Interest Check Thread

Demo Details So Far:

Thank you so much for your interest!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The written gameplay portion for the demo is, so far, an approximate 16k words (including code though!) - mostly because the Prologue is bursting with variation due to how Curadora’s Gift operates, but also because its hammering out the customization. And the Stat Page is a whole other beast I keep refining due to all the variables implemented so far . . . the (lacking) visual appeal of it is killing me. :sweat:

I don’t want to release any gameplay until at least Chapter One is finished since it includes a team-oriented battle against the CARDINALS, formal character introductions / dynamic previews, an introduction to the core plot, and etc. (Though, really, the prologue is more “chapter” than “prologue” in itself but I would hate to call it ‘Chapter One’ since it’s frozen in time and mostly backstory.) But Chapter Two will allow Fyodor to have his time in the spotlight, so maybe a demo release would have to be even later than that . . . :thinking:

First and foremost, thank you for your interest as well!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I was hesitant at first, and toiled over this decision for so long in worry that it would deter readers out of anxiousness about potentially non-fulfilling romances. Most of the ROs, however, had their own set love interests in the original draft of this story - so I’ve leaned upon and transformed those former narrative arcs with their romances into a more flexible dynamic with the MC. (Just, now, with some happier endings . . . maybe.)

The minor romances don’t worry me as much since, to me, it is just another flavor of relationship to all the other types available. And I’m excited to write them alongside the jealousy it will (or sometimes ‘will not’ depending on the depth of the relationship / RO) ignite in the locked ROs. (Unintentional) Casanova MCs will be the worst and most loveable nightmare to some of these HAWKS. (Though I feel especially bad for Fyodor. That’d be a lot of awkward tension among the CARDINALS.) :sweat_smile: Either way, it’s a risk I’m willing to take!

I must once again pause to thank you for expressing interest in this story!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And you are absolutely right! My greatest concern is a stale narrative, but I do believe that Insurrection can add a new layer of interest due to the origin of the Gifts and its resulting impact on the perspectives of the characters. The struggle of the MC (quite literally) coping with a legacy not created for them, one they have been forcefully bestowed with, is also another aspect I am eager to explore. I hope to not disappoint!!


There may be a lot of super human stories, but as long as you put your own spin to it it’ll feel new and exciting. You have done this, and I look forward to reading!


Holy shit I want to see this happen


I’m thinking of writing a story (once I fully figure out how to code with choicescript)

Plot you are the angel of vengeance created when Lucifer betrayed heaven you were born out of the hate and the desire for vengeance from all the angels hate for Lucifer and his fallen angels because the mc were born from all the angels desire for vengeance you are stronger than any single angel your job is to punish mortals and angels alike when they break the rules also when demons are captured you are there to punish them if they hurt mortals/angels

I’ve only got a skeleton of a story planned out so let me know if you would like this story


Your story sounds very interesting! I am now anticipating your demo when it comes out! But since we are made out of the hate that came from the angels that despised lucifer due to him being cast out of heaven, so are we technically controlled by anyone or are we free to do whatever we want?

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The mc is created out of hate and the desire for vengeance against Lucifer but the mc has freewill over themselves the desire for vengeance and the hate is what fuel us and because there was so much hate/vengeance it became sentinet in the form of mc

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Hmm so will the mc be able to possess other feelings instead of hate/vengance? Btw i love your plot and i cant wait for ur demo! Good luck writing!

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At the beginning no but as the story goes on yes you will be able to have other feelings as the mc discovers that while they were born of vengeance/hate they don’t have to just be vengeance


Ooops, I did it again!
Since I love starting multiple projects at once, I am now completely caught up with the Idea of making a JRPG-like HG set in an Eastern Fantasy Environment. Something like Final Fantasy X .

  • You are “unwillingly transported” into a Hawaii/Polynesian fantasy world that’s plagued by an incredibly powerful monster (WAY bigger and meanier than the Tarrasque).
  • Your only hope to “go back home” is reaching a very distant and very dangerous location.
  • You embark on this dangerous mission as an escort to a powerful Summoner who is headed to that dangerous location AND wishes to vanquish the powerful monster.
  • On the way, you’ll learn to love the “New World”, find your true love and wonder if it’s actually a good idea to go back.

Well, that’s just a first draft. I know it’s very little to have a detailed idea, but I’d love to hear feedback nevertheless. Thank you for reading. Any help/hints and tips are really appreciated!


Good luck and watch out to Square Enix’s lawyers

Edit: to clarify: the heart is for Yuna, not for you :wink: :heart_eyes:


:broken_heart: But thinking about FFx fills my heart with determination :gift_heart: (Undertale quote)

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Defintly a interesting idea @Gilbert_Gallo exspecially when a tarrasque is a world ending level boss. So wish ya good luck with the story I would defintly play it just hope it’s different enough don’t want those pesky wizards of the coast lawyers to come sniffing around lol

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Thank you, @Valixon. Don’t worry. I used the Tarrasque for “comparing purposes” only. I will create a different enemy that fits the story better.


Honestly, this story symbolises everything I would have absolute goosebumps for (in like the best way possible). I’m nearing graduation and I feel like this tiny piece of hope for HAWKS’ update would cheer me up a lil so I won’t cry over my Hisoka body pillow after learning 25 pages about Hungarian Revolution - the 1848.

Really DO IT DO IT for students’ sake.

[side note - I’m getting major daddy vibes from Dearil, and I’m not afraid of the supremacy
- The “jealousy route” with our “I’m hot, but fluffy” ssoulmate is just…rawrrr:#]
Soo…amazing story and I’m way too obsessed with the ROs cus they are something else and I’m here for it.


I’d definitely be interested in playing the demo when it’s ready


Ah, thank you so much!! I . . . I think I might have a tear in my eye from seeing such an avid interest in this story. :relaxed:

I imagine that Dearil being addressed as this would fill him with equal measures of disgust, excitement, and amusement - and inflame his desire for the MC all the more, haha. :laughing:

As for updates, well, I’ve made progress since my initial post! The reservations and self-doubt I kept feeling about audience interest have been eased, and so I feel more confident as I put words to the pages. (Or, rather, code to the screen.) Still, it’ll be some time before a demo release and it is around then I will gather the courage to perhaps start a tumblr for progress updates and the like. I don’t want to tire potential readers with all news and no gameplay to actually judge. :sweat_smile: I am, however, always free to answer questions, concerns, or suggestions through these forums in the meantime!!

I can mention two more major characters whose lower rankings in the CARDINALS had me omit them from my initial post due to concerns over its already exhaustive length. They are not detailed or official in-game profiles but here they are:

Hopscotch (24):

Scales (24):

And, uh, I can mention the available careers so far (their descriptive blurbs in-game are not yet finished, so I apologize for that, but I will include a few):

Musician: You are a musical artist whose talents are to be kept away from the world stage. The spotlight of fame is lethal to a Gifted like you, but that threat alone cannot silence your art entirely. You compose, you perform, and you refine your craft for small audiences and commissions alike. Mimicry through blood is not your only gift, and some may even say that it pales in comparison to the wonders you share through the microphone. But a musician is more than an artist; they, too, are a performer in their own right.
Artist: Your mediums and canvases vary, but your craft is a true mark of talent . . . and grueling years of practice. It takes a fair amount of irreplaceable creativity to create what you have. You have managed to showcase your work in minor galleries and on social media posts, but renown is a far away and deadly reality for a Gifted like you.
Thespian: You are who you need to be: who audiences want to see you become. The Gifted must learn to mask their true selves if they are to avoid a premature death. So why not make a profession out of it? You have found fine success in local commercials, community plays, and minor roles that pay the bills without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Other than those: Mechanic, Police Officer, Mercenary, Outlaw, Medic, School Teacher, Circus Performer, and “Hero” (though really it’s vigilantism that relies on sporadic donations . . . or “compensation” through the “reclamation” of stolen goods). Feel free to suggest if any should be revoked or possible new suggestions to make this current variety less . . . stale? It slightly feels like that at present.

Again, thank you so much for your interest!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The kingdom management game sounds really cool but if there’s an option to seize power for yourself and kill off your brother that’d be even more cool

I wouldn’t mind playing such a game if it’s got a good story line

Sweetie, you’re replying to a post from 2018. It’s wildly out of date.


Heh… I’ve even gone through the turncoat chronicles a bajillion times already…I realised it after I’d posted…:no_mouth::no_mouth: