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The Magic of Talent

When you find yourself bestowed with magical abilities, you decide to do the only logical thing; Enter the worlds most famous talent competition! Will you keep the reality behind your talents secret, or display them with flair. Are you in it for the fame, or the prize money that could help your family live a better life. Try to learn where your magic came from, and weave your way through social interactions with other contestants, judges, and production staff.
We need someone to make this idea reality!


Will the MC have more than one set of wings or the standard one set?

Also will it be set in modern times, medieval, future or mixed?

Let’s not forget my personal favorite :grin: weapons. Will there be any? If so will it be a large variety or not?


Hey guys I’m working on a new game gods of emerven I’m just starting out and I’m currently working as fast as I can its a tale of magic ,politics .intrigue .fantasy and betrayal if you want to become a beta tester when I’m beginning beta testing email me OK so here’s the summary of the story your an immortal succubus or succubi bound to slavery by your enemies but it wasn’t always this way you used to be the most trusted adviser and friend to one of the gods or goddess’s of the abyss but during the great war between the council of the gods and the rouge gods your master was slayed and as a result part of the god like power u where given was lost and you where cast into a thousand years later u are bound to serve to a mortal duchesses family who was cruel to you, mortals and beasts of all but forgotten about the gods but you still remember one day a king/queen come to visit the duchesses family and you catch their eye but you refuse their advances but they would not take no for an answer so in the night the try to force them selves on you but you resist in the the struggle they are injured so you are sentenced to be executed but a stranger saves u on the run you find out that your savior is your old friend.they then inform u that they now where your god/goddess’s weapen now lies and is waiting for someone to claim it , but they also inform you that the others gods weapons are also awakening so u most hurry before some one else finds and claims them or before he/ she finds you, the god of gods the most powerful being that defeated the gods like the where ants beneath a boot onece a mortal but they obsorb the shards sources of untold power this being was the one who ended the war but is more personal toward you when u both where mortal he/she was your true love before you betrayed them now their looking for u but u don’t know their motives go on a epic adventure through the world of emerven what while your destiny be will you be a king/queen , a god amongst mortals or will u join forces with the sectore a group of people trying to bring the fallen gods back to life or will you join the new gods being born go forth and seize your destiny crusher of souls


Probably a longshot, since it’s well outside the customizable MCs COG likes, but would anyone want to play a gender locked, romance locked, backstory locked character.

You are Rhienne. Years ago you ran away from your warrior mother, and your priestess mother, finding a new life with your love. You thought you were a new woman, that you could make a new life. But then they came, and they took her, they took away your love, and now it’s just you against the nation that raised you, damaged you, trying to get her back.

Just an idea I’m bouncing around, probably won’t do anything with it. And on the extreme off chance you’ve played my WIP, don’t worry, still working on it, hope to have an update in a day or two.


This is very close to the Samurai series in execution, which has a very loyal following, so I have no doubt that this could be done.

With that said, there will be resistance encountered.


I like this concept. The one thing I would change is the fact that you bury the lede. Don’t hide the most interesting parts of your story. It’s not a spoiler, it’s your hook.

I’d also say that a blank slate protagonist might not actually be the best choice for this kind of story, particularly if you’re the one making decisions about their lives. I’d have your main character be someone who understands their role in purgatory as an adjudicator. This is your job. You know your place. You know what you have to do. HOW you do it is the interesting part.

In other words, don’t write the parts that you don’t want to write. Start with the good stuff. Philosophy of death, judgement, worthiness of the individual, self-determination, and shephardship of the lost. It sounds like it could be a really philosophically robust, moody piece where you dig deep into what the lives of individuals mean in a grander cosmic sense.

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Hey y’all.
So I’m a Native American from the Southeastern US & have been working on a novel for young adults about the historical Natives of upper South Carolina. It’s fantasy based but taken from a literal one sentence statement recorded in 1760…and I think I am just stuck. I’m not even necessarily certain of what kind of feedback or suggestions or replies I’m even looking for…is this normal or just a product of adult ADHD going haywire?? Anyhow, one main reason why I’m continuing to work on it is because even my ex husband who is my exact opposite & self proclaimed himself as having zero creativity even finds the concept interesting, but I just keep staring at scribbled pieces of paper and large tomes of historical journals and accounts from 1759-1761. The story is based on a Cherokee woman in SC who, per John Stuart’s war journal, “intervened and saved the life of a man”. So my route is taking a fantastical approach &, dependent upon the first choice, chooses which one of the seven Cherokee clans the MC will be in: bear, wolf, blue, paint, deer, wild potato, or long hair (war chief, protector, messenger, healer, hunter, gatherer, or peace chief, respectively) & because it stems from historical nonfiction is gender locked as a female Cherokee woman who grows to power within whichever clan the reader chooses. I don’t know. I’m frustrated and all over the place!


I have a little idea that I might need some input on. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t change the setting up.

To keep it simple, it revolves around a year-long marriage contract for ~reasons~, obviously very romance based, and initially I have it set in a fantasy/medieval type world, but I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t a bit overdone. I thought about setting it in a more modern world and see how that plays out instead, but I’m unsure.

  • Fantasy/Medieval
  • Modern
  • Other?

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What irked me with Samurai is that it got more restrictive as the series went along and the first book had apparently given me, and not just me, the wrong impression of where the series might be headed.

Oh and that the author chose to discount gay men and to a slightly lesser extent lesbians specifically as part of his marketing strategy to cater to the straight male and female gazes. :unamused:
That’s valid because Hosted Games is a different label with different conditions and more freedom than the CoG label, but again if I had caught on earlier I wouldn’t have bothered.

But since the author here is entirely up front about it, I wish them the best of fortune in their endeavours but unless it’s a gay m/m locked one I am simply not gonna be in the target audience. :wink:


I would like to make my first game for this site after playing these games for a bit over a year now. I want to make a horror or psychological game like ‘Creatures Such as We’, but more in depth about things.

I want to explore the depth of humanity and what it means to be human, but i don’t know where to start. If anybody would like to help me out, i’d gladly appreciate it! Thank you!


I’d say the first part in making a story engaging is the quality of the writing itself. The reader has to be immersed in the story, or in other words let themselves be deceived by the story. Everyone knows fiction is fiction but good writing makes it so that we care about the characters, care about the message of the story.

Second, a big part in making stories engaging is choices. I mean it’s in the name, choice of games. The biggest reason to write these gamebooks or interactive stories or whatever the appropiate name is, is the ability to make choices which keeps the story fresh, complexer, engaging. Make choices worthwhile. Make it so that people’s choices actually matter. Combine with characters or settings that are well written and you have an engaging story IMO.
I’m not an author so you’d probably have more specific tips from them on the forum :grin:


As a fellow Native American, I’d be super interested to read this!

Besides the different clans, what else do you have planned?


Color me very interested. It’s one of those areas of history I’d love to get to know/experience more about, but since it’s not even the same continent going over to take a look isn’t really an option. In what kind of ways could the player character grow in power in the clan of their choosing? I imagine there’s multiple ways to get there.


I don’t know if it might inspire you, but I really enjoyed Guardian Maia as a unique interactive novel (though easy to die, you may reincarnate) by how it integrated Maori spirits and vocabulary.
Also, I recall a beautifully depicted indie video/puzzle game, with Alaskan native storytelling, called Never Alone ( Both involve female leads. Might inspire some fantasy and adventure ideas?

If you haven’t already, I recommend outlining with something like a “beat sheet” (can Google image for examples) to help organize ideas once you’ve got some!

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So I have been writing ideas for my first interactive fiction game, and I thought I might share it in this thread to see if anybody is interested. I came up with two stories: The Hailsmith and Mother’s Song.

The Hailsmith

In The Hailsmith, you take on the role of Maverick, who has recently moved into a rainy subdivision. In their area, it was reported that the rain has persisted for nearly a year now, and no signs of sunny weather were evident. One day, Maverick walks around the subdivision to obtain drumstick leaves, only to be stunned by a loud bang. He goes to where the bang originated, leading him to discover a hideaway tent, which contained numerous valuables such as pictures of a family, wood carvings of a family, and a box full of unsent letters. A man then arrives and pushes Maverick out of the tent with a gust of wind. Escaping a curious Maverick amidst a strong rain, the man is reduced to nothing but lifeless water. To cut it short, you are sucked into a realm no one can escape/leave without the assistance of the Hailsmith. Throughout your journey, you discover the Hailsmith’s identity, interact with the victims of the Hailsmith, and unravel the realm’s origin.

Mother's Song

Mother’s Song is much vaguer in terms of plot compared to The Hailsmith, but anyway, it’s about an orphan named Vye who grows up in Safhirgos, a haven for children whose parents were unable to support them with their needs. Vye and his two friends, Pola and Hil, escape the haven to find Vye’s mother, who has left Vye with objects of protection and guidance such as the Animagnion, a stone that manipulates the elements of its environment to form a towering, eagle-like animal. But what Vye doesn’t know is that his mother has been present in all his life, like a pluck of a harp encapsulated by the hands of space. I guess this will contain more RPG elements than The Hailsmith, but I’m really unsure what lies ahead of this second game (heck, even the first game).

Please vote which idea interested you the most.

  • The Hailsmith
  • Mother’s Song

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Please tell me your thoughts on my ideas. Any piece of constructive criticism will do. If you have any questions on lore of an idea, please reply. :slight_smile:


Thank you all so much for voting! I’ll be closing the poll in a while. I have been writing the prologue of Mother’s Song ever since it took the lead in the poll. I’ll be releasing a demo that will contain the prologue and the first two chapters:

  1. Mira’s Cradle (prologue)
  2. Safhirgos Letters
  3. Magroo, Magroo, Where are You?

I’ll reply to this thread once it’s ready. Thanks!


Hi! I’ve drafted an outline for this IF novel I’ve had in mind for a bit. Any interest for it?

Half-Orcs of Elysia
You play an intrepid young-adult Half-Orc. Escaping your hometown in attempt to find place in a world that seemingly detests your kind, you stumble across Elysia–a hidden matriarchal Half-Orc community of mostly women and orphan children–where eventually you must evaluate what you know of yourself and others in society. As a battle ensues, you must sort out your truths, overcome challenges (with or without allies), and decide just where and how you will continue to live in the future.

  • High-fantasy, medieval-like setting
  • Choose to be from a Noble, Merchant, Laborer, or Destitute family (plusses & minuses in each)
  • Meet Half-Orcs & Humans, and befriend and/or become lovers (romantically or sexually)
  • Expand your life skillsets
  • Navigate various psychological/emotional challenges
  • Enter a battle between Humans and Orcs
  • Choose to be male, female, or non-binary; attracted to males, females, any gender, or just as friends

MC will be Half-Orc, but shall select to appear a bit more Orc or a bit more Human, and so treated differently by some in different societies



Astrid (f)/Aster (m) - Half-Orc, The Muscular, Stoic Healer, monogamous, demisexual pan
Saleena (f)/Salinus (m) - Half-Orc, The Reckless, Human-hating Chef, open to poly, bisexual
Raine (f) - Half-Orc, The Community Leader Artist; polyamorous, pansexual
Doros (m) - Human, The Masculine, Single-Father Artisian; traditionally monogamous, “straight” but might be open to be otherwise :slight_smile:


Definitely sounds interesting


I don’t know if it’s possible,but I had this idea come to me while I was watching this youtube video. What if playing into a multiverse theme that you make a book and every playthrough not only have it be different by choice/personality,but have characters react to how you were in the previous playthrough. Like if you were more of a good person the last playthrough and decide to be more dickish that effects how they respond/open to romance towards that time. Not really fully fleshed out,but I’d be down to read a story like that or just a good multiverse story in the regular format idk.


Hi all!

It’s been a bit since I’ve been on the forums, but I’ve returned with an idea that’s been stewing for a long while. Still working on the plethora of details, but let me know what you think, and hoping to get this started soon!

*high fantasy, somewhat inspired by various rpgs

Thousands of years ago, magic was erased from the world.

The Cataclysm, an event lost to time, is now considered by many as simply a tall tale, scribbled in flaking parchments and mentioned over late night campfires. After all, there’s no proof that magic ever really existed, and the common people deign to place their faith in the divine Ancients, rather than the wondrous arcane.

But a precious few never stopped chasing the power heralded by tales embellished in magic, and so the Radiant (ruler) of Xeneris has finally laid hands on the artifact believed to have caused the Cataclysm.

In a race for power, you and three other royal agents from the rival country of Fialra are sent to take the artifact by any means necessary. But there’s more to this than meets the eye. What is the artifact, really? What are your royal benefactors not telling you? And can a disastrous, centuries old event be reversed?

features (so far)
  • play as m/f/nb

    • customize appearance and character background
  • 3 (4?5?) ROs; the three other agents, of course, though given the current nature of the story, not sure what [more] I want to do

  • travel around Xeneris in search of a missing spy and the coveted magical artifact

  • multiple ‘factions’ to support; you may be an agent of Fialra, but who says your loyalties can’t change?

    • determine who will wield ancient magic by staying true to the Fialran crown, double crossing your homeland in favor of Xeneris, joining the mysterious arcane group, Augur’s Dawn, or ultimately serving your own interests

      • a subplot on the internal workings of Augur’s Dawn, should you choose to support it, infiltrate it, or destroy it
  • quest for knowledge

    • shed light on this whole race for magic by learning what truly caused the Cataclysm; find out why the artifact is such an…unconventional object (can’t say bc spoilers!); recover the lost arcane knowledge accumulated by the late Lady Lyren; understand the true ramifications behind reversing the Cataclysm
  • (hopefully well fleshed-out) character subplots; the three other royal agents have their own subplots that you can pursue (romance optional), relating to how they came to be in this profession and their personal goals and moralities

  • ***fun, optional, variant ‘quests’ that will enrich your journey around Xeneris and also provide a bit of detail into my world of Nirea?

    • these are meant to be little sideline quests- think of them as the miscellaneous quests that a player can do beside the main ‘campaign’ story. The problem with these is that I feel that they should connect to the main story somehow, if the reader decides to pursue them. either give a reward, or some significant stat boost? I’m not sure. Obviously, not doing them should also have some sort of consequence, as well.
  • and probably (too) much more!

Thanks for reading!