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That is an interesting idea. I think it could be Made, If you make real episodes, where one Episode changes not that much for the main Storyline.

Lets assume you would make episodes, little archs and a Main storyline. So an episode could branch wildly, but the side stories and the main arches all have limited branching.
Since most of the side storys would Not affect the main story much the workload would be massive but doable. So the Main storyline would be the only one that should be planned from the beginning.


Yeahh exactly! An episodic IF/CoG that would operate in a large universe/world, with individual smaller nuggets/stories embedded within it.

Thanks for your reply and I’d be interested in working on something like this in the future :slight_smile:


I would be interested in reading that, but that project might be one where a team might work better, since the time between the episodes might be more important in that format as it is in a normal Game series like wayhaven.

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Totally agree!

And collaboration with different authors might also be easier/more fun in an episodic-format, without the assorted difficulties of working together on a normal project (where there’d need to be a lot more alignment). In an episode-based series, the fixed parameters / world /characters / storyline would provide the overall structure and continuity, but also allow for writers to work within that and really make each episode their own/give it their own spin :slight_smile: Sorta like guest directors and cross-overs on TV episodes!


This way the side storylines could even be mixed Up, so that the next episode is not far away. That sounds really interesting.

Even thinking about this is fun, since it is more slice of life I would prefer an additional genre Not only romance like friends. Some supernatural will create interest in many readers, but other things could work really Well too.

Like crime or horror themed storys or some strange TV Show where the cast is shipped to a survival place, or dystopian setting with gangs and stuff.


Will the mc have oppurtunities to prove that they are worthy to become the heir.(such as leading battles or investing)

Of all the ideas you suggested, this is my fav. I feel like non-zombie and non-apocalypse survival stories need more representation. And besides, something like Lost in ChoiceScript format would be very interesting to read.


Yes, but not quite.

You’re the Scarlet Warden, the most trusted advisor of the Queen herself. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, and that means that you don’t need to prove yourself to be your father’s worthy heir.

You can totally abuse of your powers and become the most infamous scoundrel of the kingdom, ignoring completely what others think about you.

But having the title and influence to do whatever you please doesn’t mean that there will be no retaliation from other nobles, the Queen, the populace or all three at the same time, because they, too, have their influence. This route will likely end with your head rolling down the stairs of the Laurati Hall… Unless you’re cunning enough.

On the other side, if you decide to honor your father’s name and become a worthy heir of your House, you can absolutely do so. Rest assured that there will be many occasions where you’ll be given the chance to show the Queen and the Bresdian people that you deserve to be their Scarlet Warden.

Hmm… Now that I think of it, it’ll be nice to have a sort of middle ground here, too.


Hello everyone.I’m Bigby and i’m an aspiring IF writer.This is an idea of mine that’s been on my head for some months,and now I think it’s finally time to see if others would be interested in seeing the story brought to life as well!

I always remember myself ever since I was a little kid being fascinated by the time period of 1650-1730,also commonly known as the “Golden Age Of Piracy”…My fascination hasn’t faded a single bit up to this day.

With that being said, i think you can safely assume what my upcoming W.I.P is about…

Without further to do, i present to you “Chronicles of Narva”,a low-historical fantasy IF.(Working title).


You are a 16 year old from the fictional kingdom of Narva.A kingdom whose economy relies heavily from the sea.Be it hunting great sea monsters or terrorizing foreign merchant ships…

You live in the capital city,Crabridge,with your mom.The fate of your father depends on the background you shall choose.But you might be able to change that for better or worse later on :wink:.
As you are coming of age,it’s finally time to set out on your own and make your mark in this world.
Will you be a shiny beacon of hope and devote your life to cleaning the seas from piracy once and for all?..
Or will you thread in the dreadful path of becoming the most powerful pirate lord?..
Perhaps you will become a sailor and travel to the known and mysterious unknown,corners of the world?..
Or will you dare to tap into the arcane and try to achieve immortality for yourself?..

No matter what your journey will be,you will meet all sorts of characters in your travels…
Some of which you will be able to romance(both romantically and sexually) or not at all if that’s what you desire.

All the while,a storm is brewing on the horizon…One where a man is determined to reclaim what was forcefully taken away from him…No.matter.the.cost.

Their love shall bring us all to ruin.

I think this is the best I can do with a non-spoilery summary right now.Most things if not all, will become clear later on in the story.

Main Features

1.Choose your family background.Just like in real life, this will influence your starting skills and will open up several opportunities to you.For example will make it easier to romance a certain RO or join a specific career (among other stuff).

2.Customize your flagship! Build a ship that suits your needs…or tastes! From cosmetic details like your flag to decisions that affect your ship’s performance!

3.During your playthrough you will be able to fall under various curses each,with unique effects! (Depending on your choices,you may doom your crew and ship as well!)

4.Earn various titles from your deeds! Will you be a ruthless butcher? A kind hearted sailor? A daredevil of the seas? An immortal figure regarded as an omen? A filthy rich magnate? or perhaps even be called Monarch?! The choice is in your hands!

5.Meaningful choices that truly affect your character throughout the story! Like losing a limb/eye in a battle sequence if failing multiple stat checks in a row.

6.Romance a wild cast of characters.Between them a stoic commodore,a mad pirate, an ambitious scholar and a caring demigod.

7.Manage your supplies and the way you spend your resources.Also your crew and even your very own fleet!

8.Wellbeing system, including sanity,injuries,soul and current state.

9.Save the kingdom of Narva from calamity…or help destroy it.

The very thing that got me hooked on IF in the first place, was the freedom to be whoever you wanted to be and experiment without real life consequences.With that being said I don’t plan on leaning you towards the “good path” or berate you when you make an “evil” decision and so on.That’s not my job.I’m a firm believer that true freedom is one of the greatest things in the world (if not the greatest).

As for the story,it’s somewhere in the middle regarding development.I’m planning to release a demo when I have completed the prologue and the first 2 chapters.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! And I’ll be happy to answer any non-spoiler-ish questions.

EDIT 1 : Changed the W.I.P title from “A Pirate’s Legend” to “Chronicles of Narva” as I find it more fitting.A pirate’s legend was the very first title I thought but it’s not so fitting given some elements in the story.I just got the titles mixed up in my head😅 for a second as there was a period when “A Pirate’s Legend” was my top choice .I guess this is what I get for not starting my day with a coffee😂.


Just checking for interest:

Title: Warlock

In a world of swords, firearms and magic…
The Bylorn Empire fights off aggressive invasion attempts from its neighbours while dealing with monsters and rogue groups within its own borders. This is all thanks to one group within the military.

The Warlocks…

People born with a daemon lurking inside of them. Granting them access to powerful magic and incredible physical prowess. Using might and magic, this arm of the military brings stability to the Empire.

But power comes at a cost…

Are you willing to trade your Soul for Power?

Other Information:
From a simple Initiate torn from your family to a Knight of the Order training new recruits. The bonds you create and the futures you mold will last you a lifetime.

Will you strive to reach the rank of Grandmaster Warlock? Or will you be cast out and hunted down as you try to uncover a terrible secret?

Grow older, and maybe wiser, as you deal with everything that is thrown at you in your own way. Fight against the ravages of Age on your mind and body as you race against the (Biological) clock.

Will you Transcend Humanity, remain somewhat Human, or succumb to the Daemon within?

This is Your Life, Your Story… Your Legacy.


*Choose your own gender identity. Including your own pronouns.

*Love interests are available to everyone… Assuming they meet the characters preferences. (Being Pure, Corrupt or skilled in Melee to name a few.)

*Choices can have drastic consequences on places you have previously visited.

*Branching Storyline depending on your choices.

*Appearance and how characters respond to you change based on your skills and state of your soul.

*Change of Heart: Possible to reach a Good ending, even if you have acted Evil throughout the story (or vice versa)

*Freedom to be who you want to be, as long as you can accept the consequences that can come with it.

*Multiple Endings: What fate awaits the Empire based on how you affected it?


Would anyone be interested in playing a game set in a fictional Russian town, where reality and magical folklore blend together? The MC is 18 and moves from a bigger Russian city to the middle of nowhere basically, and has to adjust to the politics of the new school and town, while something strange and mystical is happening in the background. I haven’t completely worked out the mechanics of everything yet, but I imagining giving options to play as either a Caucasian woman, a Black woman, or an Asiatic woman (the MC will be genderlocked to female). Regardless of race, your nationality will be Russian, and there are different background stories for each MC and her family.

I’m planning on creating a character creator at the beginning of the game, where you get to choose basically everything about your physical appearance. Each of that option will also play in on how you expierence the game. Because the game takes place in a very conservative and insular town (in Russia not to say), choosing to play as a Black woman or an Asiatic woman (though less so than the former, because it’s not unusual to see asiatic people in Russia) will have a severe difference on how others treat you (I’m basically saying you’ll be expierencing racism, though nothing too severe, because I don’t want it to be completely unpleasant for the player) as well as choosing to be ugly, fat, muscular, or lightskinned will also have big differences as to NPCs treat you and how the game progresses. Beautiful players will have options presented to them that ugly or average players won’t get, thin but flabby, or fat but curvy bodied players will expierence the game differently than thin and toned or fat but flabby bodied players.

There will be 3 different male ROs, though I don’t want to reveal them at this stage, especially if there is no interest.

I’m mainly worried about people thinking that this game is too unpleasant, due to how much your looks will affect the game and the story. But I’ve been thinking for a while now how I wanted to see a game where desirability politics and lookism plays a huge part in how the story progresses. In other IF games I’ve played, it’s sort of assumed that the MC is somewhat attractive if not gorgeous (or at least it feels that way), while in this game I would try have the ROs acknowledge if MC doesn’t exactly meet the beauty standards but love her anyways.

This is it for now, let me know if this is something that’s appropriate for the IF community.


I’d definitely want to read this since I don’t know much about Russia.


Chronicles of Luffy :hugs:

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There’s definitely a hint of an idea here, though based on my knowledge of Russia it would be a far more likely choice to replace a black character with a Caucasian (geographic region) character. Definitely would also be interesting if the character would be given the choice of being LGBT. I’d also like to hear a little bit more on the circumstances of this game. What type of strange things are happening? But to answer your question, this is something that would be completely appropriate for the IF community.

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(For some reason my last reply didn’t go through so I’m making a new one)

So, I’m still working on what the story should be, but the ‘strange happenings’, will all relate back to Russian mythology and folklore.

The reason why I made a decision to include a black woman player character is because I wanted the game to be more relatable to black players, as well as include themes of colorism, racism, lookism, and sexism and how they intersect and intertwine for black women. I have already written a background story for the Black MC to justify her living in Russia.

I also debated on whether to make it available for the MC to be either bi or gay, but I don’t trust myself to write and equally give attention to a female RO since I myself are a straight woman. Also, I’ve already exhausted my creative abilities by creating 3 entirely different ROs, believe it or not :sweat_smile: Although including the option for MC to state that she is attracted to women as well, making her bi, without actually including female ROs is totally doable, though I’m still debating that.



YES please!
There’s absolutely no existing IF in Russian setting. I’m writing one, but I would love to see more in that setting.

Yep, can work. Genderlocked, tho?
Asian, not Asiatic, you should find an english-speaking beta.

That’s refreshing and can be interesting.

We have black people, usually students from Africa, some stay here.
Caucasian don’t look black, why would you replace like that?

…aaand she’s suspended, great.

I’m not saying that Caucasians look black, just saying that it’s more likely that Ingush/Chechens/Dagestanis etc. are more likely to be marginalized in Russia.

Better write a character from south ex-USSR then, Azerbaijan or Tajikistan.
But I don’t see how you can’t write both or why don’t write a black character if you want. It isn’t an impossible circumstances.


Anybody interested in a superhero pro wrestling game?


I haven’t figured out how to make this story which is complex like as amazing as I’ve pictured in my head, but the history nerd in me, especially those who loves the impact of how dynastic marriages across royal houses have an effect.

I always think how Alexandra of Denmark who eventually married Edward VI of England (idk if that’s his name Lawl) was a distant royal noble who was rather poor for royal standards and shared a room with her sister before the death of the king caused some succession crisis for the throne to be given to her father who was as far as a 6th cousin away because they traced it all back through the paternal line

And how it ascended her and her siblings to be either queen consorts or literal kings/emperors. So I was thinking maybe your family could be in the middle of that and depending how you interact you can either marry into some dynasty, get your siblings elected (their brother became elected a king of Greece long story) and then even have dynastic arranged marriages like how Queen Victoria and Prince Albert famously married off their kids to become the grandparents of Europe

Or how Catherine the Great was actually a super minor royal who was chosen to become Peter of Russia’s bride due to some political scheme at the time favoring her German state and that her kingdom was too insignificant to be too controversial but her wit and birthing significant heirs got her to rule on her own.

Or thinking you can have a hand who to marry, how many kids you have (boy/girl) and then who they end up marrying, which has a political effect.

What do you guys think? Basically a lot of the games on the app feature the dynastic marriages and while I do love the battles, if its like 90% battles and like 5-10% super brief marriage mentions (and the whole considering marriage proposals) thing is really interesting but I want more of that dynastic drama lol

I’ve been reading how Christian IX and Queen Victoria’s children were married around and had several thrones so basically that type of drama.