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Here’s my two cents: you probably won’t believe it until you try it, but if you write a romance scene coded for heterosexual, i.e. between a man and a woman, and then you go back and flip one of the pronouns so it’s now a homosexual scene, it’ll look and feel exactly the same!

Yep. Turns out gay people kiss, flirt, make out, and hug one another exactly the same way as straight people. And the same is true for all the other combinations of sexual identity/gender identity.

You have to get pretty far into a detailed (pornographic) sex encounter before you will ever have to truly worry about the anatomical stuff.


If your game was set in Mughal South Asia then it would have been somewhat plausible. In the pre Islamic South Asia these characters and relations were not that uncommon (in fact they were not uncommon in the Muslim world, only harder to see).
South Asia was in terms of sexuality, quite liberal and only after the reign of Muslims and the British did this sexual liberalism die.
As @Grasshopper mentioned that they are still transgender people all over South Asia (although in Pakistan the term “hijra” is considered impolite we use “Khawaja Sara”), not to mention the fact that India (Republic of India) accepts same sex relations and marriages.
Even if you didn’t have any romance in the game you still need to have characters that existed back then and had such relations among themselves otherwise the world kind of seems centered around the MC and cardboardy.

At the end of the day it is your game and you are the writer. You can do what you like as you are the captain of this ship.


Well here also ‘hijra’ is considered impolite but as far as I know it is the only word for them in my language and so in polite conversation I have to use transgender

No India does not allow same sex marriages though it allows same sex live in relationships


U had me at bodyguard w/ cybernetics I look forward to playing the demo when it comes out


I mentioned in another thread today an outline for an HG I wrote years ago and this made me want to go back and reread through it. Well, I have, and I decided I want to throw it out here out of curiosity, and also I never showed it to nearly anyone before, so, yeah. Here it is. Not seriously considering writing it yet, but if things get better I would like to at least get a demo up even if just for fun and go from there.

The Crimson Crown:

God-King Malaketh rules over the kingdom of Amyria with an iron fist and glowing eyes. Once a fabled and infamous human adventurer, who bathed in the glory and gold of righteousness, the man fell into despair and then insanity after a post-retirement quest led to his party and lifelong friends being ruthlessly slaughtered in front of him by the first foe they could not defeat: a draconic lich who feeds on the souls of the slain. His Divinity, as his subjects must title him, (“Mad-King” in hushed whispers), delved into the darkest magic and made deals with the most devious of devils to grow in power until one day, he defeated and enthralled the beast, and took the path of vengeance.

Then the throne.

Now he sits on the bones of usurpers and oppresses his own people to this day.

Until you come.

The Crimson Crown is a dark medieval fantasy epic where you take control of customizable, powerful, experienced hero, and fight with your own party to free a kingdom from the clutches of a tyrant whose past could be your future. Take on everything from hellknights to fallen hydras as you wield magic, might, or the shadows themselves and take back the land for the people, or yourself.

Prove the gods right or wrong about keeping mortals free. It’s up to you.

  • Play as a Human, Moon Elf, Frost Elf, Duskgnome, Sun Dwarf, or Kittsborne (cat folk).

  • Choose from one of three classes: Master Arcanist, Giantslayer, or Shadeskrull.

  • Romance up to 3 of 6 romance options, each with their own backstory and motivations: a Human female necromancer, a Moon Elf female cleric, a Sun Dwarf female warrior, a male Kittsborne thief, a male Frost Elf time mage, and a male Duskgnome monk.

  • Choose your choices carefully. No morality system, just your desicions and their consequences. Even from your companions.

  • Unique spells, weapons, armor, familiars and mounts to deck out your character.

  • Stats raise by how you play. Start off as an adventurer in their prime, and only grow in power from there.

  • Escapist fantasy. Be a whimsical, absent-minded, fun loving fantasy creature lost in a cruel city or let the darkness consume you, if it already hasn’t.

  • Be the hero this city, and maybe even world, needs, or simply be a stronger curse its inhabitants will fear more.

And more. This isn’t my entire blurb, it’s a little more than half. Pretty rough; I didn’t even edit it much. Let me know what you think if it catches your eye.


@voldy I like it and if you do one day get that as a demo I would play it :smiley:


I really like the premises and the no morality system! The Mad King reminds me of Manerkol from soul stone war.


I look forward to playing the demo when it comes out


Is this flag worthy of a great empire?


I’d probably put some fringe embellishments on the one that goes in the imperial throne room, but to answer your question; yes. It does look good. You can even look up what your pattern means/could-mean in standardized “standard” designs.


I did the meaning before the flag so that is covered. I like the idea of fringes, I will add that to the war flag.



Naval flag of the Riyasanian Empire.

War flag of the Riyasanian Empire.

Hopefully these will look nice.


Once I am finished with the Song of Exile, I am thinking about making a larger-scale political fantasy game set in basically fantasy Constantinople. Here is a rough blurb:

The Gates of Tridenium

A merchant from a maritime republic, you cannot believe your luck when you are chosen for this mission: to go to the fabled capital of the Tridentine Empire and represent your country’s mercantile interests. The golden-headed, triple-walled city is a wonder of the world. However, from the day you are admitted to the Great Palace, it is clear to you that the pathways of Tridentium, unlike its marbled avenues, are narrow and treacherous. The emperor is away on campaign; his son is a child, and his mother rules as a regent; a pious general would have the support of a Patriarch were he to bid for the throne, while a noble-born rakehell has enough glamour and panache for the same. Meanwhile, Moesian barbarians are nearing the gates.

Who will win? Who will die? And, most importantly, whom will you support?

  • Fight and scheme for one of the three factions in the shadow of the throne, or throw your lot in with a barbarian khan;
  • Witness the Golden Race at the Hippodrome;
  • Uncover spies, facilitate secret meetings, and negotiate with mercenaries;
  • See the splendours of the imperial capital, from markets to churches;
  • Romance a beautiful courtesan from your native city of canals, a Northerner from the Imperial Guard, or his taciturn shieldmaiden sister.

I like it but out of curiosity, why fantasize the name for the Roman Empire and then use an actual ‘barbarian’ tribe, the Moesi? btw I like Tridentine, it doesn’t sound too fantasy if you know what I mean.


It’s more of a placeholder rn.

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I’m not really sure where to put this since it doesn’t really involve C-Script ‘help’ necessarily but more of a concept that’s been done in other media. I’m about 98% certain it’s currently impossible with C-Script as it is now… but! Improvement and progress are the only way forward; without them we stagnate and die (metaphorically though sometimes literally).

I want you to imagine a game where every player’s choices from around the world are taken into account (we’ll assume this game uses percentages to generate the ‘world’ so the first few playthroughs are likely to be somewhat bland) and affect the world the game generates based on those percentages.

For example:

“I was born in a desert”


“I was born in a jungle”

If this is our first choice of the game let’s assume that 80% of people choose the “jungle” option. The game then generates (based on existing scenes) more jungle based terrain. Using a number of random events, your only objective is “survive”. These events cycle until your character has either died (we can include an “old age” timer in this quite easily using existing assets in C-Script) or retired (old age? Maybe a manual ‘retirement’ option? Both?)

Every time your character comes across an interaction (let’s take combat since it’s the easiest for me to imagine) you are facing another player’s character; though that player is likely already either done with the game or has started a new one. In this case, it would simply compare one MC/PC’s “combat” stat against the other with any modifiers (weapons, experiences, age, etc. will hereby be referred to as ‘modifiers’ for brevity) applied as they would in a traditional HG/COG.

Part social experiment, part game, part fiction… each choice of every individual would ultimately culminate into regions developing over time based on the choices given by that region (we can include a ‘region’ choice that narrows these down so that certain regions can see X sorts of developments while other regions may experience Y sorts of developments; technology, culture, etc).

To unlock the majority of the game, you’re not only relying on your decisions but also the cooperation between your fellow players. For example, if all any and all players ever do is initiate combat against each other; you won’t grow your region’s civilization. Thus, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of combat. Do you let your guard down and potentially be attacked but also potentially start gaining people you can rely on? Or do you only trust a very select few and start hording them and your possessions away to ensure the safety of your small tribe? Or do you simply initiate combat with everyone and never bother trying to grow your region in sake of your own survival?

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form an expert on ANY code of any kind; this is merely a concept at the moment and I’m almost certain C-Script isn’t capable of it… yet. But perhaps, one day, with enough interest, it will be. I just think this is an interesting concept for a game that many authors could easily collaborate on.


This is a really cool concept, but you’re right that it’s far beyond the scope of Choicescript. A game like this would be better suited to more traditional programming languages and game engines. Choicescript fills a very specific gaming niche (its main attraction is its ease of use, not versatility), and I don’t think it makes sense to stretch it to the point where it is possible to implement this idea when the appropriate tools already exist.


Thanks. No idea why this got moved to the interest check thread as it’s more of a concept rather than a WIP.

so I’ve been thinking about trying my hand in writing a game! BUT my ideas tend to be rather cliche (not that it’s a totally bad thing, I mean cliche is cliche for a reason) So I thought I’d ask you guys.

So, superhero games? Is it too basic? I am absolutely in love with Malin Ryden’s Fallen hero series. A superhero story with a twist (or maybe it’s actually more like a supervillain story, but you catch my drift)

I just feel like there’s a whole lot of those lately. Would people like more? It’s hard to come up with something entirely new, since it’s also really hard not to be inspired by existing work :clown_face::+1:

You all are just too good


Well do it if you want. There are two of us when it comes to writing a story that sounds cliché and the truth is that the true cliché in stories is always the narrative and creative processes of telling a story, but the elements that compose it are always different and that is what makes them. unique. And I do not doubt that you are the exception in this reality of writing stories, so if you want to create a superhero story, do it, no one can or should prevent you, each mind is a world and each person is different, therefore there may be things that you you would like to share with others and even see people with the same interests and that is what makes this activity charming and memorable.