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Do we have to have bionic arm?

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Yes and no. While it gives the MC an edge, the initial use of the bionic arm was for them to be able to cope with the loss of their actual arm. A prosthetic arm is useful in simulating a real arm, but it’s not much use in a fight against an anomaly (the term used for monsters in this universe).

Say, in a world where a small percentage of people are born with superpowers, a non-gifted person like the MC with physical disability will need all the help they can get.


Oh well that’s disappointing for me I’ll just wait for next project to enjoy then


No problem. But just a heads up, the bionic arm doesn’t have to be the focus for the MC. There are other ways to fight and the arm can just be, well, an arm like any other.


I understand just I really don’t like having bionic parts or whatever so even if it’s not a focus just having it is just too much for me


I’m curious - does the loss of the real arm have anything to do with the powerless-ness of the MC?


Can’t spoil you. :shushing_face:

But in all seriousness, I’m reconsidering a big part of the MC and how they’ll be able to interact in a magical world. While the demo still isn’t out, some things are prior to change.


Hello, everyone.
Since my laptop is under repair, and the smartass me actually forgot to update his latest draft to GDrive, I’ve been mulling over a new story idea to occupy the boredom of not having access to a laptop. This idea is actually formed for quite some time now and I’d like to gauge your interest on it so I can humor myself for being productive despite not working on my on-going WIP.

The quick premise of the story is being stuck inside a deep-dive online VR RPG. Deep-dive VR is a subset of genre popular in eastern media where the story revolves on a gamer stuck in their game world. Optional return to real life and “die here, die irl” are included.

The longer premise

A deep-dive online VR RPG where the playerbase is divided into two category: the majority as RPG characters, and minority as godlike TCG (trading card game) characters. You and many others are stuck inside this VR gameworld with no sure way to return to real world, so you have to make peace with the fact that you’ll be gaming for the rest of your life, which could either be a good thing or bad thing. The story will start out as typical deep-dive RPG stories where you explore the world as you would an online RPG while you have to decide how you would deal with the fact that you’re cut off from the real world.

However, complication occurs when not all players who stuck in the world started out as lvl 1 adventurer. Some of the veterans will instead “reincarnate” as a Realmwarden, the powerful heroes of timeline who guard the realm and ensure safety and security of each realms during the “Merging” and “Splitting” of realms. These players will see the world not as a typical online RPG, but instead as a card-battler game where each element of the world is represented as cards and they will own one or several card decks in their possession.

Of course, story inspiration were drawn from favorite anime shows including: Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, and Overlord. However, I don’t have any specific plot to write yet or even whether the PC is going to be the generic RPG player or the godlike TCG player, hence why I don’t have specific summary or RO tab.

For now, I don’t fully intend to commit full time to this idea yet, not until I finished my first WIP which I don’t have access to its draft for now. But who knows? I may or may not continue brainstorming this bad boy depending on the gauge.

  • “Yes, work on this story I dare you!”
  • Pick this option if you don’t feel picking the other option.

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So yeah, here I am again. Had some “issues” but now all of them got fixed. Writing yet another time travel story. In this story, I am planning to look time traveling from another pespective instead of traditional “it’s pointless to change things, time makes sure it happens anyways”

I’m gonna write this regardless, but still wondering your opinion

  • Cool!
  • Nah m8 that’s stupid, you can’t change history. Move on already…

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Interesting idea. I always thought it was stupid that a person outside of there own time couldn’t change anything. Sure, the grandfather’s paradox is a thing, but time travel is so freaking complicated how would we even know if it works like that? Anyways, I’m interested


Hey everyone! I’ve been working on this WIP for about two months now and am thinking of putting the demo up by the end of March (it’s currently at 37k words). I’d love to see if anyone is interested! I will also be posting more on my Tumblr if anyone wants to know more.

Title: When Twilight Strikes
(the first book in a trilogy called The Midnight Hours)


You are a bounty hunter.

Responsible for taking in rogue supernaturals, you work for IAOS—the International Agency of Supernaturals—where, alongside your best friend and partner, you two have quickly become the best hunting duo of the branch.

After a particular tricky hunt, you come to work to find that your boss, Caine Atheron, has mysteriously disappeared, the company is now in the hands of his best friend, Sebastian Mai.

And though no one else seems to question it, something tells you that there’s more to the story.

With bounty cases rising at an alarming rate and a second mystery unfolding, you and your ragtag team of allies set out to find the truth.

But as you go further and further, the secrets you uncover begin to make you question: who… or what exactly are you fighting for?

  • Play as male, female, nonbinary; straight, gay, lesbian, bi/pansexual, demi/gray/asexual.

  • Gather a group of unlikely allies to solve a mystery and uncover a sinister plot.

  • Meet multiple supernatural species and even get a chance to travel to some of their lands.

  • Romance any of five characters, all of which have selectable genders of male, female and non-binary each. Tropes include best friends to lovers, enemies to lovers and strangers to lovers.

  • Choose a skill set for your Hunter (weaponry, traps, cunning or strategy) that will branch off during fight scenes, creating four unique scenarios with different dialogue, choice options and outcomes for each battle.

  • Customize your hunter’s feelings towards supernatural creatures, including levels from friendly to untrusting, and have the choice to form or break alliances.

Romance Options

Arian/Arden/Adair Deutsch — The Best Friend

  • A is your best friend and work partner at IAOS of three years. Reliable and loyal, A is always by your side and there when you need a good laugh. With an easygoing manner and sarcastic sense of humour, A is loved by all, though their greatest friend is you.

Blane Rekner — The Rival

  • Blane Rekner is a fellow Hunter at IAOS and your rival. Blane despises you with a passion and will take every opportunity to make you look bad, often in the form of a snide remark. Cold and startlingly rude, Blane isn’t the most appealing person, but their passion and dedication make up for it.

Nikolas/Noele/Nolan Alves — The Partner

  • N is Blane’s partner at IAOS. Though often overlooked, with soft smiles and constant genuine kindness, N is someone you can count on when having a bad day. But don’t let that fool you, for N also has a strong will and disregard for being overlooked that will make you rethink double-crossing them.

Kian/Kaia/Kai de Vries — The Warlock

  • K is a warlock stranger your Hunter seeks out for their expertise. Being immortal, K has learned to keep their cards close to their chest and finds it difficult to trust. Their aloofness and blunt sense of humour may make them difficult to get along with at first, but once warmed up to you, K is a powerful ally that proves to have a great amount of depth.

Rylan Villanueva — The Bounty

  • Rylan is a bounty you’ve previously failed to capture. A flirt through and through, Rylan’s signature moves are sharp smirks and quick winks, the signs of someone who enjoys the sight of a blush. Their sarcasm and charm often take up the forefront of their personality, but though seemingly shallow with their wandering eyes, Rylan’s bed remains empty, preferring to spend nights alone.

Awesome idea! I’d read the hell out of that. :grin:


That sounds awesome. Kind of a Mandalorian vibe mixed with Supernatural… I dig it :joy:

Please write this :slight_smile:


:thinking: So, you mean, the Witcher? :joy:


Thank you!

I haven’t watched either of those shows haha but seeing as they have big fanbases I’ll take this as a compliment, thank you! I am writing it, I’m in the editing/need to code stages for the demo!


I would love to read and play the game! it seems interesting to play as a bounty hunter (dont think I’ve played something like that before)


If anyone wants to make a game similar to That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime I will LITTERALLY throw all my money at you lol


Curious if anyone has tried to make or played a CS game similar to “Oregon Trail” where the entire game is based around completing a long journey.

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Yes. I am working on something of that nature.

The project is in its third phase and a public demo should be ready “soon.”


Congratulations and can’t wait to try it…
And G’Luck.