Interest Check Thread

Thank you, I will give it my best shot.

I have been wanting a good alchemist game ever since D&D introduced the Artificer class. I’m a sucker for collectibles, lore and experimental crafting.


I’m in the middle of a project at the moment, but I thought I’d pitch an early idea I came up with for a potential “sequel.” In quotes because while it technically takes place after my current project, it follows a different player character.

Age of Heroes: New Generation

Plot Summary

You’re a retired superhero whose last battle resulted in a grave injury that made it too difficult for you to continue to be a hero. Until, one day, you’re approached by an old friend/acquaintance who has an opportunity for you. To combat the resurgence of supervillains, they’ve sponsored the creation of a new team of teenage superheroes, who they hope will grow to become the next big superhero team.

And they want you to help mentor them.

Your new job stations you on a mobile headquarters with the job of guiding your new team. A matter that’s complicated all the more when an old enemy resurfaces, looking to take their revenge on you. All that stands between them is the messy group of teenagers you’re tasked with mentoring.

(A story where you play as the mentor, rather than the typical protagonist.)

Characters (So Far)

Paladin: A young man, son of two heroes, with a little of each of their powers flowing through him. He has the ability to summon armor and weapons at will, see great distances, and augment some of his physical capabilities.

He’s charismatic, but selfish, courageous, but arrogant, heroic, but flippant. A boy with many good traits that are held back by bad traits. He’s a candidate for the leader of the team. He’s grown up a well-off, well-loved, and untroubled child. His charmed life resulted in good training, but also inexperience.

Shining Light: A young woman from an unremarkable background. She has powers similar to those of an angel, able to fly with conjured wings, fight with summoned light, and heal with divine power.

She wants nothing more than to be a wise, trusted, and helpful mentor herself one day, but she’s still learning. She holds herself to a high standard and works hard to live up to them. All in all, she’s a kindhearted, but troubled girl.

Robust: A young man with super strength and a checkered past. He’s a former sidekick who’s recently been assigned to the team, he’s excited about this new chance at life.

He’s an enthusiastic and hot-blooded boy who throws himself straight into fights. He’s always looking to prove something, whom he wants to prove himself to, is unknown. He’s always running from the consequences of his past.

Outlander: A young hero from another dimension. Her powers consist of shapeshifting, energy distortion, and bursts of speed, strength, and flight. Her eyes can also see the flow of energy.

She’s an optimistic, fun-loving, and jovial girl with little knowledge of Earth. She’s a lover of music especially and has the secret identity of a pop star.

Magi: Can’t say much about her because it would spoil my current project if I did.


-Pick from one of three different backgrounds that define what kind of superhero you were. Whether you were an independent hero, a member of a wide-spanning organization, or if you hail from another dimension altogether.

-Face one of three different supervillains, and have them come back for revenge years later.

-Train and guide your superhero team, help them through their individual issues and the ones that hinder them from working better as a team.

-Solve various crises’ across the world and manage how your team is perceived by the world.

-As mentioned, the player character’s retired due to an injury. You can pick what that Is, whether it’s a painful scar, a crippled limb, or a loss of superpowers.

Desired Feedback

Anything you can think of, really. Things you’d like to see, things you wouldn’t like to see, etc. Also, any thoughts on the concept itself would be appreciated.


Does someone have interest in playing a story like this one?
—————————————————————————Can you navigate through a world of intrigues, conspiracies and secrets? Find true love, make lifelong friends or dangerous enemies!

You play as the first child of the wealthy Earl of Hawksbury, and subsequently his heir. Being born into such a prestigious and well off family must mean that your life will be easy, right? But you will soon find out that it’s precisely the contrary. Will you be the perfect noble that your parents want you to be or will you rebel against them and choose your own path? Maybe you will uncover the secret that your family hides or join a rebellion. Maybe you just want to enjoy grand balls and banquets, or perhaps you want to abdicate all your titles and live like a common person? Endless possibilities are available for you to choose, but you must choose wisely, otherwise things won’t be good for you.

•Play as male or female; gay, straight, bisexual or asexual.

•You’ll get to play from child to adult, and make choices that will affect your relationships, stats and the path that you’re story will go.

•Make friends, enemies or find romance.

•You can also explore your surroundings and meet new people.


Wow okay I am interested with this story. I’m a sucker for all slice of life and aristrocats interactive fictions, and I’m happy to see more of this!

What I really like is the idea that we start off as a child and we grow from there. I can see potential here :smiley:


That sounds really interesting, will wait for the demo! Good luck!

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Hey, if you can give us the option to be a grump ol retired hero, I am all for it! This is a WIP I can’t wait to see it show up on my feed one day!


Thank you! And yes, there will definitely be an option for the player character to be an old, grumpy hero. Along with the option to be some of the other mentor archetypes.


I like how you think! IMO this could be a super fun story. You have so much going on narratively; generational conflicts/struggles, good ole revenge, getting the various personalities to mesh together as a team - that’s really good stuff.


you got the seal of approval from Eric, that means your WIP will now be blessed!


Thank you! Hopefully, I’ll be able to cover it all in a satisfying way.

I didn’t realize until TechNote’s comment that you’ve written multiple superhero stories. :laughing: I’m still working on my first.


Hello everyone! I’m Sparrow Agnello. I’m new to writting IF games and I want to share with you my idea.

I don’t know if anyone will like this idea, but I still want to share the idea.

Game title: Venomous (working title, WIP)


I was just an ordinary person like everyone else. I had a family, a loved one, and we were raising a child together. I worked for a prestigious newspaper. Everything that had been built up over the years turned to ashes overnight.

My spouse died when a criminal organization took over the mall. The government heroes could not save anyone.

Driven by grief, I decided to take revenge and show the truth about the so-called heroes.

Now I’m the most wanted criminal everyone is afraid of.


  • you can play as male, female, nonbinary; gay, straight, bi;
  • you can choose your own power or be without powers;
  • six LI;
  • twenty endings.

Please if you find in my text any errors, please DM on tumblr.


premise is interesting, and with 20 possible endings nonetheless. Hope to read the demo soon, and all the best for your wip :blush:


I don’t really see a connection - perhaps it’s best to elaborate.

That’s a lot and it’s interesting how you will handle this.
Good luck, I will check on this project!


I definitely love the premise of this WIP, with a PC wracked with guilt over the loss of loved one(s) Not sure if the PC’s child is included on the list of dead and taking matters into their own hand’s when the heroes failed to save their live. I will say however that shooting for 20 possible endings sounds great but also try to pace yourself with the story, a lot of people try to aim for a story with multiple endings but start to get really burnt out by it. Not discouraging your from it, again it sounds amazing going for that many possible endings but just make sure your pacing yourself with your story :slightly_smiling_face:


The premise sounds interesting. I think u need a little more clarity but that can be done when u have ur page for the game. Such as if our child is still alive or not as that opens up the interest of happens to them if they do survive. Do they get taken in by the heroes, taken away from us, can we influence their way of thinking, etc?

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I don’t want to spoil it, but the baby is alive and they can either live with us or with their grandparents. The child’s age at the time of the first book is 6 years old. This too will affect the narrative.

The second book will be on behalf of the adult child of the mc.

And I have changed the description, I will post when there is a demo.

I apologize for the errors I don’t have a sleep.


You’re completely fine and thank you for the clarification. I’m looking forward to playing the demo when it comes out


I mean this could be interesting. Maybe the “heroes” mostly care about preserving the status quo in favour of the current elites and thus might care more about protecting either property or sometimes VIP’s than regular people. Could definitely see how the mc could be pissed enough about that to turn all Charles Bronson in the death wish series…only with superpowers I guess.

As long as the kid can be adopted and the mc can be gay with a same sex deceased significant better half I suppose. Otherwise it won’t really be for me.


Yes, the kid can be adopted and the MC can be gay.

Without a spoiler, it will be like this, but not quite.


So I’ve got an idea for an IF, it was actually prompted by my English teacher and I’m working on a demo and characters right now. Tell me what you think.

The Talmara Federation

It’s been thousands of years since World War 3. Humans have found a new planet to destroy and more resources to take. They have also created you, a clone of one of the most renowned soldiers ever. But they made you better, hundreds of years studying physical and mental enhancements have made you the perfect soldier. Now they want you to complete the mission that your likeness started. After nearly five thousand years it’s time for The Talmara Federation to take back Earth, and you’re going to lead the charge. Well, you and your team at least.

More History

Over 5000 years ago World War 3 happened on Earth. The United States had entered a conflict with Russia. And because of a mistaken transmission, the United States launched a nuclear warhead at Moscow, causing the Russians to retaliate. In little under a year, half the Earth was now covered in radiation, and the other half was struggling to survive the aftermath.

Then a brilliant scientist by the name of Cannon Parsons discovered a new planet similar to Earth. The planet was named MSK-0419 at the time, but it would later be known as Talmara. The remaining population of Earth was overjoyed at this discovery and began to work on ships that could take them to Talmara to start a colony. After 2 more years of work and another 50 million deaths, the ships were finished.

However, they could only take 3000 of the nearly 5 million survivors. So in typical fashion, the few people who had money left were able to buy their way off of Earth. The ships were launched quickly loaded with all the supplies they could find left on the planet and the colonists in stasis pods. After nearly 400 years of space travel, the colonists awoke from the stasis pods and found themselves entering the orbit of Talmara.

Before stepping onto the planet’s surface once they landed the 3000 had a vote. This vote was on two very important things, what should they call themselves, and who will lead them. Eventually, the colonists decided on a 7 member council, who will be voted in and serve for life unless impeached. The council was then elected with James Hanzley being chosen as Chairman. The colonists also decided to call themselves the Talmara Federation.


  • Play as male, female, nonbinary, with a fully customizable OC

  • Five RO’s

  • Heavily war, romance, and politics based