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Hello! I’ve been lurking for a while now, but here we go! I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in a game like this: [CURRENTLY UNTITLED ESPORTS IF]

You will play as a 22-year-old female MC, IGN: rookie. For the past three years, you’ve been the undisputed Rank 1 Divine in the multiplayer online battle arena, The City of Revelations; and, for these same three years, you’ve been trying to get into a professional Revelations esports team and compete with the highest caliber of players North America has to offer. Sure, you’ve managed to snag interviews with team managers and owners, but for some reason, you can’t manage to land a contract. That is, until Sovereign Esports, your absolute favorite team to ever grace the San Valentino stage, offers you a position as their starting support. Dream come true, right?

Well, maybe, if not for certain caveats: (1) Sovereign, once the region’s top representative, is now at the bottom of the standings, fighting off relegation into a minor league; (2) your new teammates are this close to ripping each other apart (it’s honestly a surprise to you that no one has suffocated from the sheer tension in the gaming house); (3) your contract lasts for exactly one split and will not be renewed if the roster you’re in fails to qualify for the Worlds Championship Tournament; and, (4) you’re not a support main —you main mid lane, you want to play mid lane professionally , you’re 100% a better player than the current mid laner Sovereign has, and you’re nothing if not determined.

  • Play as rookie, the undisputed Rank 1 Divine of North America since she was 19 who finally got a chance to play for a bigger stage.

  • Customize your rookie’s appearance, personality, and hobbies.

  • Decide your playstyle :
    – are you passive, playing a clean game that’s mindful of what the enemy can do; or are you aggressive, playing an explosive game where you position yourself to fight, fight, fight?
    – are you reactive, with a keen eye for any mistakes, always eager to serve them with a nasty punish? or are you proactive, creating opportunities for yourself and your team, seemingly out of thin air?

  • A game like Revelations isn’t complete without the playable units: choose which characters you pilot — do you excel at one specific kind of unit? or is your pool of characters deep enough to be called an ocean?

  • Decide how you want to play out Sovereign’s games—and maybe find yourself in contention for both the regional title and a Worlds trophy.

  • Romance one (or more?) of x characters, including three of your four teammates.

  • Affect the team atmosphere: will you be the team’s saving grace, bringing these fallen kings back their crown? or are you the nail in the coffin, pushing the team to relegation as you pursue your own goals?

  • Decide how your career pans out: will you find something to love about your new support position? or will you end the season the mid lane carry you’ve always dreamed of becoming?


he/him | cis | heteroromantic-asexual

Astray: more information

Astray stands at 6"0 with a lean build and long, gangly limbs. Has pale skin with barely-there freckles; wavy, mid-length brown hair he pushes back with a thin hairband while playing; prominent cheekbones, a sharp jawline, and a straight nose; thick brows furrowed over sharp, narrow, striking blue eyes.

The uncrowned king: a World Champion if things just went his way. Despite everything Astray has achieved in his seven-year career, he can’t see himself as successful without hoisting the only trophy that matters: the Worlds Cup of Eternals.

Behind Astray’s rather severe appearance is a reserved young man. Though he is kind-hearted and gentle, he isn’t one to yield. Stubborn and incredibly dedicated to his goals, he comes off as selfish to people who don’t know him. And maybe he is, but in Astray’s eyes, he’s just ambitious and goal-oriented: how can a person live with themselves if they keep compromising what they want for other people?

[IGN: kitty cat] TOBI JIĀNG , 22
he/him | cis | straight

kitty cat: more information

kitty cat stands at 6"1 with a softer build, and a little more of him to love around his abdomen. Has sickly-looking warm beige skin that flusters easily; dark hair with no discernable parting and a fringe that swoops across his thick brows; round face with almond-shaped gray eyes, pulled downwards and accented by black bags from many sleepless nights; he wears pink cat-ear headphones on stage.

When Sovereign made it to the World Finals three years ago, kitty cat was only a rookie and a substitute. No one expected him to play any Finals games, least of all himself, and he was fine with that. That is, until unforeseen circumstances slotted him into the main roster. Everyone knows what happened next: Sovereign lost and they just kept losing. The team’s decline has nothing to do with his joining, but it can get hard to believe when you’re the only change in what used to be a well-oiled machine.

kitty cat is shy and timid to a fault. He would sooner do something drastic to nip a conversation at its bud than talk to strangers, or face confrontation. If he takes you into his confidence, though, you’ll be greeted by someone incredibly intelligent and witty, but also soft-hearted and understanding. kitty cat knows, more than anyone else on the team, how it feels to hate parts of yourself—and if you make him a friend, he’ll make sure that, at least around him, you won’t feel that way for too long.

he/him | ??? | pansexual

404: more information

404 stands at 5"7 with a slender build, shoulders on the narrower side, and a slim waist. Has fair skin (making him look like a mestizo to the Filipino side of his family); a well-defined jawline that tapers into a small chin and a gently-sloping nose; blue eyes are sharp and framed by long lashes; dyed-pink, curly hair parts at the middle, styled in a curtain hairstyle that grazes his heavily-pierced ears; undercut showcases their natural black hair color.

People constantly talk of 404 as if he were past his prime, but it’s not as though he isn’t capable of mechanical outplays—if anything, he’s only gotten better with time. However, 404 seems content in hiding his skill behind questionable decisions and mistakes: ones that lose so many of Sovereign’s games.

404 regards his job (and really a lot of things in his life) with aloofness—perhaps a bit too much, given how there are whispers of management letting him go if things don’t improve after the split. If he actually cares about this, he doesn’t show it. Though he can be prickly and inflammatory (especially if he’s decided you’ve wronged him somehow), 404 is naturally playful: he enjoys good banter and a lot of teasing. While this can make him fun to be around, it does make a lot of interactions with him rather superficial.

Really interested in hearing your thoughts about this. :slight_smile: Have a nice day!


It’s Always Dark In Transylvania

Sherman Neckbolt - Frankenstein’s Monster
Dale Tepes- Failed, homeless, lazy great grandson of Dracula
Elvina Morano - Gay goth zombie girl
Scotty Hall- Alcoholic werewolf bouncer
Igorne S. Gluskin - Intelligent, shady human serial killer

Entire story takes place in modern Transylvania, in a tiny, uncharted town called Ablu Mun. Five unlikely misfits rent the upper floor of Crowkeep Manor from a family of Demolycans; half-vampire, half-werewolf hybrids who are more sensitive to sunlight than any other monsters, and therefore reside in the basement and rent out the two upper floors for a steady supply of dead humans. A ghost by the name of Esther occupies and haunts the first floor alone. Monsters of all shapes and sizes inhabit this world, which is extremely similar to ours, and they aren’t all in Transylvania, either. However, Transylvania is the safest and most accepting place for them, as most live in secret and try their best to stay away from humans, even those that live off of them. Ablu Mun is a shanty little country community that was built by monsters and welcomes all kinds, including humans that are classified as such. What it lacks in a half-decent economy it surely makes up for in inclusivity and diversity. Monsters in this quaint village live amongst each other relatively peacefully. Crime is almost non-existent, and any wrongdoings are normally and simply punished by exile from the community. It’s a sleepy pocket paradise for the common creature, hidden away from the “real” monsters of the world and relatively safe from prejudice and human persecution.

That is, until the murders start. And that peace and trust is shattered potentially forever.

And Sherman, with his gang of fellow poverty-stricken sub-humans, are caught right in the middle of them.

It’s The Munsters meets Adult Swim Regular Show, and you’re the main star.


@napariwara would love to play that game so would love to see a demo when ever your able to put forth one. Though I’m kinda confused about what is one split? Did you mean one season? Sorry if it’s common eSports term I don’t follow any of it lol :smiley:

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Interesting. I do like the idea of discovering that ur a supernatural creature or half supernatural creature. I think the idea of being a human dragon hybrid might get slightly overshadowed by another game called Scales (in which ur race of human dragon hybrid are taken from their village by a group of humans) but it could still be something interesting as it is a different story. Having older siblings could be nice but I think giving us the choice of being an only child or having siblings might be more interesting as we could have different experiences based on not only how we see our parents but our siblings too. For example if we don’t have a good relationship w/ our parents we could see our sibling (s) as our only family. As for the overpowered or underpowered question I think being underpowered could work if we had older protective siblings but overpowered could work too as we would have to learn to control our powers & in turn we would be protecting our siblings if we choice to have them


Sounds like you have a solid sense of place and a colorful cast/casket of characters. I think you’re doing yourself a favor with the scope, since paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi stories can really creep. I don’t know enough details to speak specifically, but here are some hipshot pointers going off of intuition.

  1. Comedy needs to be tightly plotted, so it doesn’t drift–all jokes are asides. Mystery, I think, requires the tightest plotting. So, it looks to me like you need a double-shot of outline. Believe me. I’ve had to spend months writing my way of out trouble in screenplays, trouble I could have avoided with a better sense of my scenes, scene flow, and major plot points.

  2. In story-form comedy, only character-based humor sustains. Gimmicks, gags, and situational comedy tires–this is why sitcoms are <30min. I’d dive into your central cast’s strengths and flaws and find the humor there. Play it against the setting and events, or even derive those things from the characters.

  3. In mystery, the “surprising but inevitable” ending maxim is most important. You have to seed clues enough for people to guess, but not make it easy. Your central conflict should escalate. Maybe the murders are part of a cover-up conspiracy that threatens the economy. (I don’t know what their major exports are.) I’d study Chinatown. I think it’s the best-written, best-plotted mystery there is. And, for your purposes, it really showcases reversals and escalations.

I hope some or all of this is helpful. Sorry if it isn’t what you were looking for. Let me know if you have questions about any of what I said. Cheers! @Waylon_Royce


Thank you so much! I will be taking all of that to heart! It’s an honor getting your thoughts on a pitch of mine. When I have an outline and begin my ChoiceScript journey, I will definitely be looking forward to you potentially playing it. Cheers, bud! :clinking_glasses:


I’m happy to take a look at your outline if you like. If you get that strong backbone right, everything just goes better. And you always know exactly how much longer you have to go. I wish you all the success! @Vexius_Krexius


That’s so nice to hear! :smiley: A season is one year and it’s composed of two splits: Spring Split and Summer Split! The game takes place in Summer Split, the period which leads into Worlds :smiley:

A split is around 9 weeks, plus play-offs (which leads into local title contention), which is around 4 weeks :slight_smile: Currently, I’m planning the game to include 3 weeks before the start of Summer Split and Summer Split itself, for a total of 16 weeks of gameplay! @Valixon


I look forward to seeing how these characters are developed and written.


Right, so, Elvina is is the owner of the bar Scotty works at. She is straightforward, loyal to a fault, and has a particular dislike of the living, given her nature. She has a crush on a siren who frequently sings at her place and is struggling with how to approach it - she has no memory of her past life as a human, only bits and fragments. In this world, zombies are risen from the dead by necromancy. Her father brought her back after she passed away in a drunk driving accident. Awakened without most of her mind and trapped in a formerly-decaying body, she has run away from home and now seeks solitude - but with monsters, specifically ones also haunted by what they are, or other former mortals.

Igorne is a bit of a mystery, intentionally so. He only hunts down the worst of the worst for his cravings, and supplies Dale with blood from his victims - they have a bit of a bromance going on. He’s secretive, but otherwise as honest as humanely possible about himself, his morals, and his…hobby. He hides it as hard as he can 24/7 but cares deeply for his roommates. When he’s not out and about doing what he does best, you will always find him buried deep in a good story - the only thing he enjoys more.


@napariwara This is simultaneously the most interesting and downright hilarious thing I’ve seen in years of CoG.

Looking forward to run it down and get permabanned, if that will be a choice. Or perhaps become the next Faker? Down to PM if you want to chat about this game or just MOBA in general.

This is my first ever post, sorry if I clogged up this thread, Forum veterans.


I present: Sherman Neckbolt, beautifully brought to life for the first time by my wife.

We have taken to nicknaming him Himbo Frankenstein.


That’s so lovely to hear HKJAFHKAHGKAHK

I’m planning on giving readers routes where their rookie runs it down or the team engages in a clown fiesta—but not intentionally, if that makes sense. Because while the player can customize a lot of rookie’s personality, she is written as always ambitious, competitive, and confident in her skills. rookie won’t jeopardize her shot at playing professionally, so your rookie will never run it down intentionally. But! You can make plays that are not optimal, or plays that are good on paper but flop in execution (depending on your skills, or the state of your game)–and you know how quickly these can turn messy hKJHSKJAHK (AKA dashing into the enemy team 1v5 bc you saw an amazing engage and then dying instantly)

And as to whether or not you can be the next Faker :eyes: we’ll just have to wait and see hehe

<3 for sure, I’ll take you up on your offer soon! Your interest is so heartwarming <3 @Laniakea


I think it’d be cool too be half dragon. Or maybe a were-dragon


i am actually considering changing mc to were-dragon, cause that would open more options for story.


A were-dragon would be cool. It just depends on how much or little control we have over it. Maybe our choices could determine how much we learn to control it or if we let it go wild. Such as in some legends of werewolves where they had control with the only exception being the full moon, others were they don’t have control at all & would turn only on the full moon (aka the classic tale), and even some where they have control but can choose to be half or full wolf but during the full moon they can lose control due to bloodlust or what have u


In fact, although it is difficult to believe there are legends of Irish monks who obtained God’s blessing to become werewolves to fight demons or motilological creatures enemies of God and men, but like King Solomon when obtaining all the benefits of being blessed by God some were corrupted by this power and began to do evil with it so God punished them in the savage and dangerous way in which we see many werewolves today.

What I mean is that in this story there can be good and bad dragons, so the latter would be better known due to the actions they do and those who are good have to hide to survive the hatred generated between species.


I’ve been working on a project for a week or two. You play as a freshly-graduated alchemist in a fantasy world teetering on the edge of a civil war.

Just thought I’d share the startup page for what I have so far.

Cheers! :blue_heart:

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2


I don’t even know where to begin, I am so in love with this concept! :heart_eyes: I don’t want to fill up too much forum space with my adoring rant below so your post may remain as visible as possible, so I have placed it in the cut below!

My Adoration for this Idea! This has literally everything I adore in these games: Magic! Legacy! Childhood to Death Gameplay! Bloodlines! Romance - Or (even more exciting) the veil of romance / use of social conventions to promote ambition! Lore! Leadership! Fame! Guilds! Discovery! Ah, it’s all so much and I am in love with it all!!


Please, please, please charge forward with this concept! I was absolutely, instantly charmed by your writing as it is so concise yet full of depth; establishing a solid premise and intrigue into future gameplay in a manner that made me suddenly feel so familiar with a world so entirely new! I honestly can never have enough fantasy in my life, but this especially seems so tailored to everything I love about the genre! Please excuse my simple rant of ecstatic praise as I find myself limited to just gushing over this proposal!

I must also add that your graphic title is fantastic! I love visual elements in these stories, and this graphic alone looks so clean and captivating - I’m absolutely jealous over here with my lack of tech savvy to accomplish such things! I am eagerly awaiting any demo or blog or any development in general for this story! It seems very ambitious, but I sincerely send you my best wishes that it is a fun and fulfilling journey towards the completion of this fantastic narrative!


Your enthusiasm is so contagious! Thank you so much for your kind words.

I am spending my Nanowrimo working on this project, so I hope to have a working demo before Christmas.