Interest Check Thread

I’m totally naming the new planet Bob


I will applaud you.


Alright, I have been working diligently on a sports game for the last few days. It will be a new sport called Extreme Ball, it is basically a mash up of American football, Rugby, and keep away. You will start off in your freshman year in high school and your career can lead to several years of pro level play. You will also be able to retire and continue your career in Extreme Ball as a coach, or enjoy your retirement. Also possibly own your own team. I plan on having the freshman year ready for a demo, hopefully within a week.

You will get to pick gender, orientation, weight, height, and skin tone. You will hit growth spurts so keep that in mind. There will be a couple of romantic options available, more opening up later on. You have the chance to get injured. Some games are just stat checks, the scoreboard does change, there’s a rough description of the sport and positions in the stats menu.

EZs/ end zone scores (the equivalent to touchdowns) are worth 3 points, KPs/ kick points (equivalent to field goals) are worth one point, and EZAs/end zone assists (passes to another player resulting in an EZ) are all tracked for your whole career. With your high school stats, college stats, and pro stats being separate from each other.

It is in the early stages of development so some aspects may change later on. If this sounds like something you would be interested in keep a look out for Extreme Ball in the WIP section. Also if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to reply or message me.


Really interesting :slight_smile: cant wait to read more. Btw, surname Polanski is Russian and surnames change depending on the gender so it should be for a woman Polanska. I wish you good luck with Shattered Stars.


Appreciate it. I might keep Polanski’s name as is. She’s actually based off of someone I once knew.

Edit: By the way you’re more than welcome to come into the Shattered Stars topic if you want.