Destined for greatness


this is my game demo which i was working on tell me if you like it and if you want your own story added i may include it also it has a lot of grammar errors so im going to fix it later but enjoy lol forgot to put it in works of progress


there is an error only when you choose your first planet and your father so if you could please avoid choosing that for now as the fix is coming soon


It’s very good for a new demo (though I’m sure that you’ll fix out the grammar and such). Is this supposed to be a reminisent of Superman? Also, you might want to consider deleting some of the stats-there’s a bit too much. Of course, that’s just my opinion. There’s also a glitch when the “New Girl” arrives at school. After you make your choice, you get warped back to the “BestFriend” choices. And if I pick “Fair Skin and Face”, an error occurs. Don’t worry-I can’t get my game to work at all :slight_smile:


I like the game so far, I got an error after picking the skin colour it would’t let me move on after that. I hope you can fix i would like to play this game it look like alot of fun.

i can’t wait to see what update you bring to the game. :slight_smile:


Wait-is he even still working on the game?


The game has dark-light stats but even if your dark/evil you still become a superhero and save the world. That has completely no logic. Lol


it stared over when i picked go on date ith new girl


Started… With the new girl…