princess Nevida is royalty on a diplomatic visit. The princess is clever, witty, cunning and more importantly has armies that can back your claim to the throne. Of course that’s not the only reason to befriend her, right?

  • Arina Asan (Female)
    A shape shifting witch that gathers information for the queen. She’s closed off and quite frankly, an unpleasant person with few friends and many enemies. It’s advisable to be nice to any black cats you see stalking the halls. That might be her or her familiar and she’s fond of hexing those who offend her.

  • Cyrus (Male)
    An assassin from the eastern isles. You know this because he was sent to kill you but changed his mind for some reason. Will you ever find out why? Or will you end up on the wrong side of his blade?

  • Nyfilem (Male)
    They say not to make deals with the devil but how can you resist the charm of this particular demon and his promise to give you the throne?


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What do you folks think of what’s essentially a Venom game?

I didn’t have Venom in mind at first, but with the world build I have (fungal species that infects and pretends to be human to eat vampires), the mc being fully taken over wouldn’t be as fun as mc being a human whose infection went wrong and ended up sharing the body/mind with the fungal infection. Only then I realised this is essentially Venom.


I would actually play this wip if you ever decide to write about it, it seems like an interesting premise!


@Sel_Lee I’d play a Venom inspired game. Sounds like a cool concept. Hopefully be some romance in it too :joy:


Hmmm I honestly think if the MCs spouse AND kid die it would be more realstic/believable because then their whole world would be gone BUT most parents who are good/care like the MC seems to be would not leave their child behind after their parent is killed, they would lack the motive more so when there is a big chance they will die too and leave their kid with not parents.


I won’t spoil anything but…
I changed the plot a little bit, so it’s all tied up with the hero’s past and the fact that he’s hiding his powers and their past. The death of the spouse is one of the pushes that would make the main character a villain. Here everything rests on the main character’s past and their power(s).

But about the child. They will be the main character in the second part. In the second part, you can already choose to become a hero or a villain.

I apologize for my errors in the text


Sounds like fun. I’d play it

Hi! I’m fairly new to the forum but a long time binger of COG and HG works! I thought I’d try my hands on making a game of my own, and the rough concept I have is as follows:

The Kingdom of Kenna is at the brink of war with the migration of the Odenmireans down the North mountains. You find yourself entangled in the Dragon King’s court! People see you as the King’s oldest heir, a contender to the crown, and the one who may bring peace to the lands at last. Should you not inherit the crown, your brother; a mirror of the Dragon King himself, would surely lead the people of Kenna to their deaths. Now, there is one problem… you are not the actual heir.

The heir is dead.

You must navigate your way through the kingdom, make friends, lovers or enemies in the effort to ascend to the throne. You have the choice to act much like the heir or stay true to your own character, but be weary of causing suspicion, as those who surround you had watched the heir grow. Meanwhile, you must also find out who ordered the assassination of the heir before they attack again and kill you.

The ROs (atm not genderlocked) that have been fleshed out so far are as followed:

The Knight - A noble who has a history with the heir that they intend to keep buried.
The Advisor - They were the heir’s closest confidant and now yours. They know who you really are, but how much can you trust them?
The Duke/Duchess - Cunning and charming you are told to be weary of them as they come from the old Kingdom, however they have a proposition you cannot refuse.
The Bandit - A person from your past. Will they recognize who you really are and keep your secret, or will they sell you out for a price?
The ??? - ???

ALSO! The name holder for this is “Into the Dragon’s Den” but I would like to make it clear that there will be no living dragons in your timeline, but there had been one and is a big part of the history of the kingdoms. There is also magic but for some reason I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what type of magic it would be.

That’s all I have at the moment! I have no experience in coding and haven’t written in years, but this could be a great way to get back in the game! Let me know if you are interested in something like this or if you have any questions!


Would anyone be interested in a game about psychology (as in the main character of the game is just your regular psychologist)?


@zenith8 what about using psychology to help solve crimes? The MC being a teacher of psychology and using that knowledge, helping a detective solve high profile cases. Maybe some romance options too. Just a idea, thought it might help.


This sounds like a super fun idea and I would 100% read it.
I am curious how the impersonation is possible (I assume it has something to do with the magic)
As for the tentative title… It immediately made me think of Dragon’s Den (the reality TV show), which is probably not what you want :sweat_smile:


I’d rather see one about a psychologist actually working as a psychologist and dealing with patients. Good detective stories, in my opinion, tend to need grounding in evidence a little harder than the imprecise (not to say worthless) results of psychology.

Of course, many good detective stories end up featuring some level of mind games, but they’re rarely the kind you’d need to be a trained psychologist to understand, and are just a means of getting the actual evidence. You could have a psychologist doing all this, but at that point, why not just do a regular detective story?


Thank you! I’m excited to start writing it! For the impersonation part, I’ll hint there is no magic involve :wink: maybe faith or coincidence but not “magic” hehe

Oof! I totally forgot about Dragon’s Den hmn… I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the title


I am extremely heavily inspired by Tokyo Revengers and K Project rn, decided to work on a delinquent project! Cybernetic Dissidia is going to take a long long long long long time, this game however, once I get a new computer, should be out way faster.

Insert gang name here is the toughest high school gang around, their leader, known as Kaya is undefeated in battle. Regardless, their rivals are always trying to take a piece of their territory, what happens when a hopeful new recruit to insert gang name here enters the fray? It’s up to you to hold the group together when certain secrets threaten to tear it apart, or stand by and watch it fall in order to take power for yourself.

Its been four months since Lucky Cat attacked the temple base of insert gang name here, you find yourself stumbling upon the temple while you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are running from Lucky Cat members. Kaya sees potential in you, but you’ve never been confident in your fighting ability.

The gang takes you into the fold regardless.

Juggle school life during your third year at Homra High School and the thrill of knowing the gang has your back through tough times and good.

Are you ride or die?

The first book is the foundation, the next ones in the series will be in the adult section due to their heavy content.

As you can see the main gang doesn’t have a name yet, any suggestions after seeing the gang members?

  • Play as male, trans, non binary though this is mainly a BL game!

  • Gay or Bi

  • No real romance options in the first game, but treat the characters right!

  • Experience a world of delinquent gang life and beyond

  • Fight for your friends or betray them!

  • Befriend different characters, but be careful who you trust, you never know who is going to stab you in the back.

  • Learn the secrets of Ashinaka City and more!

  • Sell out to the cops! But beware.

  • Fun times, lies and murder await! And gang wars! Lots of gang wars!

  • Two different paths! Human and Elf! The elf gameplay is unique in that elves don’t have any special abilities unless they’re in a gang, the gang symbol tattoo they receive giving them their aura and powers!

Insert Gang Name Here Members

Gang Leader: Elf Path: Known as the Silent Rose Emperor
Name: Utanari Kasayami (call him this and die)

Nickname: Kaya
Bio: Kaya is silent most days, he doesn’t like to talk unless he absolutely has to. He spends most of his time with his brothers and The Grendel. The gang is more than just a collection of his friends to him, they are like family. He attends an alternate high school in the heart of the city. His past is checkered and if someone brings it up he gets visibly uncomfortable and usually silences them with a swift punch to the gut. Can usually be seen in six to ten inch steel heeled stilettos. He owns a flip phone and regularly gets his nails done in elaborate styles.

In the elf path Kaya is more outspoken and opinionated, he fights for elven delinquents to have a brighter future and to hopefully bring back the magic that was lost when humans stole it from the entire species. He is more a revolutionary leader and you can stand by his side, or throw him to his death.

Three paths, friendship, RO and enemy

Second In Command: Elf Path Known as The Silent Rose Advisor

Name: Akari Atsushi

Nickname: The Grendel

Bio: He has been by Kaya’s side since the start of the gang. They went to elementary school together and became fast friends after beating up a group of students who saw fit to attack their classmate and future fellow gang member, Bells. The Grendel is a kind hearted person but he doesn’t let things go easily and will viciously hunt someone down if they even think about wronging the gang, The Grendel puts the gang before his own life and would die for it and Kaya. He enjoys mountain biking.

In the elf path, The Grendel gained his gang name due to his immense strength and love of drinking the blood of his enemies. He stands by Kaya in all things, but can be convinced otherwise.

Future RO

First Squad Captain: Elf Path Known as The Head Silent Rose Knight


Name: Utanari Kayama

Nickname: Dragonfly (dragonfly earring. Dragonfly tattoos up both arms)

Bio: He is Kaya and Tofuyu’s older brother, he has a major crush on Hihori, whom hates his guts. He grew up in a the foster system in the human path, which makes him prone to violent outbursts. In the elf path, he grew up held captive in a basement by a human mage who was none too kind to him, his dragonfly themed fire starter power stems from those dark days. Get close enough to him and he’ll tell you about it sometime. He enjoys fantasy novels and training in the gym.

One of the ROs

First Squad Vice Captain: Elf Path: Known as the Silent Rose Knight Of First

Name: Yayui Hiyori

Nickname: Hihori

Bio: Hihori is shrouded in secrets that he is desperate to keep locked away. He rejects Dragonfly’s advances constantly due to the fact he is in love with Second Squad captain, Usakichi Usagimono, known to the gang as Crazy Rabbit. They grew up together and Hihori firmly believes that one day he will win Crazy Rabbit’s heart. He usually uses his fists in a fight but can be seen weilding nunchucks. He likes pop idols.

Second Squad Captain: Elf Path: Known as The Silent Rose Knight Of Second

Name: Usakichi Usagimono

Nickname: Crazy Rabbit

Bio: Crazy Rabbit doesn’t like just anyone calling him by his real name, he is the captain of the second squad of insert gang name here and takes his role seriously to the point of military levels. He however is a psycho on the battlefield and won’t hesitate to drop even a cop who gets too close. His deceased Vice Captain Snow Bunny was extremely important to him. He carries a katana but never unsheathes it. He enjoys Italian food and wants to see what mafia life is like.

Is an RO

Third Squad Captain: Elf Path: Known as The Head Silent Rose Knight Of Third

Name: Utanari Kifuyu

Nickname: Tofuyu (because he likes flavored tofu)

Bio: Younger brother of Kaya and Kayama, Tofuyu was deeply in love with Lucky Cat member, Wana. However a gang war broke out between insert gang name here and Lucky Cat and Tofuyu was forced to either kill Wana or let his vice captain die. His choice haunts him to this day, Wana loved him in return, and gave up his life to Tofuyu to stop Emime from killing a severely wounded Ak47. Tofuyu is a very closed off person who doesn’t trust anyone except the gang. He collects wines.

He is an RO, but romancing him will be extremely difficult in either path.

Third Vice Squad Captain: Elf Path: The Silent Rose Knight Of Third


Name: Taitoki Sanasa

Nickname: Ak47

Bio: AK47 is the vice captain of the third division, he’s a fun loving guy with a gun obsession. He absolutely loves collecting little ufo toys and frequently treats the gang to ice cream he steals from the sweets shop. He was nearly fatally wounded in a battle with Lucky Cat. He’s still in the hospital by the time you join the gang in the human path, in the elf path he’s holed up in the shaman’s hideaway under the janitor’s closet at your school because elves are not allowed to be treated in hospitals. He idolizes Kaya and does his best to serve insert gang name here. He owns a high end motorcycle.

Fourth Squad Captain: Elf Path:The Head Silent Rose Knight Of Fourth

Name: Batamu Kaneni

Nickname: Bells

Bio: Captain of the fourth squad, Bells is called as such because of the bells he keeps tied around his ankles and wrists. He likes to stand on top of the gas station the gang likes to hang out at and crow like an alarm bird to alert them of dangers. He is late to class most of the time and will make up excuses that grow more outlandish. He likes to paint in his free time and has a nervous tick where he shakes all his bells at least once before entering a room in both paths. He enjoys playing handheld games.

He MIGHT be an RO

Fourth Squad Vice Captain

Name: Yukomi Rasaki

Nickname: Shringara

Bio: Joined up when he was younger, has been with the gang ever since, Bells best friend since they were little. He likes cucumbers and eating salad glazed in mustard. His hobbies include pickpocketing, holding up gas stations and running from the cops. He likes to eat at fancy restaurants and skip the bill.

Fifth Squad Captian

Name: Tochi Kamerime

Nickname: Ragnarock

Bio: He doesn’t take no for an answer and can usually be found swindling people out of their cold hard cash. He’s the gang’s treasurer and uses his intellect as well as his brawn in battle. Can frequently be seen drinking black coffee mixed with vodka.

Fifth Squad Vice Captain

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Right

Bio: Right just kind of, showed up covered in blood to a gang meeting one day, volunteering to get jumped in on the spot if he could join the gang, proceeded to pull three badly beaten bound and gagged rival gang members out of his car and tossed them at Kaya’s feet. He never left, no one ever asked him to and he’s been the attack dog plus guardian devil of the gang ever since. He carries the gang’s flag and frequently beats people to death with it. Can usually be spotted either at the temple or Nya Nya’s Cat Cafe where the gang likes to hang out, eat pastries, pet cats and look gangsta.

In the elf path he is actually…

Anyway… he is a very mysterious RO

Former Second Squad Vice Captain

Name: Machi Kurumo

Nickname: Snow Bunny

Bio: Snow Bunny was a gentle soul. Originally opposed to violence, he joined the gang after an impassioned speech by Kaya swayed him when his house was the subject of a drive by shooting by a local gang in the area. He was introduced to insert gang name here by Crazy Rabbit who always looked out for him. His shy and quiet nature endeared him to everyone in the gang. His death has destroyed them all emotionally.

Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend




Bio: She/He has no given name at this time. However She/He is very sweet and supportive of your initial life goals, hoping that the two of you will go off to college together and get married one day. She/He is very shojo style in her/his outlook on life and sticks to your side like glue. She/He holds secrets of their own however…

Your boyfriend is EXTREMELY possessive

Your girlfriend REALLY HATES the gang

The Ashinaka City Police Department

Police Chief

Name: Shinjii Kiorisa

Nickname: Kiisa

Years with Department: 3

Bio: Kiorisa is a former gang member in a gang called The Blood Chalice. He joined the police force at 17 after leaving his gang due to the murder of his parents. He dropped out of school and joined the police force at 17. He became chief of police at 18 because no one else wanted the position after the chief was brutally murdered by The Lovely Dolls gang. He is currently 19 years old.

Vice Chief

Name: Totaro Rinaki

Nickname: Gauge

Years with department: 16

Bio At 35 Rinaki is a no nonsense cop who has taken out several gang members with extreme prejudice. He doesn’t hesitate to break up gang gatherings and is the first to jump on assignments. He still doesn’t like the fact Kiorisa is the police chief, due to his past gang activity and his youth. He is plotting to get Kiorisa kicked out of the department.

More Officers coming soon.

Lucky Cat

Gang Leader


Name: Satoru Emime

Nickname: Overlord

Bio: Overlord is rumored to have killed his lover, and former Lucky Cat gang leader, Perfume, reasons are unknown. He denies the rumors, stating that the previous leader Etsusu’s little brother Tamago is responsible for the death of, ‘the love of his life’ but in the end, he rose to become the commander of Lucky Cat. Rumors run that Overlord and Perfume killed the former leader, Etsusu. Overlord is a calculated individual who sees his gang as little more than game board pieces.

Former Gang Leader

Name: Oda Mikakayo

Nickname: Perfume

Status: Deceased

Bio: The former leader of Lucky Cat, he was supposedly killed by his lover. He was a determined leader who cared about his subordinates. He loved to race bikes alongside Emime. He oversaw the attack on AK47 which led to Wana’s death, rumors around the city say Tofuyu is the real killer…

Other members coming soon: Lil Whale, Wolf Fang, Picass0, 12 Kingdoms, Shark Attack, and more.

The other gangs members will be revealed if this gets enough traction. I don’t know when the demo will be out.

A note about your girlfriend/boyfriend, the one you don’t pick will be your best friend from middle school.

Fun fact, gang members never call each other by their real names unless their in private with the gang and even then they rarely do.

The premade names list will each be getting a different nickname from the gang, your custom name will be getting a default nickname that I will have a poll about.

Please give me your thoughts!

Title soon

Currently writing the prologue. Added Snow Bunny to the gang list

Set four months after Snow Bunny’s death, you’re getting your ass kicked in a bathroom.

I finally figured out a way to code from my iPad so I am doing that, hopefully I can get a WIP together sometime this week.

Prologue part one done.

Introducing Lovely Dolls gang members, brothers, Gang Leader Baby Doe and Second In Command Elder Doe

Working on the stats menu organization, adding Gang Information Sections.


Hey there! I’ve been around the forum for a while, although I have only recently joined it. I’ve been coding for a while and I’ve had this idea for a long time.

(Keep in mind that though some of the lore is inspired by Abrahamic mythology, it is not a religious game and it is not meant to belittle anyone’s religious beliefs or make fun of them.)

Title: Morningstar
Main Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Subgenre: Romance


The war between Heaven and Gehenna has been going on for millennia. Recently, neither side has attacked each other. So, no one was expecting it when Heaven’s record building went up in flames.

Now in the aftermath, you and your friends have been given a mission to go capture the angel that started the fire, and escaped in the madness. Only one problem. You’ll have to follow the traitor to Gehenna, where your grandfather is, and you don’t know if given the chance that you’d be able to stop yourself from getting revenge.

The future of both Gehenna and Heaven rests in your hands. Will you succeed in your mission? Will you resist the the temptation of revenge and perhaps bring peace? Or will you give in and start an all out war?

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary.
  • Customize your character.
  • Romance any of the ROs regardless of gender.
  • Romance is a subpolt.
  • 3 endings
The Team
  • :adhesive_bandage:The Healer - Nuriel
    Gender: NB
    Description: Dark red messy layers of hair hang down to their ears. Their eyes are a deep black. They wear an expression of neutrality. Their grey cloak fits them well for them being 5’7". It hides their simple white tunic and brown pants underneath. Their hands often absentmindedly fiddle with the wooden staff they carried.
    Bio: Nuriel had always been the cautious type. They couldn’t really help it, as there was much to be cautious about. There was one thing Nuriel didn’t need to be cautious about thought, watching their father heal people. He made so many people happy. Nuriel wanted to be just like him. So, Nuriel begged their father to teach them how to heal people. Eventually, Raphael taught Nuriel how to heal others. It made Nuriel so happy and less nervous about the world around them. With their new skill from their father they promised to do whatever they could to protect others.

  • :dagger:The Assassin - Marve (RO)
    Gender: F
    Description: Thick black ringlets fall to her shoulders. Her forest green eyes are alight with mischief. A smirk sits on her face. She wears a simple silver chest plate, and regular black shirt underneath, along with regular black jeans. She probably has a dagger or two hidden somewhere on her as well, making her dangerous even at 5’5".
    Bio: Marve was always fascinated in the way the Vanguard trained. They were so well rounded in their fighting abilities. So she watched them, and copied them, using a mere stick as a weapon. When she finally had the chance she bought her first weapon, a set of shinny daggers, and entered the annual tournament for a chance at showing her skill and being invited to join the Vanguard. She didn’t win the tournament, and ended up losing to one of the more experienced fighters. Despite her loss, her skill grabbed the attention of Vanguard, and she was invited to learn from the group of warriors and hone her skill.

  • :bomb:The Bomb Expert - Frankie (RO)
    Gender: NB
    Description: Their choppy brown hair hangs over their pale grey eyes. A frown of distress rests on their face. They are hunched over making them shorter than 6’0". Their brown padded jacket suits them well, and fits with their cargo pants. The light green bag slung over their shoulder is sure to have various parts and tools in it.
    Bio: Frankie had always been a curious child. They often would spend hours watching their mother while she forged weapons. Haniel taught they about different weapons and parts. As they grew older Frankie took to building machines, although they had often literally blown up in their face, and hurt their eyes. Despite the lost of sight they continued building, but it was no longer machines. Frankie had learned from their mistakes. They started to build bombs, after all, they were a natural at it.

  • :bow_and_arrow:The Archer - Morgan (RO)
    Gender: M
    Description: His golden hair is cut short and neat. His eyes are a bright blue, and he has a joyous smile on his face. He is dressed in a plain t-shirt, denim jacket, and blue jeans. A quiver full of arrows is on his back and a folded up crossbow hangs from his belt.
    Bio: Morgan always knew he was fast and well focused. Everyone told him that. He would have been a perfect message runner too, if Gabriel hadn’t noticed his quick reflexes and good aim, and decided to test him with a bow, and of course Morgan took him up on the offer. Morgan found he had a passion for it. It was always an adrenaline rush when he picked up his weapon of choice, and now he would get to places that were beyond the gates, as well.

If you have any questions, or want to give me any suggestions, feel free to say something.

P.S. It will be locked that you want revenge on your grandfather at the beginning of the game, as it goes on you will have the option to talk about your early childhood with your friends, and get a choice on if you really want revenge or not.


@That1_trashman Sounds cool, brother. One question though, why not just call it Hell instead of Gahenna? I’m Atheist myself (not religious one bit) but i know the story of Heaven and Hell.

Well, technically Gehenna is not the same thing as Hell. In Judaism it is something more like Purgatory. So depending on which branch of Abrahamic tradition the game is drawing on, it may be the more suitable term.