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Is I The Forgotten One the name of your story, or just your Tumblr? Because it’s already the name of a very popular WiP.


Itheforgottenone is just my tumblr but i’ve changed it to Youonlyliveonce

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Thank you!:blush:

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I’ve begun work on my new game titled Y.O.L.O(You only live once)

You play as a teenager or rather young adult who is given the opportunity of a lifetime. You are a high school genius who’s life Is suddenly turned upside down maybe for the better.

When your twin who had been gone for months after leaving with a promise suddenly appeared. You knew something was wrong but what you didn’t expect was him recruiting you for the biggest heist of your lives. A chance to change your life and story for the better. They say revenge is a dish best served cold but in this case It is best served hot straight from the pot.
Join your twin and some very interesting characters as you guys plan the biggest heist In history.

Currently it’s about (2%, 0 Chapters, just the prologue, 1000 Words) done, and I plan on updating when I’m chanced.
Demo- TBA(to be added)
Y.O.L.O, is rated 16+ and may eventually have optional 18+ content. The game will likely contain swearing, alcohol and drug use, sexually suggestive content,sexual content, violence, and discussions about trauma, grief, e.t.c
Follow me on my tumblr @youonlyliveonceif for updates,snippets,short stories,Art, and so on.
Any updates or stuff related to the game will be uploaded on my tumblr first so

Thank you and Y.O.L.O


Hello again everybody✌️

So I’ve started writing a game, but I have a few doubts that I thought I’d get seconds opinions on.

The main character starts up a band, and I’m having difficulties with the roles. My cast of characters already have roles in the band, like, one’s a guitarist and one’s a drummer etc.

So my thought was mc is going to be the vocalist, but maybe some people would rather be able to choose what they want to do. But if they want a bassist mc, I’ll have to make a second version of the bassist side character with a different role, because there can’t be two bassists and no vocalist in the band. Does this make sense??


@Ananasjuicebrik it’s a interesting idea and I’m not sure what it would take coding wise but could possibly give people the choice and then fill in the rest of the spots? Grant it in some ways would create a lot more writing but if it could be coded to fill in based of the MC choice of position?

Lol not sure if that makes any sense but no matter what ya choose Im interested in playing a demo. :smiley:


Yes thank you!
I haven’t coded before, that’s why it’s a big project. But I really want the option to be there so I’ll work hard for it

Hello everyone! Lately, I’ve started working on a WIP of mine, entitled 'Terrors in Baskerville Academy’. I’ve only finished the first chapter (20,000+ words), but I’m here to check if anyone is interesting in the concept of my game.

Here’s the blurb:

For the entirety of your life, you have been attending Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened. Life for you has been faring well, especially since you have recently become a prefect. On your senior year, you are faced with the arrival of two new prospective students. Following their arrival, you start to uncover the dark truth hidden behind the porcelain walls of Baskerville Academy.

As you infiltrate offices and develop heartwarming relationships, you begin to wonder if life at Baskerville Academy was really as fun and fulfilling as you had thought. When have you last yearned for the outside world?

Play as a student stuck in a cult boarding school. Can you juggle your studies between your nightly escapades and prefect duties? Can you decide between your loyalty to the Baskerville Family and the cold hard truth?

Any thoughts? Thank you for any responses!


@Beumont it’s a interesting idea ya have there :smiley: beyond that little blurb I am curious and would play the demo. To say more hmm would half to see more or at least have more time to think about it lol


Thank you for the response! I’m actually thinking of posting the WIP thread maybe next week once I’ve got the description completed, so be on the lookout if you want to see more!


I like this take on the school genre. Go for it, friend!

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Trial of Scales would be a high fantasy story in modern era setting. You are a normal kid with a loving/resentful family. Ever since you can remember you always had weird dreams, Dreams which didn’t made sense but felt real all time. On your 18th birthday you start hearing voices, not malevolent in nature, more like someone or something urging you in one direction. By your 20th birthday you begin to make out words, the voices say in raspy voice,“Krette… Krette… Krette…”. What are those words, who or what is calling out to you. All theses questions become more serious when on your 21st birthday your wake up to bizarre changes. Your body is yours but it isn’t? cause you would remember having reptilian eyes and split tongue right? Your ear seem different too, more pointy than you remember and the voice in your head that… that to sounds different, somehow it makes sense “East… East… East…” it says.

In this wip you are a dragon child, After your dragonic side wakes up you’ll go to Estellvia, one of 12 secret base where most of dragon population works and lives. This story would be heavily based character building with sibling and romantic love. Number of ROs is still unclear. This triology would give similar vibes like keeper series.

What i would like to know is
1st Would you be interested in being a half dragon hybrid a were-dragon?
2nd What your thoughts on having over protective older sibling(s)
3rd Any ideas to make it unique and/or plot suggestions.
4th Overpowered oc- Yay or Nay?


I honestly like the current plot of your planned wip, i feel like being a dragon human hybrid would be fun, older over protective siblings would be ok for me as long as they are not controlling, a op mc would be nice, but this is just my opinion, good luck on your wip!


slides in I heard something about cults? :eyes:

This seems like a really interesting idea and I can’t wait to play it!


@Mr.Wolf it’s a interesting idea and I would defintly play lol as a dragon hybrid
I don’t mind a over protective older sibling could be interesting to see what may unfold in that dynamic.
As to the overpowered bit while I don’t mind I would much prefer to grow into such power also on a point of curiosity why would we go to this secret base? And if it’s so secret how do we know about it? Plus is the older sibling like us? A dragon hybrid type of person? Lol those questions and more would love to explore.

As to unique plot points or suggestions well really would need to know more or at least think on it lol :smiley:


Well, I don’t like to overshadow the initiative of this user. Sometimes I ask what initial idea the creator has to rather help develop the story by showing the development possibilities so that even this creator thinks in a way that he does not know and can surprise us all. Sure if the creator wants to reveal something for the moment

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1st we would go to secret base cause we need answer for body changes and we would find it by following the voice’s direction and yes all siblings are same as us.
i put the last bit just to make the text seem longer >.<


hmm may i interest you in a badass sibling who cooks and kicks ass for younger sibling?


Yes you may, thanks alot for responding to my comment ! Cant wait for the wip!

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Is matchmaking two non-player characters something you’d be interested in? (if anyone saw my previous posts-yes, same story)

  • Yes, I would like that
  • I wouldn’t mind it, but it wouldn’t improve my experience
  • I would not like that
  • I would hate that

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