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oh yes i loved the Brotherhood questline lets see if your Book will be Great killing peoples is challanging Because Seperating them is something challanging aswell

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Which would you guys prefer to read?

  • Isekai (Sent suddenly into a different world as your same human self with a chance at getting powers)
  • Reincarnation (Reborn as an inhabitant of a different world)

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The paranormal had always been there, a shapeless energy that permeated the world - the distant echoes of lives once lived, harmless and mostly ignored. During the war, 83 years ago, the city had been besieged for nearly 3 years. Hundreds of thousands dead to shelling, disease, starvation and even cannibalism. The whole war had shaken the world and the events in the city more so than any other.

The end of the war brought the end of the siege, as the dust settled and a great rebuilding program begun, a rise in paranormal energy was noted in and around the city. The starved souls lingered in their thousands, their needs forever unsated. In time the city became known as the City of the Damned.

Over the decades, most of the living moved on and more and more spirits accumulated within. The concentration of paranormal energy and unspent desire started to influence the corporeal world ever more strongly. The vulnerable found themselves susceptible to manipulation. The scared, weak, angry, grieving, lost or otherwise unthethered are drawn into the city. For some it is the solace or spark they require to resolve their internal issues and they emerge re-made and more whole; for others it is merely the next step in a downward spiral.

83 years later and there remain the vestiges of civilisation as some people still call it home. Otherwise it is the realm of the criminal, homeless or paranormally possessed.

You answer the desperate plea of a mother and father whose daughter vanished some two days prior. After consultation with a specialist who is able to tune into the paranormal energies they are convinced she has gone to the City and that there shall be a ‘reckoning’ in two days time. They have asked you to travel to the city and resuce their daughter.

An ‘open world’ game set in the City of the Damned, you will explore a myriad of locations and meet a range of characters, each with their own motivations and needs. You must piece together the movements of the lost daughter and uncover the hidden influences controlling her actions and bring her safely back to her parents. Along the way you can become embroiled in a variety of sub plots as takes your fancy.

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I would like to bump-in and mention that both versions of your Isekai and Reincarnation are basically the same. Reincarnation stories you’re alluding to are basically Isekai, a story of being put into another world as a normal human. That being said, I have no preference over one or another (even drafted my own using both versions to see what sticks), but the genre is my gig so I don’t see myself not reading any isekai-based WIP out there if just to see if it tickles the nerd nerve in me.


Um, Heya! Used to be a lurker here, but now I signed for an idea I have.

Akin Ka! - You’re Mine!

You are irresistible; either fear the target on your head or wear it like a crown.

You are a human, born in a world overrun by monsters, or as the locals call it, “Aswang”. Your mother died during childbirth and your father is missing, and so you were raised by her family: her 300-year-old vampire ancestor, her adoptive manananggal sister, and her werewolf brother-in-law. Grow up in the city of Daksin, try to survive family drama, don’t get eaten by your neighbors, and maybe even find love with an Aswang.

…granted that they ignore your tempting tasty human flesh.

Set in a fictional world inspired by the Philippines and Philippine mythological creatures.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; straight, gay, bisexual, or asexual.
  • Live in the crowded streets of Daksin city from childhood to young adulthood. Witness the city’s evolution as mayors cycle through elections. Try to survive in the city’s premier public school. Beg your guardians to take you to the city’s park (or just outside of the house in general). See what else Daksin is all about.
  • Romance a vampire, werewolf, manananggal, human, sirena, or a mangkukulam.
  • Go with your uncle to the Perya and try to win big with him, or leave him to enjoy himself while you enjoy all the carnival games.
  • Convince your aunt to go to the Kita Kita Tayo festival and meddle with her love life, or go solo and find love there for yourself.
  • Go with your ancestor to attend many, many wakes and funerals, or simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon with him at his beloved’s grave.
  • Adopt a chick. If you’re lucky, it might turn out to be a Sarimanok.
Your Family

Marcelo Joaquin

He’s lived for 300 hundred years, yet he doesn’t look a day over 30. A vampire who married an ancestor of yours; declared her as his eternal and only beloved, and vowed to take care of his descendants. You’re the only direct descendant he cares to know of.


A werewolf man well into his adulthood who takes pride in his role of being your older brother figure. He tried being more parental, but he’s too much of a “child at heart.” He’s your paternal uncle.

Ma. Jernalyn

A woman who barged into your mother’s life and refused to leave. She may be the youngest of the three, but that doesn’t stop her from being everyone’s mother. Especially you. Your mother’s adoptive sister. Your aunt.

Romance Options
Aaron / Aaryana Araneta

Werewolf - (m/f)

  • Child of the Barangay Captain, an extremely extroverted individual who makes friends wherever they go.
  • They’re your elementary school friend who was labeled as a “problem child” by many teachers. They’re always the class clown who always ends up in the principal’s office for they’re many adventures.
  • They’re available during elementary.
  • Average height, fawn skin, oval glasses and braces, mid-brown shoulder-length hair (f)
Saturnino / Saturnina Ramos

Manananggal (Kinda like vampires, but they cut their bodies in half to fly) - (m/f)

  • Goal-oriented, always on schedule, no-nonsense class president who is also head of student body. Known for the intimidating presence and dreams of studying law, they are undeniably the glue that holds the class together. They are also known for the whirlwind on and off relationship with a boyfriend that everyone knows of, yet no one dares to bring up.
  • They’re available when you reach middle school.
  • Short, athletic build, has albinism, braided light brown (with a bit of blonde) short hair (f) / close-cropped light brown (with a bit of blonde) short hair (m)
Caramel “Mel” Sakai

Human - (m/f/nb)

  • Your classmate who clings to you for support, no matter how much personal space you declare. They are mostly the target for classroom hijinks and teasing, and they just laugh along with it.
  • They’re available when you reach middle school.
  • They have dreams of joining the military, but because of their family’s fear and concern for a career, they opted to aim for the medical branch.
  • Short, slightly chubby, skin tanned from outdoor activities, curly hair always tied in twin buns (f) / short curly hair that almost goes past the ears (m/nb)
Chester / Cheryl Ramos

Vampire - (m/f)

  • Someone you usually see whenever you visit the carnival or accompany your aunt at the Kita Kita Festival. It seems like they live not very far from you, and from what you’ve seen so far, they’re generally kind and polite. Perhaps the next time you two meet, you can befriend them and perhaps be something more.
  • Availability depends on player choices. It could be as early as childhood, or close to the end of the game.
  • Tall, deep umber skin, straight mid-back length ebony hair.
Ma. Victoria Magbanua

Sirena (Mermaid) - (m/f/nb)

  • An outgoing person who livens the room and never fails to make anyone smile.
  • They’re your childhood friend who moved away at the end of elementary school. They sometimes visit your neighbourhood. It’s possible to meet them again early when MC flunks out of the premiere school. They’re available when you reach senior high school.
  • Tall, lanky, tawny skin flushed with freckles, wavy raven blue hair. Their name will always be feminine, no matter the gender.
Toni Patacsil

Mangkukulam (witch) - (m/f/nb)

  • A quiet person who has unrivalled intelligence, extraordinary patience and open-mindedness, alopecia, and an unrequited love for a fellow classmate.
  • They may deny it, but they’re a bit of a teacher’s pet. Not because of sucking up to teachers, but mostly because of the respect and outstanding class behaviour that they show. Has grand dreams of working in the agricultural science field, and sometimes sells you fresh carabao’s milk whenever they visit their province for holidays.
  • They’re available when you reach senior high school.
  • Tall, stout, light beige skin, always shaven head.

Some ROs can only be met when you flunk out of the premiere school and transfer to a regular school, such as Victoria and Toni. Other RO’s naturally drift away from you as you grow older if you don’t foster a friendship with them. Or just skip the romance all together and just focus on friendships. OR… ignore everyone and just do your own thing.

It’s more of slice-of-life, with the fantasy elements in the backseat for now. It’s a concept I have floating around reworked to fit the cyoa style, so the world building needs A LOT of reworks as well.

Tl;dr - Basically live out the life of a kid with strict guardians whose freedom can only be experienced in a school setting. Also there’s monsters.


Hmmm…i never really thought about them being the same, since you could technically be reincarnated into anything other than a human.

It looks interesting. I am surprised that it is within a culturally Hispanic environment. I was writing a story where a part of it happens in the Viceroyalty of New Spain with a touch of modern and historical fantasy

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Well, the Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards, so I there’s lots of shared culture!
But the setting will mainly focus on the Philippines, even though it sounds Hispanic in some places :sweat_smile: :smiley:

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Well technically the Philippines was part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain so I think if your story is based as if it were those times it would not be rare to see visitors from America who come from Acapulco :sweat_smile:

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As a Filipino, it feels nice to see a story based on the Philippines, though I must admit any mention of Aswang still freaks me out to this day :joy:
I wish you luck on this project!


Do you know if there is a forum where local legends from our communities are discussed?

Forgive me, but I really am a dumb butt when it comes to history, so the term “Viceroyalty of New Spain” turned my brain off real quick :sweat_smile:. But I do see what you’re saying now!

As for local legends, I mostly go here:
It’s the most informative compendium I’ve seen so far. And of course I ask family and friends for anecdotes, especially the elders because they seem to be experts at these :joy:

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I cannot go in but I want to add that here in Mexico there is a little known pre-Hispanic legend where an Aztec warrior who has no head and has an open chest showing the woven rib bones and muscles of his open chest. The joke is that this warrior was brave but stubborn to take precautions when going to battle and that is why he ended up dead and beheaded. The most curious thing is that this ghost tries to find brave men among the community, challenging them to extract their heart from his open chest and with the test of bravery passed, other things added to that bravery came how to be a strong warrior and well positioned within the hierarchy. with a nice wife and good children.

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The core of isekai is that you, or the MC, as a normal human from modern earth is put into fantasy world and finding their life purpose in there. A second chance in life. It just happens that there’re various methods of “transportation” which includes reincarnation (by this description, Overlord, Log Horizon, Tensura, and I’m a Spider are isekai). It’s different than normal fantasy where the MC is native to the fantasy world so they, while doesn’t have to be familiar, know and understand that Magic :tm: exists in their world.