Insight WiP (Update 9/30/19 up to Ch9 - Demo Complete)

What kind of heresy is this my canine brother, all humans live forever under the emperor’s light, no eldar can be compared to the human might @DontJudge


Oh I really love the story so far!

By the way, I loved the story, looking forward to the update

Love the story so far. I can’t wait to read more :slightly_smiling_face:
Found this: “We are Master Audouin and Apprentice $name,” I tell him

No doubt you have seen $him before when telling the town of the good fortunes soon to come?”

“We are Master Audouin and Apprentice $name,”

When I decided to stay and do some readings I got the game breaking bugg three line 394: Non-existent variable ‘ruho’

Tried to do arm wrestling and got this error three line 501: Non-existent variable ‘ruho’


Similar to blood magic with what @IvoryOwl said, enhanced strength, stamina, perception, etc.

@Laguz Yea, I was typing and realized that Ecrids don’t have fur or cat faces and besides the obvious differences, look human, which made my brain go sideways while I was typing. :sweat_smile:


So Ecrids are basically kemonomimis. I was getting really confused when everyone else kept saying they were full furries when the lore in-game describes them as being similar to the alyrians (humans) except for their tails, horns, fangs and facial markings. There was no mention of animal muzzles or fur covering their bodies.

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I love your other wip and so far this one has been just as good. Having said that I’ve run across two glitches.


Question for those who have played the demo: Do you think I should add more content before the festival. Content that would allow you to explore more and get to know some of the characters a tad bit better?

Also …

  • Bugs have been fixed
  • I’ve added two more stats to the game, I’m a bit more content with the stats now but I’m still not totally happy with them. So I still may add some and take some away as I feel some are repetitive.
  • Choices added to both Prologue and Chapter One

Hiya! The prologue is super interesting, it’s a great read. I’m unsure if it’s just me l, but I appear to be unable to advance to the first chapter :slight_smile:


deep sigh Now the bugs are fixed.


Speak for yourself.


Why did he have to die. I cried a little before I closed the game I love it tho keep it up


So umm i kinda really like guard general lady…

To keep this as brief as possible, ToxicDreams amazed time and time again with their amazing writing and story telling ability–Superstition being among my favorite stories–and I believe Insight is yet another remarkable story to add to their credits. I thoroughly enjoyed this demo and I am more than a little bit excited to discover how this tale unfolds.


Nb romance options, yeah? You can “choose the gender” but… an option is nb, yeah?

@Tinyblake sniff sniff Please don’t make me cry lol! But thank you for the kind words!!

@Laguz Are you asking if I could add a nonbinary option??


Yes, I am! :3

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Definitely can do that. Though I will probably go with the xe/xem pronouns since they work better with he/him.

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Absolutely fine by me! I wouldn’t mind if it was a nb that uses he/him or she/her since they’re vastly unrepresented as well! :slight_smile: