Guys the new disscosion is up and thank you for your help making my desision.

For anyone that did not read my earler discosion imperfect is a post apctaliptec game and you come to power in the new world or try to socialy rebuild it.

I would be glad to have more advice for my game, thank you in advance

Great name for a game.

sound’s fun cant wait to play

Excellent name.

It’s probably too early to ask, but I was wondering when we could expect a demo?

Make sure you’ve spell checked everything: nothing is more irritating to play through than something which says “liek” instead of like, for me.

May I ask how much progress you have on the general plotline, setting, and characters?

@will9285 probobly the next two three weeks mabe sooner if I can get webs to work

@devex3 I’m sorry but I am dislexic so to have no spelling errors will be very hard for me. I will try

The setting, in my mind is done, along with the charicters for the first part the plot should split quite a bit, almost to the point of stupidity with my terrible understanding of choicescript so finding somewhere to right should not be to hard.

can somebody tell me how to get the button to link to the game on

thank you

@cagye_bee Not sure how others have done it, but it my case I added it to the sidebar:

  1. In Sitebuilder mode, just hover over the sidebar until it comes up with “Click to manage sidebar”.

  2. I then added a new section to the sidebar with a Title of “Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster” and body text of “Click to Play!”.

  3. Being body text, you can then select the text in edit mode and use the buttons above the body text to “insert link” to make the text clickable, which in my case I linked to:

There are probably other ways to do it as well but my first attempt worked so I didn’t experiment beyond that.

You can see it in use here:

@vendetta thank you very much but i had the link i could just not make it work.

when it says insert link you use the same file you use to view it in the choice script download right? The index.HTML ?

Not to be rude but, devex didn’t say to make sure you don’t have spelling errors, he said to use a spellchecker, which should be just as effective for anyone regardless of learning disability. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I agree, especially if you’re dyslexic, you should use the spellchecker.

is their a link

What I was referring to was that even with a spellcheck I often get words so wrong it takes me 5 minutes to fix each one by myself instead of just haveing friends edit my work for me wich still takes hours

Ah, well getting friends to help is certainly a good idea. Especially for your finished work.

Hey where did every body go?:frowning:


Probably real-life roadblocks. Seems to be affecting everybody.

I haven’t had that many road blocks I just wanted some more input

Alright. First word of advice: be careful. There are a lot of post…“however you spell that word” games out there. I would be interested to see a sort of “The Last of Us” in plot (minus the plant-zombies). If you don’t know what that is, it is a upcoming (and coming…and coming…) ps3 game (THAT NEEDS TO BE MADE TO THE XBOX!). It is supposed to have a really good plot. They haven’t revealed much though. I would like to see if you can do anything with it. But whatever. It’s your project. In any case, a highly realistic game would be a nice change of pace.

Thanks I will look into that game for plot ideas

Right now what has happened in the plot is you are essentially a slave worker in a mine and can deside to help the rebellion or remain loyal, ether way if you succeed you are put in charge of the territory and then things expand from there in several different directions