Interest Check Thread

I like genres you selected . Science fiction survival horror sound great.
Also adventure and mystery is something I love.
I don’t know if I understant corectly but idea of rainforrest in whole city and Archeology biulding floating in the sea of algae has activated my imagination…

I will be waiting for this!

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I’m very interested in this. Getting some nice vibes of Zanki Zero (I highly recommend it if you haven’t played) meets Dr.Stone with a pinch of lovecraft, with it’s own unique twist on it’s setting. I’m a sucker for survival horror and the mental image you gave me really left me intrigued, really looking forward to your story.

Also, nice profile pic, Ergo Proxy is criminally underrated.

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Hello! As my first story heads into beta (shameless plug), I’ve started work on a second one and would love to get an interest check before things… get off the ground (space joke, ha ha!)

Somewhere between a blurb and a first chapter, here’s my elevator pitch (any political undertones are imagined by the reader, wink.)

Untitled Space Crime Story

In 1967–the midst of the Cold War–more than sixty nations signed an agreement. They signed it in Washington, they signed it in Moscow, and they signed it in London–the capital cities of the world’s superpowers.

Although the communist tyrants and the capitalist devils (as they saw each other) remained at odds on everything else, they managed to agree that no nation should use the sky above as a weapon.

So from 1967 on, at least in space, humanity was at peace.

Thanks to the…(big breath in)… “Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies”, fifty years went by without interstellar incident.

Then, one man decided that a declining empire should take to the skies and establish their dominance there.

While millions of impoverished citizens struggled to find their next meal, the country quickly allocated funding for the “Stellar Force” and plans were established to build a base on the moon.

After two years and hefty budget allocations, an anti-war activist challenged the moon base on the grounds that it violated the 1967 treaty. Despite years of bending the courts to his whim, the President’s plans were defeated.

With billions of dollars invested in space infrastructure and nothing to do with it, the nation turned to another pressing issue. For decades, they had propped up a failing economy with slave labor. The prison-industrial complex had more bodies than ever, but nowhere to put the men and women they deprived of their freedom in pursuit of bumping the Dow a quarter-point.

Stellar Force ships were repurposed for prison transport, and orbiting satellites configured to mine asteroids. Fatalities were high among the initial groups of forced laborers, but years of propaganda took the average citizen’s mind off it. Eventually, space was the destination for all criminals that fell into two groups: those “Too Dangerous” to remain in prison alongside other workhorses, and those “Too Skilled at Escape” who would jeopardize the state’s investment if they remained in Terra cells.

But the remnants of Stellar Force found a second purpose: one that wasn’t trumpeted as a miracle of capitalism, or even mentioned publicly at all.


A country that spends trillions of man-hours spying on its own citizens has to do something with zettabytes of data.

The most sensitive, the most crucial, the most valuable information—it became too much to keep on hand. Hacking attempts grew exponentially as personal data became a black market currency.

Too valuable to destroy, too volatile to hold: secrets that could start wars and topple empires were stored on servers by a select few with Top Secret security clearance. And those servers?

Houston, we have liftoff.

In the years since, rumors spread among those in the know. The value—from both a monetary and power standpoint—couldn’t be overstated. But the servers were securely in orbit around Earth, and governments kept any attempts at private spaceflight tightly under their thumb.

Only two groups of people travel to space now: the “Too Dangerous” inmates and those “Too Skilled at Escape”. And unluckily for you, you’ve found yourself in one of those groups.

…but this is simply step two of your plan.

The potential to get unfathomably rich, turn the world into a utopia, or rule it with an iron fist? It’s flying around the planet at five miles a second. And soon, you will be too. Have you bitten off more than you can chew? Or will your plans to shape Earth’s future come to fruition?


Well, I am so thankful about the current position of my first thread which is my first story Humanity Extinction but right now, I am talking about my new ideas of my new story and I just want to check if your eyes got interested to it. :grin:

Who loves Anime! Well, I guess some members here loves Anime. I just want to say that I am Anime Lover. So, because of that, I just want to add some spices of Anime in my work and also, new (I don’t know if this is new but I think it is new :smiley: ) Astrology: Constellation Zodiac Signs. :star_struck:

I was thinking that the MC can choose his/her/their zodiac sign to represent. Let’s call Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn persons to check this story.

The story begins…
After 300 years, the world peace is coming to an end. The darkness escapes the dark void where it was imprisoned. Land corruption, bloodshed, and the dark skies appears on our world. The Imperial Palace summons their Astral Messengers to deliver a summoning messages to the TWELVE Zodiac Patrons but there is a problem, all of them are in danger!

As MC, you will have a right to customize your physical appearance and skill attributes. You can choose freely your zodiac sign. You will save the other ELEVEN Zodiac Patrons and after that, you will fight and end the darkness once and for all. As the MC unravels the story, MC will discover that the darkness is caused by the 13TH ZODIAC PATRON! WHO IS IT! How could be possible that there is 13th Zodiac Patron? They and we all know that there is only 12! Let’s grab your weapon and face our fate until our dream peace will be ours.

That’s all! I hope my ideas got some interests, somehow. :grin:
Have a nice day! :heart:


The story sounds interesting. The zodiac signs will be attached to their personality archetypes, strengths, weakness, compatibility, etc? (you know: charismatic Leo, bold Aries, brainy Virgo…?) :thinking:


This sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to the demo & eventual game


So, it’s kind of a science-fiction survival horror game, with the main antagonist being something of a love child of an eldritch abomination and The Swamp Thing? Sign me up rn :smiley: :+1:

@S_O_V_R_A_T_O Me! I love anime! And your idea looks quite interesting! And if I’m not wrong, there IS truly a 13th zodiac sign! It is called Ophiuchus, I think.


@Vashnik Thank you! :grin:
Yes, each zodiac sign has unique talent, strength, weakness, personality, and skill advantage. I’ll make them high compatibility with others (equal). More skills,talents, and attitudes and etc. :smiley:

@moonfungus glad to know and to hear those words from you, Anime Lover! Yeah, but unfortunately for that sign, it is not Astrological Sign, but it belongs in zodiac belt. And it is the forgotten one sign which is the Archenemy of the MC :man_facepalming: :grinning: hahaha


Hello again everyone. I made a (now deleted) post for this game back when I first got the idea. Since then, I’ve gotten a better idea for what the story will be, so, I figured I’d make another post. If I write this, it’ll be a series.

Name : Fallen Gods Book 1
Genre : High Fantasy, mythology,


You’re a god who’s been stripped of power and exiled to the mortal realm in a human body. In your wake an organization calling themselves the Pantheon has emerged to try and claim power in both the mortal realm and the heavens above. Whether you seek the greater good, revenge, or survival, you must travel the world and gather allies to stop the Pantheon before their plans come to fruition.

Your journey begins in the Whispering Isles, where Murmir, God of Whispers, manipulates warring Empires and rebels from afar in the Pantheon’s name. You and your new allies must thwart Murmir’s schemes and defeat him.


-Choose one of four different backgrounds for your character. Each will determine your character’s powers, history, and past relationships. This changes how people interact with you as the story progresses.

-Determine what the MC’s did as a deity, which will affect the world and how they’re perceived by people in it.

-Throughout the series you recruit new allies to join your effort to defeat the Pantheon. However, it’s up to you whether they follow you out of friendship and loyalty, or out of fear and intimidation. Either choice will affect how other characters react to you.

-Throughout the series you’ll be given multiple chances to determine what your character’s stances are on certain things, such as being human. So, you can, for example, start off hating being human, but have your character change their stance as the story progresses.

-Most the “challenge” (Although I’m more focused on the story), will come from the fact that the MC has a limited amount of power left. There’ll be an energy bar that depletes whenever you use your character’s divine powers. Naturally, if you deplete it, you’ll have to rely on human powers instead.

-You’ll be able to handle situations through persuasion, combat, or your divine powers.

-Combat wise, there’ll be three stats, strength, speed, and magic. This will mainly affect flavor text during battles.

Questions I have

-The obvious one is, of course, would you be interested in a story like this?

-What are some of things you’d like to see from a game like this? I can’t guarantee going along with them, but I’m new to writing interactive fiction and therefore am open to suggestions.

-What’s something you’d advise against doing? Especially on one’s first attempt to write interactive fiction?


This sounds like a great premise, and the limitation on power makes for an interest dynamic and driving tension point. I would be interested in seeing it come to fruition!

I think if I were to suggest anything, it would be to consider (in case you haven’t yet) not treating the amount of power left as something to be buried in the Stats screen - rather, have a few narrative points to allow players to focus on your narrative without needing to “break out” of it to check their power gauge (though of course they can if they choose to, and you choose to have it visible/“knowable” in that way).

And on what I would like to see/suggest avoiding… maybe I’d stress that I wouldn’t personally enjoy having the background I pick also determine how my character will forever feel about it. You touch upon this when you say you’ll get the chance to determine your character’s stances, so I think you already have that in mind! So using your example, I’d like the oportunity to start off hating being human and knowing why I hate it, and while having the possibility to change my stance as the story, also contrast that with my origin story.

Just noting that I feel attached more along the lines of regret about past choices, not only being able to choose actions for the present. It also doesn’t need to be too heavy handed or split off your narrative too much either to work, IMO, just some chances to “address” the past. (Sorry if that seems like a given/obvious for your premise! Just trying to mull over possibilities.)


Thanks for the reply! I’m glad the story sounds interesting to you.

That is a good idea. I should find a way to convey how much power the MC has left through the story, so the player doesn’t have to stop and check the stat screen every time. Thanks for the suggestion!

I agree. I’ll definitely include chances to address the player’s origin and what they did during it. You’ll be able to choose whether you still feel good about it, or whether you’ve changed your mind. So, for example, if someone wants to play as a character who was evil during their background but later regrets their actions, they’ll have the opportunity to do that.


Hi guys, I’m Owolabi23 and I’m working on my first choice script game. it’s titled2042: Earthfall I hope you guys will like it. It’s a combination of superhero and SciFi fantasy with lot of adventures.

*Welcome to 2042, humanity’s last year on Earth, with only 235 days left until the pending Apocalypse. In your search for connection to your unique ability, you find a message from your dead father’s computer and learns a secret long kept from the public: beneath the tumult of an approaching apocalypse, the Atlas project endorsed by the Euphoria government and F40, the rival evolutionary groups, search for an alien artifact hidden somewhere beneath the Earth’s surface. The artifact is the world’s only hope of escaping the onset of ruinous disasters, and you might be the last living human with the energy potential to retrieve them.

Your journey begins when the Atlas project finds about your powers and anticipates you to join their course. You’re forced to make choice with a limited time, use your ability to stop F40 latest attack, or hide what you truly are like your mother always taught you. You must wrestle between the fear and danger being an evolutionary brings and billions of lives that you can save before their hope for salvation - the artifact - disappears. *

You did be wondering what power you’re gifted with to be the only one in the multi verse to stop a universal apocalypse. You are gifted with ‘COSMIC MANIPULATION’ which also gives access to countless of other abilities, quite unique, isn’t it?
You’re gifted this power also in a unique way, not how other ‘Altered’ are gifted their abilities. A way which you’ll find out when you start reading the book which I currently don’t have a demo of now, but I promise to create one as soon as I finish the chapter one of the book and keep on updating new chapters immediately after coding.

Here are some of the important stat in the game.

  • Power level:
    It’s created mainly for fighting scenes where by it decreases when you use your powers. Some attacks need high power level to be carried out and it is recharge when you rest and replenish itself within a certain period of time.
    (NB: Your power level can reach an infinite level where it can no longer decrease no matter how powerful your attacks is. That is, if you choose the right choices and be able to control and understand the full extent of your power.)

*Health level:
It’s also created for fight scenes, your level decreases when are attacked, either small, medium or heavy attacks. As far as you’ve been hit, it decreases which also depends on the level of your enemy’s attack. Using high energy consuming attacks with low power level also decreases your health level.
(NB: Your health level can also reach an infinite level where it can no longer decrease if the right choices are picked with full control and knowledge over the limit of your power.)

Don’t be afraid if you don’t get infinity level to your power and health level, you can’t die even if it all reaches 0. Thanks to your powers with it sub ability to heal and regenerate, you may pass out during fights when these two stats reaches 0, but you will be conscious in no time and resume your fight if the enemy haven’t escape or think you’re dead.

  • Power control level:
    This stat is highly important like the power and health level because the lower the level of this stat the lower the level of attacks and damages you can inflict on your enemies and vice versa.
    (NB: You will be able to use the sub abilities of your power and perform heavy attacks if this stat is greater than ‘70’ and will be granted complete immunity to power and health level, performing devastating attacks when it’s greater or equals to ‘95’.)

  • Willpower :
    This is also important, because without your willpower you can’t set your mind to learn, understand and be able to control your power. The higher this stat the faster your power control level stat will increase. This stat also decreases when a wrong choice is picked.

  • Knowledge:
    This stat determines your progress on finding the artifact and some hidden secrets in the game. This stat also improves your willpower stat which in turn improves your power control level which in turn also improve your power and health level stat infinitely. What a connection!

  • Artifact:
    This stat shows how close you’re to finding the artifact. The higher the level of this stat the higher the chance of acquiring the artifact faster, and vice versa. It improves with higher knowledge and power control(because of the abilities of your power when you have higher control over it)

  • F40:
    This stat shows your progress in stopping F40 from their dangerous schemes, and also shows how many of their attacks you’ve stopped and how many was carried out successfully on a separate stat.

That is that for now on stats.
(NB: romance scenes and options are not surplus in the game compare to fighting scenes and options. The game is all focused on stopping the apocalypse (which you might not be able to achieve and you can always retry and pick a different choice), stopping F40’s attacks and saving people from upcoming dangers in a limited amount of time. So the romance scenes and options will be low due to high concentration on the action parts in the amount of time the MC have.)

It will be of great help if you can suggests characters, superpowers, romance options, scenes, friends and enemies, fight scenes and options etc. Again, this is my first choice script game, your help is highly appreciated and needed. Thanks.


It sounds like you have a well-developed concept. Looking forward to a demo to see how it plays out.

I only have one concern: while making the player-character immortal may seem like a huge benefit, if you’re not careful it could make the game less engaging.

For example, if I’m playing your game and I know for a fact that no matter what, I can’t die (or lose), it will feel like my choices don’t make much of a difference. So I’d be more inclined to just skim through the combat parts just to get to the next part of the story, which means the hard-work you put into those parts would go unappreciated.

Having the threat of my character’s death looming behind my choices will encourage me to read carefully, and play smart. And it’ll feel more realistic.

So, if you are going the immortal route, try to make sure there are significant consequences to losing a fight.


Sure, I will put that in mind. And thanks for your suggestion

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After two months of brainstorming and planning I’m finally ready to present my Idea or rather multiple Ideas. I have developed a couple projects for stories but I am having trouble to decide which to focus on and do. Something I would like help from the community for. That and to have other people to keep myself accountable to other than well myself.

The premise of all the stories is the player is one of a few different ancient dragons that have woken up after three to four thousand years after the collapse of the ancient dragon civilizations. Each story takes place in the same world around the same time, but each story takes place on different continents and environments with each dragon protagonist getting dropped into a unique setting and story and being of a different element and thus having magic powers unique only to their element.

That and for the most part they are the only ones able to wield magic as the ancient dragons were the ones gifted the ability of magic by the former gods of the world. In the years afterword the remaining magic of the world dried up and magic items looted from the ruins of these civilizations. So essentially magic is an extremely rare thing in this world and the player will pretty much be the only with access to it(at first at least).

There are other dragons/ draconids in the world but they are essentially either wild beasts or have become subservient to the other races which have rose to prominence in the last few centuries. Subservience could be in the form of the rider bond. Dragons in ancient times rarely took on riders, dragons (even the unruly wild ones) always had this type of bond at their disposal, even before their rise to power and prominence. In years following the collapse these bonds have become more common amongst the intelligent dragons.

Each story will allow the player to find out more about the downfall of the dragon civilization that once ruled the continent the story takes place on but this will be more of on the side from the main plots

Sands of Khebnas The continent of khebnas, once dominated by an expansive and lush jungle cut through only by large lakes and winding rivers, ruled over by the ancient water dragons. After the downfall of the water dragons the magic maintaining the jungle paradise ran out soon after. The rivers and lakes dried up as the the jungle gave way to sand and desert. Nowadays water is a precious resource and the continent is dominated by rolling sand dunes. Dotted around the endless desert one can find the remains of ancient lake and river beds, ruins of the water dragon civilization and scattered oases. The khebians as the people of this continent are called now live clustered around the oases and remaining sources of water or as nomads traveling from oasis to oasis braving the hot sands between.

One of the most notable of these oasis town is Al-kasyruh. Founded years ago, built around the great oasis, its the largest settlement known on the continent. While it has been a prosperous settlement, recent times have shown trouble for it. The old feud between The Najdeens and the Sheikals, the two most influential clans in the city has heated up and threatens to descend into violence that will tear the city apart. Against this hatred though there are rumors of two lovers from the two tribes who risk death to see each other. Meanwhile a dual plague has struck the crops and animals that feed the city threatening the food supply. The most pressing of all the concerns for the people of al-kasyruh is the signs that the great oasis, the life blood of the city, maybe be drying up.

Even as things look bleak in the city a magical and scaly newcomer to the city may be able to provide hope yet. Or maybe they will watch it fall apart, the choice is up to them.

With sand stuck under every scale and even more under your feet, step into the talons of an ancient water dragon as you help decide the fate of a city, two forbidden lovers and your own destiny.
Will your powers of water and healing bring new life to the city, maybe you can even figure out how to restore a part of the jungle paradise you called home.

Shadowrise The continent of dunkeln was once the land of eternal darkness and the home of the dark dragons. Home to many mysterious night fauna and glowing flora. The dark clouds that once shrouded dunkeln in complete darkness and blocked most sunlight have long dissipated. Nowadays the land is subject to the day/night cycle of the rest of the world. The wildlife either went extinct or adapted. While most of the dunelians have adjusted to the day/night cycle and have become day people seeing better in the light than their ancestors. Though this has come at a cost of losing their natural night vision. Some though are fortunate enough to be born with a rare mutation to see in the dark like their ancestors but at the cost of being able to see in the light. While the dunelians of the past were able to make up for this with magic, these days they no longer can. The same is true for the dragons of this continent.

These mutations had made those individuals quite the thieves for night raids on businesses and the like. The thieves guild of the city of schattenhugel managed to get a good number of these individuals in their employ allowing them to become the most prominent crime group in the city as their night raids became the stuff of legends. Those glory days are long past now as the guild has been in decline, replaced by the shwartz family gang. The schwartz in recent times have contributed to the guilds decline by getting the local government to crack down on them in addition to waging their own war. The death of their leader kurt cleves and the betrayal by johannes freiburg is when things really went downhill. the remaining members of the thieves guild either left, arrested or killed in the war with the schwartz. That is for everyone other than a group of stubborn holdouts.

These holdouts would keep operating for awhile until their hideout in the ancient dark dragons ruins was finally discovered. All known escape routes blocked by the schwartz and the law, the holdouts would have to venture deeper into the ruin than they ever dared before. Not only would they find an exit but they also may have found their salvation.

Play as an ancient dark dragon who has also just become the unofficial leader of the remnants of the schattenhugel thieves guild. Plan heists and raids. Relearn your powers of darkness and use them for your nefarious purposes whatever those might be. While fighting back against the schwarts gang rebuild the thieves guild to your liking whether that be back to thievery and that mischief or make them into something else of your choosing like assassins, or YOUR dark knights.

Sun over Delleau The continent of Trendall, Once the home of the mighty light dragons. It hasn't changed much after the fall of the ancient dragons unlike other continents. It boasts temperate forests, grassy plains and meadows, rolling hills and on occasion some mountains

The duchy of delleau sits on the border of warring neighbors. It first served as a vassal state to velsar but was annexed by caltanry in the aftermath of their first war. Over the years and multiple wars it has changed hands many times. Throw in the ever present and active separatist movement and you get the situation of delleau. Though it has the potential to be a prosperous area, mismanagement and constant strife and violence have long kept it from any form of riches.

Delleau has long suffered but this year in particular doesn’t seem to be delleau’s. A new war has started with armies now trampling the land once again and outlaws are as plentiful as ever. In competition with the outlaws, a plague of wyverns who have been migrating to the duchy for no known reasons. A strange sickness that turns victims yellow ravages the land. Another sickness also has appeared but afflicts the dragons. Glow death, as its called, causes their eyes to glow and faint light to come from them as they slowly grow weak. Both eventually end in death for the afflicted and both appear randomly. To add to the mix, the gelliks, primitive being who lurk in the caves beneath the southern part of the duchy have recently emerged from their caverns and gone on the war path. And to top it all off, strange lights have begun appearing in forests along with a creature called the morlick. Many locals attribute the recent supernatural troubles of the region with this creature while others say its a messenger of doomsday.

Even with all this, there are those who still try to bring life and prosperity to this troubled region

In the middle of all this mess comes an ancient dragon awoken by a band of rebels taking refuge in old dragon ruins.

With the sun reflecting off your scales and a shine in your eye play as an ancient light dragon who has sort out the mess that is the duchy of delleau.
Bring prosperity to region that hasn’t seen it in a long time. Uncover the ancient magic from your time that is causing all the strangeness. Relearn your light magic powers to help you shape the future of delleau whether its “showing” bandits the light or investigating the morlick

sidenote: you will be able to choose which of the warring factions to side with whether it be one of the empires or the native rebels of delleau.

The Great Expedition The continent of Arkirus, once the home of the electric dragons and covered by an eternal storm and fields of glowing crystals. The storm though has long since dissipated and the electric dragons gone. The people who inhabited this continent are thought to have died out as the magic that sustained the lightning storm and crystals also is what allowed organic things to live there. Those who stayed anyway, some of the surviving Arkirans migrated to other continent but mostly the islands surrounding Arkirus. Now Arkirus is known as the dead continent where no life grows and the bleak crystals are reminders of a time long ago. Not everything on this continent is dead though, there is a reason Arkirus was considered to have the most dangerous wildlife in ancient times and still is by some. Psyonic crystalline entities still roam the dead lands acting like guards, attacking organics who dare venture onto this continent.

While the electric dragons were the most prosperous and artistic of the ancient dragons, they are the ones scholars and archaeologist know the least about, the reasons being as stated above. Whether its the honor of saying you’ve been to Arkirus and survived, the thrill of adventure, plundering the wealth of unlooted dragon ruins or discovering more about the electric dragons many adventurers and explorers have undertaken expeditions and trips to the dead continent. Many of those that go are the descendants are arkirans, however the continent attracts explorers from all over the world.

The latest of these expeditions is searching for a rumored powerful artifact. They don’t find the artifact they’re looking for, they do find proof of its existence as well as some unexpected help. Now they set off deeper the mysterious continent in search of glory and the artifact.

Play as an ancient electric dragon who joins a merry group of adventurers and fortune seekers as they look for a treasure of your kind.

Discover your kinds fate and see whats become of your home continent.
Will you guide your companions to the treasure they seek, or use them, then let them die and take for the treasure for yourself.
The people on this expedition also happen to be some unique artists. Will you use your natural creativity and playfulness as a lightning dragon to help them out with other projects.

  • Sands of Khebnas
  • Shadowrise
  • Sun over Delleau
  • The Great Expedition

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Players will be able to customize their dragon appearance but will be restricted by the racial traits of each dragon species in each story. Romance probably won’t be a “major” thing but some stories will have options.
You will also be able to choose a rider from the casts of non dragon characters each story if you wish to.

Constructive feedback or criticism on these ideas would be quite useful to me and appreciated.


You had me at the sentence “you are a dragon” :dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon::dragon: I chose all of them.


Nice to see a fellow dragon fan. Though I have to ask out of all four stories which would like to play the dragon in the most?


Umm…all of them?


Fair enough. While it could still change, shadowrise may give us a dragon crimeboss story.


Good morning, afternoon or night depend on the time wich you’re reading this, so yeah, I’m a new person in this community thanks to a friend of mine that keeps saying that would be nice if I tried to make a Choicescript game or something like that, soooooo sorry if there are any mistakes in this text, english is not my first language but I try to write it the best way I can.


It’s about our world, we are in the year of 2020 and everything is pretty normal but at the second month a new company has arrived, M&N, nobody knows what’s their purpose or who’s their real motives to create this company but one thing is known for sure, they can create portals that connect us to other worlds, other dimesions and other times. You can be whatever you want as we live with other races, such as elfs, dwarfs, orcs, vampires, werewolves and goblins, each race since the medieval times had grown into a specified area to contribute with society, the world isn’t the best but it’s our and you can keep on living your normal life, working, studying or just living doing whatever you want until something happen in your day to change everything.
This is the base summary for this game and it’s based on three books that I’ve wrote (and practically disappeared with them) during my highschool years, there’s a hell lot of things to do and see, people to meet and to have relationships but remember, every choice will have a reaction and it’ll come for good or not.
Things you can do
For now, as my mind is racing with this, you can almost literally do anything that you might think that’s wrong or not, this meaning that you can literally go on a killing spree through any city in the world or explore one of three (I think I can put more but I’m still learning how to do it too) worlds and get some good story with your life in them and as I’ve seen in many other posts, yes, you can be any kind of person you want to be and have a relationship with any type of person as long as they’re interested in you.


This is a world that’s technologically advanced but the people that live here doesn’t know that, the gods of this world are VERY present but not omnipresent, they ‘‘live’’ their lives at their own pace as the races try to live theirs, draconoids, nekojins, avians and others animal-like races live here not peacefully as we have three major cities Furybitter, Dawnspire and ‘The Goodlands’, each of them having some specific race that has a majority living there and have some other villages. Furybitter and Dawnspire are at war for almost three hundred years by now and trying to conquer each other spaces as The Goodlands just try to survive amidst the chaos but something might be coming, signs of the end are near and no one see it.
Things you can do
As stated, you can be like any animal-like race and delve into the story behind Animalia’s war, beggining or end or you can try to prevent it to end. You can be a normal person in this world trying to live peacefully by living your life and praying to a god or goddess from this world, having your relationship and waiting for some miracle to happen and the war to end or put your hands in the dirt and try to it end yourself.


You’re a necromancy living in the middle age, magic is present and there are a HELL lot of magics to be trained in, to train with or to die for but you’ve chosen necromancy, why (?) because it’s fun or because it’s seen as something evil and bad across all the land, you live in Allmanity, the middle city of the world and where the magic school is located with its diverse teachers to learn from and you know, learning the basics and so on of necromancy will put a target on your back because people still think that its only use is to create chaos and destruction but it’ll be your role to choose from, will you give into the many legends and histories and create chaos with your magic, be immortal as a Lich and dominate all or will you try to find a way to prove to ALL that your magic isn’t all bad and you can be good even though you use bodies and death itself to protect others, no one can know this but only you.
Things you can do
Weeeeell, you can kill, bring back, create an army, betray your friends and family, betray kingdoms or be the most powerfull archnecromancer and try to use your magics in the ‘right way’ (is there such a thing ?) and prove to the world that you are different, that Necromancy isn’t all evil and you can do it but you must have caution because there are hunters out there and obviously there’s a great evil lurking for those that have a corrupt heart

So, yeah, after taking like two hours or so to write all of this, thank to all that’ll or not vote and thanks to my friend for almost yell to me everyfucking day to make this as a ‘hobby’ or just something to do with my free time, might be nice try something new.

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