Interest Check { possibly controversial}

I have not yet created this game but would anybody be interested in a historical fiction game about chattel slavery? I currently would have multiple point of view or mc’s and I will try my best to make it historically accurate but this seems to be a topic that is lacking in games due to its sensitivity perhaps. Along with this if anyone would be interested in co authoring this project with me please let me know. Any thought concerns or suggestions please let me know. Thank you for your time. :blush:
If anyone is willing to brainstorm with me pm me.


Will it be Gender Choice. And will said Gender Choice lead to some very uncomfortable situations?

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What is the purpose of your game? What goals and endings are planned out for the player? How “realistic” is “realistic” and how graphical do you plan on taking the uncomfortable scenes?

These questions and more would be what I would want firm answers of before I would green-light it - I’m not @RETowers so, her criteria might differ, yet these are some basic things you should be able to answe when pitching your idea.


The age of Jackson podcast hands it they do Jackson podcast it get current scholars of subject of pre war south as main focus and it wonderful point of hard martial on the subject.

In all reality you let creators get away with a lot of risk a subject matter as long as they do in a fantasy setting if it’s done with maturity and understanding of the material I cannot see why not.


It is easier to get fantasy and fiction past censors than history and historical fiction - when it comes to the latter category, corporations like Apple and Steam are more aware of topics as “issues” and “concerns” and you get red flagged much more/

Yes I would love to have gender choice but the uncomfortable situations may depend on how for i can actually go on this platform. Of course i want to be absolutely respectful so i would not be gorily in depth about certain situations but i think if i were to go into this topic the discomfort may be unavoidable.

You have piqued my interest sur

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Here’s another good podcast with fantastic sources you can go in right afterwards they cited in everything give you where to find publications.The subject like this would be hard to with authenticity you have to do your research on those a lot. It’s up on my own research on Jackson’s life and particularly the time period that share his name sake way before that podcast was release. I’ve read several different volumes on the era both exemplifying him and deeply criticizing him like what God has wrought. Social history different perspectives what was the history of different states in the south reasonable. Going in even to the more bizarre territory of Free People color of the south. So I going into the different indigenous societies that we border with an interact with. They themselves are no savage but they’re definitely not saints and there is fallible as our society but their relationships with each other great power and us deeply complex and that’s all even going into the views of the assimulation that was already happening with the tribes and a traditionalist. That’s just some of the indigenous tribes.

If you’re going to do it on real history focused on one very particular topic On one very particular perspective and once you got that down pat see if you can extend outward. At the same time to do know what else is going on so you can contextualize it.

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The purpose of my game would be to start a conversation about this dark history as well as educate people to aspects of it that they may not know. I think that people kind of stay to their respective corners but i honestly want to make it so that people get a little taste of every side. The multiple characters would be used to give different perspectives from slaves to free people and get in depth to how they may have felt or the many ways that people interacted with each other. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the different aspects of the slavery era in other CoGs such as Choice of the Vampire which had a plethora of options and perspectives. The goal for the player will vary for everyone but ultimately survival is the goal. Perhaps a slave escapes or some how becomes a freeman and etc. I have not yet charted the course of the story but I have many ideas on how to move forward. I see this being a huge project which is why i would like a partner immediately lol. As to how graphic as i said before i want to be as respectful as possible so i will probably not give moment by moment accounts of things like rape but i think it would be a disservice to ignore or brush past the more serious elements of the time. So I may say how the situation begin and what the aftermath is but i will not be vulgar in how the scene plays out.


I absolutely agree with how broad and complex this is and i will take your advice on starting small with one perspective but my initial goal will be to mirror kind of what Choice of vampires did but more specific.


So do you think i should do a fantasy all together or have those elements ,maybe incorporating ghost and voodoo and the like to make the story more palatable? I think those things could still be plausible because people were actually superstitious back then. I certainly dont want to break any guidelines.

Yes. If you make it straight historical it’ll do poorly compared to original fiction but with real world allegories

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The official guidelines will allow you to write the game of your choice: historical or fantasy based.

My personal thoughts all depend on those factors I listed above but I’m not in charge of publishing or even any projects but my own - I just know what was said prior and the reasons given by platforms such as Apple to require edits and changes to games.

This is in the midst of change as Apple is changing a few internal processes but I can’t really comment on anything concrete or in detail here because I am outsider looking in once more :wink:

Well I appreciate the feedback so far i had not thought of publishing issues when i first made this thread. I will need to do my research and see how i can weave everything together without either getting flagged or losing too much of my vision.

Here is a post from another WiP that applies here:

This should give you the viewpoint that CoG staff holds.


But what kind of slavery will you be tackling?

When we mention slavery, for some reason, people always immediately think of the African slaves transported to European colonies during the age of exploration. If anything, the Europeans simply bought those slaves from African rulers.
And what of the Romans and their slaves? the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians?

tl;dr slavery is a multi-faceted issue which is going to need proper representation if you wish to cover it


The vikings had slaves as well.

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Something is amiss in Denmark :wink:


Ha! :laughing: believe me, something’s always amiss in Denmark!