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So, I’ve decided to throw away my first idea because I’ve learned if I publish it via HG CoG will hold rights for interactive stuff. I don’t want that (for that IP)

But I still want to publish a book so I have a whole new idea.

Name: Apocalypse: Wrath of Humanity
Topic: A deadly virus wiped out %99 of humanity and sterilized all other survivors so humanity is doomed (or not, but this part is a kind of spoiler so…). You can either join a faction, find who created the virus (and maybe cure), create yourn own faction, destroy the remains of humanity of just try to survive. Possiblities are endless.

Gender: I don’t think I 'll lock this one to male, however I have doubts about non-binary because well I have literally no idea about non-binary people and don’t want to make them uncomfortable while reading the book because of some issues with representation I made because lack of knowdelge. Feel free to help me about this though, I am more than okay to properly represent people.

Rating: Mature at best case, I’ll push the limits of what CoG allows in terms of language, gore, sex etc without having to post book in NSFW section

One of the factions is “The Enforcers”, they are survived military personal in the world who eventually agreed to create an universal military faction and enforce the laws. They also provide protection for a faction that tries to find a cure to virus and another that… well you’ll see them when book gets released.


Sounds intriguing, I am looking forward to the demo


Hi everyone! I am super new to this, so apologies if I posted this under the wrong category or something.

Anyway, can anyone let me know if there are any popular games already out there that are sort of Fallout-esque? I’ve always wanted to write my own nuclear post-apocalyptic story with Fallout vibes. Well, I started writing one once when I was ten but that project unfortunately dropped off the face of the word, and sucks because I was only ten.

I started reading CYOA games recently and honestly, they have really inspired me to get back into writing. I’ve been mulling over this for a while now, and I kind of want to revive my post-apocalyptic story idea. Before I begin though, I wanted to check out what the general consensus on the post-apocalyptic genre is. Mostly, I wanted to see if people would find it super boring/cliche, or maybe if there was already a hyper-popular one out there, which would then cause me to try and think of a more innovative storyline, etc…

As far as my research has found though, there doesn’t seem to be a huge market for Fallout-esque post-apocalyptic games? I know Zombie Exodus has similar energy (albeit with zombies rather than nuclear bomb shenanigans) and Critical Mass is also post-apocalyptic, but I couldn’t really find any other big titles.

Sorry, this post got a bit longer and rambly than I wanted it to. I’d be glad to hear if anyone has any advice, feedback, suggestions, etc.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Anyone want a cold war scenario but its interplanetary?



Sorry, I’m high on sugar:D


Critical Mass? I’m sure there’s probably more. It shouldn’t keep you from writing your game though :blush:


Only one that comes to mind is After the Storm (I don’t think it’s similar to Fallout tho? Idk haven’t played Fallout :sweat_smile:). I really liked it! I for one would be interested in seeing more stuff in the vein of apocalypse scenarios.

And well, no idea’s ever really original anymore. I say don’t worry too much about that and embrace the two cakes principle!

I think you should go for it! You’re better off writing something you’re passionate about rather than something you’re not as into but you think would be popular :grin: Writing a COG story is a huge undertaking from what I’ve seen! Write for yourself first


Weirdly enough I have toyed lately with trying to adapt Fallout 3 or Skyrim into a gamebook format, though I doubt that it would be easy to accomplish…

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I think you could realistically try to make it a TTRPG, but hey, don’t let me stop you!

@derekmetaltron TT is Table Top. So TTRPG would be Table-Top RPG


Not sure what TT stands for, but the theory is that I would figure out how best to adapt the game systems (SPECIAL for Fallout 3 and the various upgrades for Skyrim) and then try and make a demo with a specific quest and if that goes well chunks of the whole game until it’s done. It would probably end up looking like the open world books like Fabled Lands or something.


Doomsday On Demand is a bit Fallout-ish (at least in my opinion)


@cup_half_empty that’s a fair point :slight_smile: I just wanted to do a bit of field study before I started haha

@Moon-Bun thank you so much for your advice! Your words have really reassured me to follow through on reviving my original story :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely change the storyline up a bit though, because 10-year-old me was… interesting, haha.

@LiliArch thank you! I’ll definitely check it out :0

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Hi there, everyone. I am glad to came back here with some new ideas about my second piece. So, I got some stories that I will going to put in a poll and I can help myself to decide… which story should be more interesting and good. haha :smile:

This is just a brief/ summarized/ synopsis of the story: I don’t put full details/further info so, it becomes more interesting and will wait to be uncover by you, the readers. :grin:

Behind The Camera

The genre: Romance, Drama
The story begins with childhood days of MC.
You are aspiring actor/actress when you were child but your life starts to be miserable.
Drama starts: Your father abandons his family while mother died in car crash with you and your older brother. You live in your grandma’s house with your older brother. Your brother stops from attending school for you to finish your study. He works illegally by stealing jewelries with his group. He was captured and jailed which is the day of your graduation (college). You start to enter in theatre but it ends up in full casts, amateur, and etc. Unexpectedly, you meet a mysterious guy who turns out the famous actor/actress currently. He/she helps you to enter in showbiz world. You starts to acting but how about your relationship with your fans… still acting? or be real you? How about your lover way back before your fame… cut the relationship for fame or not? or hide it. As you rise up with fame, Blackmail and scandals will be there too! Are you ready to enter in the world of fame?

Crown of the Sea

The Genre: Action, Romance, History
The story begins with MC as vice admiral of the Spanish Empire. The king orders you to find the Emperor Nicholas’s ship (his father) which is mysteriously disappeared. It says that the ship contains a lot of jewelries, and golds and more!. Soon, you set sail but unexpectedly, a infamous and notorious pirate known as Pegasus attacks your ship. You talk with their captain to release them and he accepts it but in exchange of you. At the end of the day, you are the only one left in the pirate ship while your crew leaves and rallies back to the empire. You will soon find out that the captain is your childhood best friend! Take time to throwback with you and her/his childhood memory. You find out too that the king is the one who slaughtered your family and your best friend too. How will you take a revenge? You will fight for your revenge? or for love (princess/prince)? or for the throne? or leave them and start a pirate life with your best friend? Are you ready to set sail and entitled as the ‘Crown of the Sea’?

The Retribution

The Genre: Fiction, Action
The story begins with the MC as the apprentice of his master in the Guild of ASHE. Your master predicts something bad will happen tonight so, he orders you to go to the ASHE old temple which is far from your village just to get the seal. You thought that it is about for protection but you are not. It is the last will of your master. As you rush back to your village, you found the villagers, your friends, your family died. Everything is burning! You seek for your master and you meet him in his last breath. He told you to leave and start a new better life. As you insisted to stay there, you spot someone luring in the darkness and you thought that is your enemy. You rush to this person and find out that is the tasked to watched your steps. You starts to seek for the answers who is the one behind this killing spree. MC will meet his close friend in the village and both of you will set a journey to get revenge for your loved ones. You will meet new friends to join your pack of assassins. You will discover different places, races, beliefs, culture, and everything! Until it ends that your real enemy is the one that you thought would protect the ASHE guild and other guilds too. Will you seek for bloodlust? revenge? love? new life? or overthrow and let yourself be the ruler of the whole realm? Are you ready to face your life as the greatest assassin of ASHE guild?

The Vanguard

The Genre: Fiction, Romance
The story begins with the MC as the heir of the Sol Empire. You are gifted to call the three powerful creatures: Sea Serpent, White Lion, and the Silver Dragon. But before that, you will take a long path with some drama and romance with your royal family. Your parents will be assassinated by your rivaled enemy, the south empire. It was their advantage because you are too young for you to rule a large piece of land. The enemy starts to march to your empire! How will you protect your empire from their blade!? They are known for ages for their strong armies and willed-spirits of war. Soon, you will meet a hermit that will tell you a tale of the Ancient Ruler of this realm who rules with his three friends! The hermit disappear after you wake up. You will begin your journey to find these creatures to help you to fight against the incoming threat. After you found them and solved their problems, will you use them to protect your empire? or take an advantage to conquer the south empire? Are you ready to be come the Next ruler and the gifted heir of Sol Empire?

  • Behind The Camera
  • Crown of the Sea
  • The Retribution
  • The Vanguard

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I thought the Vanguard is the one in the least of no. of votes but I’m wrong. hahaha :smiley:


I have an idea for a book in the sci-fi genre.
The book starts with the MC’s parents dying at the unveiling of a drug that is capable of curing diseases by forming antibodies at the second of contacting it (the drug basically adapts very quickly). Before the last drug is destroyed the MC’s mother injects the drug into the MC and dies leaving the baby at the scene. The baby lives at a relative’s place after the incident. I am planning for the first book to focus on the early years of the MC. Such as:

  • How they cope with their powers
  • How their powers will influence their life and everyone around them
  • Their growing relationship with their relative
  • Attempts at warding off people who want to use him for his abilities
  • The truth about his parents

The MC’s power wheel is sort of limitless, their ability learns from experiences they have had and adapts to it. For example, if they try to lift a stone and cannot, his strength stat will appear and he unlocks the strength ability, basically almost every interaction with the environment improves the MC’s stats.
Note that this is just a draft and is subject to changes

I found a writer and we’ve started working on the book. Wish us luck :wink:

We started our own personal thread for the book. Check it out - Project: H.I.V.E (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)


So I’m one of those people who has a whole cast of characters but no static plot idea. I can throw my characters pretty much anywhere I please and have them make sense, but I wonder if it’s worth it to write a CYOA in the romance/fantasy genre focusing on my characters if no one is particularly interested in them.

The basic idea I have right now is that the MC is born in a world where access to the afterlife has been cut off, meaning the spirits of the dead have nowhere to go once their body dies. The lucky ones can boot new souls out of newborn babies- but the soul switching process leaves the body’s aura (what essentially keeps the soul tied to the body) damaged, leaving the soul uniquely susceptible to possession. The MC is one of these people. It’s not all bad- you get some perks for essentially being a walking meatsuit for a stray spirit. You can dreamwalk, astral project, and you get some fun empathic abilities too. The story starts with you waking up having been buried alive after being possessed, and you slowly start to put together the pieces of what happened while also dealing with partial amnesia. Basic customization options are there (height, hair, whatever) and I plan to have male, female, and non-binary genders along with an option to designate yourself trans.

But the most fun part of a romance is, of course, the romance options. So lined up, we’ve got five different options. Three have set genders- one male, one female, and one non-binary. Two are same-sex specific (so m!F will only romance masc!MC, f!F will only romance fem!MC), the rest are open to all.


Ever fantasize about sleeping in a bed with your SO and your seven dogs? N might be the guy/gal for you. If you can manage not to scare them off with talk of commitment first, of course. N’s chill vibes can turn into chilly vibes pretty quick if you use the L-word too soon, but it’s to be expected after the childhood they had. Soft-spoken, gentle, unexpectedly funny. Allergic to most things that start with C, including conflict, commitment, and cats (but they’ll still try to pet every one they see).


(Always male, trans). A necromancer with an attitude, and also S’s twin brother. Never what you’d expect- king of self love (but also bad first impressions). Irritatingly arrogant, except it stems from actual skill and not an inferiority complex. Interests include hot baths, wine, skeletons, and you, if you’re lucky. (Or not so lucky- because once he’s adopted you, you’re his friend for life, whether or not you want to be.)


(Always NB.) Do you look at someone over the height of 6’3 and immediately want to climb them like a tree, but you’re concerned about the bodily harm that might follow by doing it to S? You’re in luck, because A actually is a tree. Well, sort of. They’re a tree soul trapped in a human body (though you might think they’re actually a golden retriever soul instead). Sure, they might have a minor addiction to maple syrup, and yeah, sometimes they grow leaves instead of hair, but they’re normal just like you. If the word himbo existed in this universe, A would have it on their tinder profile.


(Always female, romanceable by women and feminine-presenting NBs.) Local genius uses massive intellect, photographic memory to annoy local spirit watcher for her fantasy YT channel- more at 11. Rune’s never experienced shame in her life, and she’s not about to start now. Good-natured disaster. Allergic to expectations- pretends to be less intelligent than she actually is. An easy liar, but she’ll be honest with the right person. 4’9, but it just means she’s better at fitting into places she really, really doesn’t belong.


(Same-gender/same-gender-leaning specific.) F is hot, and it’s not just because they were so overwhelmed by your flirtatious comment that they accidentally set their workbench on fire. But that’s probably a big part of it. F didn’t let their tragic dog allergy hold them back from being a dog person- they worked around it by using their tinkering skills to create a fully automated robot dog. Sarcastic at the wrong moments, licks things that shouldn’t be licked, that guy who has a YT channel dedicated to seeing what can and can’t be microwaved.

Edit: Removed these ROs, sorry


And we’re climbing trees again. Coming in at a cool 6’9, H is the tallest of the bunch, and they hate it. Like N, they also harbor the desire to run away and live in a hollowed-out tree in the middle of the woods with an entourage of various wild animals they’ve nursed back to health. Unlike N, they actually did it. Standoffish, selectively mute, and riddled with emotional trauma, H will be by far the most difficult to romance, despite being the one who most needs a hug.


(Same-sex specific.) Do you look at someone over the height of 6’3 and immediately want to climb them like a tree? Unfortunately, if you try to climb S, there’s a 50% chance they’ll instinctively supplex you. Which you may or may not be into. S is the first NPC you meet- a ‘spirit watcher’, an agent trained specifically to deal with spirit threats. Straight-backed and stiff-lipped, S isn’t the type for romance… mostly because any amount of flirting leaves this normally eloquent ghostbuster tongue-tied.

Edit: Updated some details, removed some ROs, added one new planned RO as of 6/30/2020.


Im new here and didnt know where to post this but i got this crazy idea some of you guys should work on.

I was thinking an origin story for the grim reaper that connects to the world’s first murderer Cain, and you could make death something truly new and terrifying that even lucifer himself fears.

Maybe death wasnt always death, maybe he was cursed to become death?


For those who waiting for that, I’m happy to announce I’ve started development on ChoicescriptIDE. I’m planning to release a short demo in few days


I would honestly love to read the full thing. Keep up the good work and don’t burn yourself out

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just brainstorming at the moment. if i have anymore ideas for this book, i’ll continue to edit some more.

idea(s): [basic premise]
(main character) had lost their connection to their dead familiar. (horse) which in turn, they’d grown wings in replace of the Pegasus’ wings.

romance options
1 male so far

if you have any more ideas to help me along it’d be greatly appreciated.


I feel like this is something you get while in your sleep.
I know. Admit it.