Interest Check Thread

@HaleyM defintly got a intrest in this lol look forward to seeing a demo in time


Oh wow! This checks off my three most favorite R’s: Rome, Romance, and Revenge.

Just curious though, is this a version of Rome that opened up its military to multiple genders, or will there be some Mulan-esque shenanigans for certain genders? lol

Also, is this story going to have genuine supernatural elements to it, or do you plan on things being much more ambiguous should such elements appear in-game? Just a shot in the dark here so I might be wrong, but I’m assuming Quinn lives in your head or their ghost is haunting you in the afterlife, presumably encouraging you to take revenge (or at least being disgusted if the MC pulls a Niall trades their former identity to become a Roman).

Other than that, I can already say that I’m full on Marcus trash, please and thank you. He’ll fit perfectly in my collection of “Assholes I Should Hate, But I Have Terrible Taste So Here We Are.”


I’m definitely focusing more on the historical fiction side of things and keeping it low fantasy. This also means:

It will, however, have genuine supernatural things. Mostly in the form of gods. They won’t scurry about willy-nilly and interfere with everything, there are laws and all, but they’ll be there.

I love this. Back before when this was just an idea, I was mildly concerned if the “killing your pa” thing was a bit too much for an RO. Then I remembered the list of absolute asshole ROs I myself am a trash for, so… Yeah.

And I like your Quinn theory! I’ve sent the early draft version of the 1st chapter to a couple of people and one of the funniest things was to hear their Quinn theories.

Also @Valixon and @Ixtli thank you for your encouraging words. :blush:


@HaleyM no problem and you really do have a good idea that I find appealing lol and didn’t notice in the blurb for it but was curious is it possible to turn a RO against the Roman empire in your quest for revenge?

@Valixon That’s a good question! I don’t know the answer to it, yet. I put characters first in my writing, so even if I have an outline of what will happen, it’s subject to change if the characters grow out of the plan and decide otherwise. At this point I believe it could be a possibility with any one of them, though.


@HaleyM for a second it felt like and reminded me of A Courtesan of Rome from Pixelberry’ Choices, the idea is interesting though.

Can MC Pict go merciless and berserk with revenge?

I’ve actually read that one! It’s a good story. And yes, there’s the ruthless revenge path if the reader so chooses. You can, for example, try to kill Marcus (that piece of trash straight from the bin) multiple times.

first off, i screamed when i read enemies to lovers. while reading something that has the premise of enemies to lovers is fine, i honestly hate it if i have to court someone whom is openly hostile or just down right dont like me from the start with me so hear is to hoping my patience doesnt run out for any of the ros (especially marcus). the selection of ros you have are immaculate i have to say

also definitely also going for marcus. you had me at

also definitely going to try to kill him. like you may be smokin’ hot but you still did kill my father. quinn is weird but not in a bad way. i am not a fan of romancing childhood friends but i think he would go for the big maybe category

while i enjoy loads of supernatural and fantasy elements to it, i would honestly be oka if you tone it down. ive loved some wips whom only included a little amount of fantasy element to it

i am so fuckin excited for your wip. now its all im going to think about :pensive:


That’s the spirit! Loved reading your comment, thank you. :laughing:

Also no worries about the overtly hostile RO, the relationship with Marcus is more complicated than that. He’s actually the one who saves MC’s life in the beginning. So there’s a lot of conflicted emotions and angst.


I’ve decided to pulse check this concept I’ve had for years now—though it is a heavily modified version to accustom interactive fiction. Essentially, Curadora is no longer the protagonist and the timeline is altered. It’s a character-centric narrative focused on relationships. The kind of romances I write happen to be very ‘slow burn’ / focused on emotional build-up which may make some unsatisfied with it being considered ‘romance’ (at least in the beginning), but I’d nudge its classification in that direction.

My concern is that audiences may find the concept ‘tired’. I fear that the superhuman setting may deter readers who feel this type of genre is too saturated. To note: The MC is by no means a superhero in this story, and neither are any of their adversaries or allies (though one character is publicly described as a retired one). Civilian lives will be endangered by the CARDINALS and HAWKS alike, but the personalities of each character determines whether they care enough to save, prevent, ignore, or instigate this.

Here’s an (overly detailed) run-down of Insurrection: HAWKS (title possibly prone to change):

Book Summary:

Revolutionaries. Terrorists. Heroes. Villains. Martyrs. Beasts.

These are the titles branded onto the CARDINALS. They are no strangers to the judgement of the masses. It is to be expected as a rising organization fighting for the rights, and perhaps even the supremacy, of the Gifted. They know that there is something tainted in their hearts, and something pure about their dreams. It is a common reality among their small sect of humanity: those who have been granted hereditary abilities once associated with fiction, from origins unknown. Self-possessed abilities that bear the strength to topple the world or rule it.

They are your brethren, these Gifted.

But you are not a CARDINAL.

Welcome, Agent Mockingbird, to the HAWKS!

In this sector of an international agency known as WINGS, you are to serve on the front lines of the world’s greatest threats of insurrection. Primarily, undermining and counteracting the CARDINALS at every turn.

At least, that is what your superiors (captors) hope you will do.

Are you ready to stand against the CARDINALS? You must prepare yourself to face against the personalities of the Inner Circle, as well as their own deadly Gifts. Led by a man losing his grip on humanity. Commanded by a Grim Reaper with a lost love for life. Guided by a healer with a savior complex. But the three central leaders of this rebel organization aren’t the only notable threats out there.

All eight of the Inner Circle, and an additional newcomer, stand between you and the stability of the world. And as you quickly unveil the nature of their latest plot, you may find yourself opposed to what will be humanity’s saving grace or final tragedy. Fate has written you off as a withered pawn. But fate has little say when its ethereal order falls to a dream’s insurrection.

Are you ready to stand up to—or for—the HAWKS? Will you push back against the organization, or pick fights against the agents within it? Will you embrace the WING’s cause as your own, or choose to embrace the people who serve that cause? Perhaps you’ll find love with a fellow Specialist Agent— a love that will be condemned by those who stand against your kind. Or maybe you will fall for a Supervising Agent, and suffer the burden of a forbidden romance.

Every Gifted has a Gift. It’s in the namesake. Yours concerns blood-eating. Gross, and slightly creepy on paper, but it’s invaluable to your new team at Division-01. Consuming the blood of a fellow Gifted grants you a temporary possession of their own unique gift, with an added twist.

Whoever’s blood you consume connects you to their psyche, their soul. A consequence that may bring opportunity and harm depending on how you play it.

Be careful when deciding whose blood to use when in perilous danger. There may be a long-term impact from being too reliant on a specific person’s soul.

  • Customize your protagonist: name, gender, skin color, height, hair, eye color, facial appearance, scars, marks, tattoos, piercings, attire, region of origin, and body type.

  • Choose the core emotion of your psyche: sadness, anger, fear, joy, or apathy.

  • Romance a regretful romantic, a shy visionary, a stern leader, a conflicted protector, a dutiful soldier, a lively wildcard, a soft-hearted hot-head, a curious tinkerer, or a lost soul.

  • Determine your allegiance to the CARDINALS, the HAWKS, neither, or both.

  • Tailor your personality! Are you a stoic optimist that’s shy yet eager to protect your friends? Or are you a honest loner with a cruel streak that’s known for their humility? Whatever feels true to you!

  • Wield powers once thought to be unimaginable— with the unintended consequence of tapping into the psyche of your team! But remember, there’s a chance that the Gifts of the HAWKS will not be the only ones you taste. Exercise caution where you may. Or . . . don’t. The choice is ultimately yours.

  • Discover the motivations behind the CARDINALS Inner Circle. Extend to some your hand in friendship, earn the respect of a few, or make the personal hit list of others. Maybe even find everlasting love with one (at your own risk). Just know that some are more dangerous to provoke than their peers.

  • Live by your ambition, or sacrifice your deepest wants for a new purpose (or person).

  • Earn the trust, friendship, contempt, or love of the HAWKS and CARDINALS - and choose whether to honor or betray these developing bonds.

  • When the CARDINALS test the limits of reality and fate, you must take a stand. Be that through your friendship, your love, your desperation, your authority, your manipulation, or your bloodthirst.

Agent Mockingbird (You):

As a fresh recruit to the HAWKS, you’re still finding your footing within the team. The Division you’ve been assigned to has yet to pin down your personality— so it’s about time you make it known.

After your mother died in a brutal raid by the HAWKS, you have been left to navigate your Gifted nature alone. Your father prioritized his efforts in keeping you hidden from the world. His rattled nerves never quite settled after his loss, and his morals became more ambiguous with time for your sake—for he sought to put you above all but his grief. The soft-spoken mortician cursed the world that would take your life for no reason. You, the sole remnants of his heart. Your step-mother tried to act as a moral compass in his place with her gentle encouragement, though your present actions may stray from her teachings. She was your mother’s opposite in this regard: a woman who preached compassion and mercy above duty and sacrifice.

They sheltered you at risk of punishment for harboring one of the Gifted: superhuman oddities too unstable to be let loose in the world. To be Gifted has become a death sentence over the generations of their existence. To inherit a gift, a curse only carried through one’s bloodline, is to be condemned as an inherent danger to all life . . . and oneself.

Being outed as a Gifted, or as a harborer of one, ensures certain death. The only exceptions are those forcefully conscripted into the dreaded HAWKS, RAVENS, or CROWS.

The pursuit of your ambition leads you to the troubled streets of Los Angeles, a known haven for the Gifted to congregate. It also, unfortunately, happened to foster a crucial CARDINALS base. The illusion of a free life ended once you found yourself caught up in a recruitment rally. (How this occurs is dependent on one’s career.) A rally interrupted by a raid from HAWKS Division-01.

Your capture led to your forced recruitment into the HAWKS after a period of isolated imprisonment. This role has placed you in the epicenter of foiling the latest CARDINALS scheme: Project MICHAEL. A scheme that threatens to reshape the world without mercy, or rewrite the bindings of reality to make dreams come true.

Dreams that can be born from you. Dreams born from the blood you may spill. What fantasies will you try to awake when the world kneels to its fateful insurrection?

The MC must struggle to tame or be overcome by their Gift in accordance to its origins. They will have to endure the truth of these Gifts, their origin, their designed purpose, and the impact of this knowledge towards how they perceive themselves and others. They will also play a role in how these Gifts and their uses impact and change their friends, enemies, and loves.

Personality Traits:

(WIP Design :sweat:)


Expertise refers to the trained skills an MC has developed outside of their gift. These skills may be used in place of your gift for players more averse to blood eating - or for those who have run out of blood to use. Additionally, they may impact flavor dialogue depending on how attuned the protagonist is to them. For example, a shy MC with high Charisma may be referred to as possessing ‘magnetism’ rather than ‘charisma’ - and thus may simply have an appealing presence rather than a silver-tongue. Another example may be a daring MC with high Tactics having fast-paced deductive skills that spur a chain of thoughts and reactions in quick succession to be acted upon as quickly as possible (if one chooses to act) - a contrasting approach to a cautious MC who uses Tactics more methodically in a reflective and analytical fashion.

No approach is ‘more successful’, but will receive different commentary or reactions from other characters dependent on their own preferences.

Ex 1: Elouan perceives a shy ‘magnetic’ MC as little more than a ‘pretty face’ while being impressed by the eloquence of an outgoing MC with charisma - yet Sigmund would be more ‘endeared / receptive’ to a ‘magnetic’ MC and more cautious around a smooth-talking MC whose blatant charisma feels like someone trying to get something from him.

Ex 2: Niccolo will feel a ‘kindred spirit’ with a like-minded daring Tactical MC but will also be impressed by the patient reserve of a cautiously Tactical MC - meaning both successful checks will garner a positive opinion from him in flavor dialogue, not a relationship stat impact.

A ‘failed’ skill check is not inherently negative or an actual failure. The HAWKS operate as a team - a team that must be aware of one another’s strengths and weaknesses. They will work to compensate for any time you falter, if and when they can. Simply be mindful about the stakes of the situation at hand. (A ‘failed’ check carries much less harm in the beginning chapters compared to, say, the climax of the story.) There may also be remarks from the team when a check is ‘failed’: reactions that can range from encouragement, humor. sympathy, mockery, annoyance, frustration, indifference, or disappointment. Some may also offer a passing comment or warning if a chosen decision veers from one’s established skillset or personality.

Additionally, I want to establish save checkpoints following every chapter to allow more room for exploring different approaches to situations without a full restart - that way one can play around with skill passes and failures for fun / roleplaying purposes by seeing which fits their desired narrative best.

Below are the areas of expertise for the MC:

Athleticism: Strength and Endurance ; “An Ability to Persist”

Innovation - Schematics and Tech ; “An Ability to Create”

Intrigue - Stealth and Deceit ; “An Ability to Mislead”

Instinct - Intuition and Perception ; “An Ability to Sense”

Charisma: Persuasion and Command ; “An Ability to Convince”

Tactics - Investigation and Deduction ; “An Ability to Analyze”


I, personally, adore customization in interactive fiction but I understand that others are less keen on this feature. Yet I want to utilize this unique device to really add dimension to the NPCs by showcasing how the world reacts to aspects of the MC that are both in and out of their control. Elements such as your resemblance to someone else souring or endearing them to you, you appearing out of place in (or blending into) a homogenous region / subculture, or preconceived assumptions based in ignorance / malicious intent / projection / etc. Some optional physical alterations (tattoos, body shape, etc.) may strengthen an NPCs sense of solidarity due to similar lifestyle choices - or it may deter them based on prejudice. (Examples: Sigmund would respect a muscular MC as he assumes they share a fondness for fitness, whereas Elouan may feel a bit envious due to his inability to achieve such a form. Or a heavily tattooed MC would be showered in curious compliments by Fyodor, but will intimidate Imka upon first glance.)

I want NPCs to bear a solid sense of autonomy in their judgement / developing perspective towards the MC. This includes their judgments possibly leading to eventual or building tension / conflict. (Examples: If you develop a romantic relationship with Sigmund, he may become more suggestive about a voluptuous or thin MC engaging in physical training with him due to his immense concern - or rather, paranoia - about their general health and safety. Imka may be initially disturbed by the imagery of piercings or the sensation of them. Fyodor may cause an MC discomfort because of his initial fascination with ‘foreigners’, and Kamiko may express discomfort towards the visibility of an MC’s tattoos in the early stages of their relationship.) These may open opportunities for discussion about how their views affect the MC, be brushed off, cause buried tension, or lead to direct confrontation if you choose. At least, that is what I hope to accomplish with heavy customization.


ROs (and my attempts to portray their likenesses through Artbreeder):

Below are those available for a full romance route!

Akil Elmahdy (32):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: Cordial, but distant. He has more admiration than love for them.

Romantic Interests: He has a subtle attraction to Imka, one he will be both thankful and ashamed to lose if you pursue him.

Closest Friend: Basil (Deceased)

Close Confidants: Kamiko, Nasrin, and Yadon - though he would not equate them to friends.

Bears Positive Opinions Towards: Elouan, Imka, Niccoló

Is Neutral Towards: Mutya, Jae

Bears Negative Opinions Towards: Sigmund


Sigmund R. Heinrich (29):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: Borderline disowned, on both ends. He doesn’t like to use the term estranged.

Closest Friend: Curadora (Prior), Elouan - though he would more-so consider the Frenchman a brother-figure.

Romantic Interests: The end of his relationship with his former fiancée was a chaotic and confusing mess, and he has sworn to never return to her.

Friends: Niccoló, Mutya, and Nasrin have become a comfortable presence among the otherwise hostile environment he feels in the HAWKS. Kalyna, Hopscotch, and Scales are still worthy of being considered compatriots by him - but he doesn’t know if they feel the same about him anymore. He thinks they shouldn’t.

Wants to be Friends With: Imka, but it is hard to approach her.

Neutral Towards: Jae, Kamiko, Boar

Wants to Dislike: Curadora (Present), but she has made use of her domain of memories. She’s made the past hard to forget, and warped in how it’s remembered.

Dislikes: Retriever, Lempo, Bacara - and he will not budge on these stances.

Rivals: Yadon, Akil, Dearil, Uriel, Fyodor - one can never have too many enemies.

Elouan B. Roux (25):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: Estranged, strained, and nonexistent depending on the ‘relative’. Do not ask him to elaborate on this.

Closest / True Friend: Sigmund, and anyone who supposedly filled this role before is to be forgotten.

Romantic Interest: No one in a particular or serious manner, unless you wish to change that.

“Friends”: Jae, Akil, Nasrin, Niccoló - at least, that is what he assures them to be.

Friendly Towards: Yadon, Mutya, and Kamiko are fine company.

Pities: Kamiko and Imka for different reasons but in equal measures.

Neutral Towards: All CARDINALS for he cares little about their causes or actions.

Dislikes: Imka, for reasons of his own.

Rivals: Bacara, in the friendliest sense of the word.

Niccoló (120):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Relations: Many have claimed to be his ‘found family’, but few are known to be his true home. Those few are all mourned sweetly by him.

Closest Friend: Jae(?) Imka(?) Himself(?) You, potentially(?) Or maybe . . . it could be the woman he has to pretend he doesn’t know.

Romantic Interests: He knows there has to be surviving partners from his past, but the most important one is Jae. As of recently, however, they are done with their on-and-off relationship. So, now, no one. Well, except that one CARDINAL . . .Unless you are receptive towards his warm curiosity about you, that is.

Friends: All HAWKS - even those who claim to not reciprocate the sentiment.

Friendly Towards: All CARDINALS

Rivals: Workplace Rules. And pickle jars.

Imka N. Altena (23):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: They have always been close-knit, but these bonds have recently become tense. She fears their further deterioration.

Romantic Interests: She had a crush on Niccoló in the past. She has not yet met the man who will become fascinated with her - a man who will (eventually) accept that she will never leave you (if you romance her).

Closest Friend: Her father, Hennie, though distance and actions on both ends have been wedged between them; Mutya is more fitting for this title in the present. If anything, she considers Mutya a sister in spirit.

Friends: Niccoló, Nasrin, Jae(?), Akil(?)

*(?) She is not sure if she is misunderstanding how these two perceive her.

Friendly Towards: Kamiko, Elouan, Yadon

Unnerved By: Elouan - and she is starting to wonder if he prefers it this way. She hopes to still become friends with him.

Intimidated By: Sigmund, Akil, All CARDINALS - Though the first two seem to actively avoid her enough to not be a constant concern for her nervous heart.

Conflicted Towards: All CARDINALS, for she sees the humanity behind their monstrous actions.

Dislikes: Dearil . . . He frightens her.

Rivals: No One

Mutya I. Lumaban (26):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: Mutya is devoted to her family, even though she used to tire of their chaotic whims.

Romantic Interests: None. There are too many threats occupying her mind.

Closest Friend: Previously, her adoptive father. Then, it was her step-mother. Now, she sees Imka as yet another sister to hold close.

Respects: Sigmund, Kamiko, Kalyna, Retriever, Boar

Friends: Niccoló (kind of), Kamiko (to an extent), Sigmund (maybe), Nasrin (she thinks), Elouan (much to her inner dismay)

Distrusts: Elouan, Yadon, Akil, Jae

Indifferent Towards: Jae, Most CARDINALS

Rivals: Akil, Dearil, Curadora

Jacinta “Jae” Freitas Carvalho (28):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: There’s no connections to consider.

(Former) Romantic Interests: Niccoló has long been her flickering flame. She has no intention of reigniting that attraction.

“Friends”: Elouan, Sigmund, Niccoló, Imka, Nasrin, Yadon, Akil, Mutya, Kamiko— she’ll take what company she can get.

Frenemies: Niccoló

Intrigued By: All CARDINALS

Tolerates: Akil

Rivals: Herself?

Takenaka Kamiko (32):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: Estranged from some, friendly towards others, closer than anything with few. She would die for any of them.

Romantic Interests: She has long tried to erase her personal desires. Yet . . . She has struggled to silence the appeal she feels towards Sigmund. An appeal that is easily forgotten if you direct your attention towards her.

Closest Friend(s): Tsubaki and Hanzō. No others know this.

Friends: She does not desire friends. Neither does she need them.

Those She Trusts on Missions: Akil, Yadon, Nasrin, Sigmund, and Mutya. They have proven themselves to her.

Cautious Towards: All Specialist Agents (a.k.a. All Gifted Agents)

(Mostly) Cordial Towards: Akil, Nasrin, Yadon, Imka, Mutya, Sigmund, Niccoló, and Jae.

Hates: Elouan. He is all that she despises.


Fyodor K. Yahontov (27):

  • Relationship Dynamics:

Familial Status: He regrets the scorched nature of these bridges. But he has a found family now. In spirit, at least.

Romantic Interests: He is curious about how broken Curadora’s heart truly is, and if he may try his hand at fixing it. But if you show any interest in his attention . . . You will be his one and only need. You want him to be yours, yes? And you want to be his, too, don’t you? Right?

Closest Friend: He used to have two, maybe even three. Only Simeon remains.

Adores: His mother, as a son should.

Friends: He assumes that this title should apply to everyone in due time. However, some are adamant in their rejection of it. He cannot think of anyone to confidently address as this other than Curadora.

Potential Friends: Everyone, he hopes.

Dislikes: He dislikes that he dislikes his father. Yet his heart will not budge on this.

Rivals: Those disliked by his closest friends; living or dead. Their names are vague in his mind, as are the locations of their graves. Sigmund seems determined to be this, but he will not bite the bait. Not yet, at least. Not yet. He is waiting for a line to be crossed.

Minor “Romances”:

These relationships are not actual romance routes, but rather a romantically charged relationship—which you may choose whether or not to reciprocate, regret, or string along. They will persist to varying degrees even once you have chosen a final romance route (because feelings like this don’t just flicker out for most of these characters no matter how intensely or little they are felt.) These minor romances differ in that they don’t quite see themselves as rejected but rather as “never were an actual option” or “I really don’t care, I like what I like and will keep pursuing so everyone has to deal with this now”.

Curadora (25):

Dearil (41):

Elov (25):

Retriever (32):

Lempo (24):

Mishka / MICHAEL (???):

Major Non-Romanceable Cast:
Uriel (Leader of the CARDINALS, 37):

Boar (CARDINALS, 20):

Boar travelled the world to find a Gifted capable of defeating her. Her journey left a wake of chaos and destruction, and eventually guided her to Uriel. He did not win in a manner she would consider honorable, and she initially despised the extent he went to humiliate her desires. But she recognized the strength behind his overwhelming ambition. She listened to his tales of pointless paradises and impossible unity. She did not care for these things until he offered her a chance to fight under his name, and the comforts that his Gift could provide.

The true victory, however, lay in her sudden acquaintance with Lempo. Never again will Boar have to endure the pain of her Gift alone. She does not care if Uriel uses her for his funny little dreams if it means she may rest near the ambrosia Lempo provides.

Bacara (CARDINALS, 30)

Kalyna (CARDINALS, 40):

Yadon and Nasrin (HAWKS, 42 and 43 respectively)

The other two Supervising Agents in HAWKS Division-01, these Agents are attached at the hip due to their long years of service together. Nasrin acts largely as a mediator between the Specialist (Gifted) Agents and her fellow Supervising Agents. Her innate gregariousness and diplomatic approach have made her well-equipped for reining in the more rebellious and troublesome members of the team by offering counsel and friendship. Her bubbly attitude and boundless optimism also balances the brooding tendencies of Akil and Kamiko. Yadon, however, has been known to hold few reservations about riling the tempers of the Specialists. His deep distrust towards all Gifted sometimes paves way for back-handed comments and subtle tension. Yet he is also a man of easy smiles and untouchable pride. Yadon doesn’t budge easily in his set views on the world, but he appreciates anyone willing to indulge him in an argument for merriment’s sake.

The Ultimate Judgement (Writing Samples)

Here are some snapshots of drafted gameplay to demonstrate the choice variety, my writing, and composition.

Opening Pages:

Curadora Reactions:

Several Psyche of Sadness Pages:

This was a long post, obnoxiously so. I’ve lurked on these forums for years and perhaps my nerves are getting the better of me.

Is this a story readers would like to see? I do have other old ideas I toyed with implementing as interactive fiction, one in particular concerning court intrigue / sorcery / romancing demi-gods and the disciples of deities / being the disciple of a forbidden deity, but so far all my effort has been in this (the oldest) concept. Feel free to tell me to abandon ship if this story lacks proper appeal. Thank you in advance for those brave and kind enough to endure my ramblings.


I only have one question: When can I play the demo? This kind of game is right up my alley so I’m excited to play it

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It looks wonderful, but I do wonder whether juggling so many ROs is manageable.


I love slow burn romances in COG stories. The amount of potential ROs in your story is exciting but also daunting, and I feel like it would be harder to flesh out characters and develop meaningful relationships with that many possibly, although something similar was done really well in ‘Way Walkers’ imo.

I think the ‘super’-person genre is only saturated in that too many people end up creating similar stories and exploring the same themes over and over again. There’s still plenty of room for cool new stories in ‘super’ worlds imo, its just that they should try to write about the less explored concepts in that genre. I’d use ‘The Boys’ as an example of how a story in an oversaturated genre was able to explore it in a very different way.

Demo Details So Far:

Thank you so much for your interest!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: The written gameplay portion for the demo is, so far, an approximate 16k words (including code though!) - mostly because the Prologue is bursting with variation due to how Curadora’s Gift operates, but also because its hammering out the customization. And the Stat Page is a whole other beast I keep refining due to all the variables implemented so far . . . the (lacking) visual appeal of it is killing me. :sweat:

I don’t want to release any gameplay until at least Chapter One is finished since it includes a team-oriented battle against the CARDINALS, formal character introductions / dynamic previews, an introduction to the core plot, and etc. (Though, really, the prologue is more “chapter” than “prologue” in itself but I would hate to call it ‘Chapter One’ since it’s frozen in time and mostly backstory.) But Chapter Two will allow Fyodor to have his time in the spotlight, so maybe a demo release would have to be even later than that . . . :thinking:

First and foremost, thank you for your interest as well!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I was hesitant at first, and toiled over this decision for so long in worry that it would deter readers out of anxiousness about potentially non-fulfilling romances. Most of the ROs, however, had their own set love interests in the original draft of this story - so I’ve leaned upon and transformed those former narrative arcs with their romances into a more flexible dynamic with the MC. (Just, now, with some happier endings . . . maybe.)

The minor romances don’t worry me as much since, to me, it is just another flavor of relationship to all the other types available. And I’m excited to write them alongside the jealousy it will (or sometimes ‘will not’ depending on the depth of the relationship / RO) ignite in the locked ROs. (Unintentional) Casanova MCs will be the worst and most loveable nightmare to some of these HAWKS. (Though I feel especially bad for Fyodor. That’d be a lot of awkward tension among the CARDINALS.) :sweat_smile: Either way, it’s a risk I’m willing to take!

I must once again pause to thank you for expressing interest in this story!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And you are absolutely right! My greatest concern is a stale narrative, but I do believe that Insurrection can add a new layer of interest due to the origin of the Gifts and its resulting impact on the perspectives of the characters. The struggle of the MC (quite literally) coping with a legacy not created for them, one they have been forcefully bestowed with, is also another aspect I am eager to explore. I hope to not disappoint!!


There may be a lot of super human stories, but as long as you put your own spin to it it’ll feel new and exciting. You have done this, and I look forward to reading!


Holy shit I want to see this happen


I’m thinking of writing a story (once I fully figure out how to code with choicescript)

Plot you are the angel of vengeance created when Lucifer betrayed heaven you were born out of the hate and the desire for vengeance from all the angels hate for Lucifer and his fallen angels because the mc were born from all the angels desire for vengeance you are stronger than any single angel your job is to punish mortals and angels alike when they break the rules also when demons are captured you are there to punish them if they hurt mortals/angels

I’ve only got a skeleton of a story planned out so let me know if you would like this story


Your story sounds very interesting! I am now anticipating your demo when it comes out! But since we are made out of the hate that came from the angels that despised lucifer due to him being cast out of heaven, so are we technically controlled by anyone or are we free to do whatever we want?

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The mc is created out of hate and the desire for vengeance against Lucifer but the mc has freewill over themselves the desire for vengeance and the hate is what fuel us and because there was so much hate/vengeance it became sentinet in the form of mc

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Hmm so will the mc be able to possess other feelings instead of hate/vengance? Btw i love your plot and i cant wait for ur demo! Good luck writing!

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