Insight WiP (Update 9/30/19 up to Ch9 - Demo Complete)

Werewolves 2 will have a prominent nb character who uses she/her. I was a little nervous doing this since most CoG nonbinary characters use ‘they’ but for some reason she/her always felt right for this character despite her identity and appearance.


Not sure if this is a bug: but when I choose to tackle Isaak my chivalry goes down but if I just protect myself with a shield chivalry goes up.

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Updates for Chapter 4 and 5:

  • Switched around some of the stats and added some as well. You shouldn’t have to restart your save unless you want to rebuild the character.
  • Map has been added, as well as a stat guide for those who care. But still working on adding all the lore.
  • crosses finger Hopefully there’s no bugs, I went through and there were no bugs. But at last, I will put money on there being at least one.

you are my cliffhanger me

but keep coming back for more you and your cliffhanger kill us better any sickness we love it man I had used crow kill walk book two time this day


Dicided to play through from the start and found this


An couple of errors appear when telling the village about your vision


Appears when choosing “I have far more power”

The same error also appears on line 624 if you chose nervousness

my apprentice, Alarai. No doubt you have seen $him before when telling the town of the good fortunes soon to come?”

Appears after the confrontation with Ancellus

after being accused by the king



@ApplePi @Megus You guys just couldn’t give me that imaginary ‘no bugs’ win, huh? Lol, but thank you both for bringing them to my attention. It has been updated accordingly!


Alas, it seems the beast was not so easily tamed!

Did you recently just update the game/page?? Or is this still appearing even after the update I just did?

I had closed my tabs and got back on and it still did it, though I just tried it again to make sure and it worked fine. So…visible confusion

I suppose it was my mistake. Apologies for the needless worry.

So I just read to the end and I have to say that this is amazing. I look forward to seeing this when it is completed or when there has been more progress. :hugs:

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Totally fine! Thanks for bringing it to my attention regardless.

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I decided to play my character like Solas from Dragon Age and dude I’m having soo much fun. Game is really enjoyable so far and I’m looking forward to new content.

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As a my black person myself I get the almost hair raising gut churning feeling you refur to when you see that word (that said I get that feeling with American accents from the deep south). But I do feel that racism can’t be watered down in media cos lets be honest it happens too much already.Change the word sure “twigger” is kinda lazy if you ask me and imo takes already horrible word and simply moves letters around, ignoring the effect that it’s real life counterpart has on you people like you and I. So in short I kinda agree change the word and make that word uncomfortable for those who have to read but without breaking the wonderful linguistic lorethat has been built-up


This. “Show, don’t tell” is something everyone should learn.

I changed it.


I will finish word of ass hate royal solider chapter 5 on his death
asshat : then we will kill you and burn down your home and all that good stuff dark times
then he get not get shot in the mouth he get shot in gold and ever were in his body

Great story

This is fantastic i can’t wait for more!!

Which race is the rarest, I wonder? I’m thinking either Cimmerians or Ecrid.