Interest Check Thread

How can we help? Perhaps a few questions might help?

Let’s start with this one: By the end of the series, how do you see the main character living their life? What happens to the character, how do they change, and what is their ultimate end? You can just focus on one, not many as per usual I’m choice-based games, just so you can move forward with something.

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It’s an interesting blurb haha. Despite the content of lovecraftian nightmares, cults, and supervillains, your presentation is quite comical, which leads me to believe it’ll have mostly comedic elements? It also seems like there isn’t a concrete story yet in your mind, which can definitely hinder your motivational process. I would definitely agree with Riley here.

Determining an end goal, or even just the overarching story concept, can help to solidify your thoughts and set you on your way towards creation haha


That’s… not entirely correct, although of course it will have some (every story needs a healthy dose of comedy, in my opinion), I simply wanted the blurb to sound like an info leaflet the city might hand out to tourists :thinking: But you are correct in that I don’t know the whole plot yet.

That is a good thoughtline. Thank you.


@LiliArch and @G-Man

Perhaps this outlining approach might help you both of you for both an individual book, for each book in a series, and for an entire series (follow this outline in order to build up your story:

  1. How does the character’s internal and external life resolve by the end?
  2. What are the opposites of those states (an internal and an external state)? That’s how your character should start their journey.
  3. What is the ultimate event along the journey that causes the character to realize they can make the change?
  4. What causes the character to start their journey, so they can change their internal and external state to the final state of life?
  5. What is the quest that gets your character sucked into the journey that will lead them to the ultimate event and on which they meet allies, friends, and enemies and travel new places. The plan the heroes come up with will not be great, but it is a start. The plan never is great until they realize they can change their internal state of mind.
  6. Once they have had that realization of making that change, then they have the power to complete their quest or change the quest if necessary and complete that, which leads them to getting that external state of change.
  7. Then what happens that throws a wrench in the hero’s initial plan to complete the quest? What diversion, enemy, betrayal, etc. that stops that quest? Why does this happen? The hero is not living in their power that comes from changing their internal state, which only comes by experience, or by getting an external change of state (getting that powerful weapon), which still required an internal change (Thor becoming worthy to lift his hammer again.).
  8. Lastly, what is the moment when all hope is lost? The wrench finished wrecking that initial plan. The hero made a realization that they need to change, yet defeat happens. What sacrifice needs to happen in order for them to come to their ultimate power to get to the final resolution, which you have decided when answering question 1.

Edit: I adapted this from what I learned from (Note: I have no connection with this person and gain nothing by posting this link or anyone going to it.)

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Please, take your time. No need to rush it all and I understand the event of a loss is not something easy to bear. I hope for the best for you, your family, and your grandpa.


I think you mean give people ending then start from beginning from what I understand

I can’t really do that, while I’ve read awesome stories that following your outline I’m not planning to lock people one ending with different RO, money etc. I plan to make more than one ending and all of them will be way different than other endings.

I get that. Same here. But you do the outline with each end state, figure out how the middle portions of the book connect and differ, and work from there. It is a way of adjusting a ln outline for a single novel to our type of stories. I just thought it might help you with ultimately figuring our your story arc for each individual episode/book as well as your larger arc, not to lock players into one ending.

Hey there, so im not the best with choicescript. And maybe not the best writier. But im willing to throw out ideas for free. So it’s the classical super hero thing, but you play as that damsel in distress. The one who has to be saved and if somehow always in some way in danger or kidnapped. Now my idea is a comedy where the MC is alwasy “Why me?” and joke about the setting alot. But you can do whatever you would like with it.

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The game I’m thinking of making would be a series of adventures for the main character and possibly some allies but with no specific thing linking them together. Choices of the mc will impact later situations but the mc has no big bad enemy to defeat or dire crisis to deal with over the course of the story. Would like the thoughts of more experienced writers on making a story like this, tips on writing it and making it good, how to make a good climax, any stories that do a good job of this and would be good to study how they do implement this system.

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For a story with no “main conflict,” I’d suggest using the Asian plot structure Kishōtenketsu. This plot structure is set up, in layman’s terms, like so:

  • Ki. Establish the situation.
  • Sho. Develop on the situation.
  • Ten. Twist! Something unrelated happens.
  • Ketsu. Resolve the twist and its effects.

If you’re looking to make a longer story, feel free to loop these together and change or combine the orders.

I don’t think Kishotenketsu can be changed or combined at will. The Japanese poem is structured in that way that changing the structure itself equals changing the name, Kishotenketsu.

Hi I’m posting here befire I decide to commit to anything especially since this would be my first time writing and I would mostly write to ease the boredom of quarantine but I was thinking on trying a ww2 esque game (just with made up countries and ideologies or maybe keep them the same in not sure yet) and i was thinking of being able to play as a few different people from separate countries like a tank ace from a germany type country, a naval bomber from an American type country, and a sniper from a Japanese type country. I really don’t know if ill fully commit and how well the quality would be but I do have a passion for war and would like to create a story based off the greatest conflict in human history. Let me know if anyone would be intrested in something like this and I’m open to suggestions for ideas.


I would suggest starting very small. Start with a short story and then turn it into a novellette. A novellette is the shortest form of a complete novel-like story. They can work well in choice-based games too. Whatever you do, if you enjoy writing it, others will enjoy reading it, and that includes WW2.


There’s a lack of political games within Choice of Games with anything related to it being medieval games which usually the majority if not always someone will try to become the king or some autocratic lord. The main issue with this is there isn’t a diverse set of games for this. President disaster after trying the demo was more of a satire for Donald Trump. The main issue with this is there’s a huge pool of content to use with this. If there are coders that do very little writing or don’t like doing that much thinking historical politics is the best position in that situation. A good example could be the Federalist- Anti Federalist factions within the American colonies during the late 1700’s. This can even be incorporated into a militaristic topic involving the revolution which then evolves into a political issue. The Infinity saga does this with the new Lords of Infinity sequel. But if there is something in a historic story that is good potential I’d personally recommend Hamilton. I wrote this topic just because I felt that very little people know about the potential within these subjects.

Usually politics are more a thing you do along the lines in the games.
It also has something to do with escapism, I wager.


I wouldn’t mind playing a game with political undertones but a game about the current political landscape would take me out, I read books for escapism and to relieve some of the stresses of life


Political games are a tricky subject in the best of times, and I think not many would disagree that recent and current world events are not conducive to such a game being published at this time. Even small things become controversial, and such a game would become extremely controversial, extremely quickly.

Additionally, most games of the sort are usually divisive, since they necessarily involve something of the player’s own political opinions. Depicting politics in a balanced and nuanced manner in which all sides are portrayed without bias and none as having strawmen is a very difficult task.


I’d rather play a more realistic political drama of a closer era.
I know these opinions are a minority in the COG Forum, but I really want a game that meets such demands.


Got another game idea. A army managment and controling game where the army is robots that you can customize and upgrade. Including deciding on the looks!


Kind of like one of the endings of Choice of Robots, but more fleshed out?