Insight WiP (Update 9/30/19 up to Ch9 - Demo Complete)


Genre : Epic Fantasy / Adventure

Current Chapters & WC : Chapter 9 | 140k

Summary : Political intrigue, mysterious origins, a powerful cult, and a world waiting to be discovered all await you. You are a popular witch, yearning for nothing more than to be become a master of all the branches to rise from apprentice to master. Your unique abilities, however, allow you to help those in need. But what will you do when you can’t even help yourself when your life is threatened? Everything changes when an unknown foe enters your life and begins to knock you down block by block. A simple journey takes a turn for the worst as wanting to find out who is after you turns into a mission to save your own name and uncover the mysteries that plague Jiwenia.

· Customize your own pronouns and choose a backstory that can affect your future.
· Choose from four species and watch your story and interactions change.
· Five romanceable characters of different backgrounds.
· Learn how to control your own specialized magic, as well as the ability to choose another, and unlock spells along the way.
· Immerse yourself in a high fantasy world.
· Prepare yourself for an adventure that will make or break you.
· Multiple ways to affect the world around you and multiple endings each with their own consequences.

Things to Know
  • I’m working on this book alongside Dragon Warrior to keep from getting really bad writer’s block (though that means my hand suffers, yay). What I have in mind for this is that this book will be a standalone, but will have three books/parts inside that follows your character’s journey.
  • For romances there are two males, two females, and one where you can choose their gender.
  • The stats are still being worked on and I’m not really happy with them just yet, feedback is appreciated if you have an idea. At the moment I’m looking to add more to the Relationships to keep up with how they feel about you and romance. Also, Lore and all of that just hasn’t been added.

Demo Link | Tumblr


This is actually helpful to know because I was worried I was adding way too much description everywhere and so opted for not describing everything.


I’m gonna have to agree with this . The way the story is told, is in a story mode , not a game . The choices are littles, and there is a tons of blahblah that’s way outside of what the player supposed to be able to do .

As it is, I’m reading a story . Not playing a game .

The only difference, this story asked me to name the main hero…then I gotta watch the action and click from time to time to advance it .

Your stories are the best. I rlly your other work, Supersition. This one does not disappoint either!!!


I noticed an error as the variable name wasn’t assigned.hope this helps.

Hmm, I’m enjoying this so far, but it doesn’t feel like we get much say in the MC. Right off the bat it doesn’t feel like I can put myself in their shoes or really create a character. Not that they have to be a complete blank slate… but I’d like to be able to interact with the story more and really build my MC instead of drifting along with the current story and sometimes choosing minor things.

Why not add more choices on how to interact with the Master in the beginning? More ways to confront Isaak’s bully other than just interfering or not doing anything? The scene where the MC hits him with a gust of wind particularly stands out to me. Some MCs might want to just tell him off without getting physical/messing with him… so it felt out of place.

It’s a good idea to just give the player more agency over how the MC interacts with the world and expresses themself :slightly_smiling_face:


So how come you can’t play as a human.


Humans are boring. There, I answered that one for you


Well i prefer to play as a human and humans are always for the win.

we all love fire emblem it good game

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Why pick humans when you can pick the immortal elves?

Some people have a natural bias towards human races because they are the easiest to relate to. Others prefer the opposite, precisely because of that familiarity - why settle with the ‘boring’ and ‘mundane’ when you could be something or someone else in another world? There’s an appeal to that.

The main question is - aside from the extra work, is there an actual ‘obstacle’ that prevents both races from being playable?

Just for clarification’s sake…
Cimmerians: What exactly are they comparable to? Shadow people? Dark Elves?
Ecrid: The equivalent of kemonomimi or partial furries if I understand it correctly.
Alyrians: Humans?

EDIT: Yay, another work from ToxicDreams! :3


I did think dark elf right away for the cimmerians . The whole cursed and banished kinda clue you in :sweat_smile:

Ecrid are like nephilime or from Skyrim Khajit .

I really enjoyed playing this as an Orc btw encountered some problems during the playthrough.


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I just assumed they were dark elves

Humans/Alyrians aren’t a choice because they don’t have magic in this world, therefore they can’t be a witch and all that actually make the MC, the MC.

Cimmerians aren’t necessarily dark elves, so I think I would agree that shadow people is the best comparison. (This is why I need to do the Lore page lmao). There biggest thing is that they can turn into shadows and the whole ‘taint’ disease. Ecrid, yea think Khajit but with horns and feline tails. And you got the Alyrians right.

@forestnymph Very helpful, thank you! I think this is one of the reasons why I’m having issues with the stats.


What’s Body magic?

Most Khajiit… Have… Tails…


Great WIP you have here. I’m looking forward to the next update.

My guess? Some kind of magic that allows you take control over your body’s attributes - increased strength, stamina, ability to ignore or shrug pain, natural regeneration, maybe even shapeshifting (the latter I have some doubts but who knows…). That sort of thing.