Light of Beacon (Short Demo)

Demo Link:

Game Summary:
You’re in a place where people have super powers that relate to something sad in their backstory. You can befriend and date some of them. Also, weird mystery stuff is going on and you investigate it, mostly just to give you motivation to interact with the other characters. There is a heavy emphasis on characters, replayability, and general awareness by the game of how your decisions make one playthrough different from another (or at least the illusion of such awareness).

LoB is a new take on an old premise - what if for no reason a bunch of people got cool but dangerous super powers? Would they be ignored and live mostly normal lives? Hunted down and killed? Or worst of all - forced to enroll in a High School for super heroes?

In LoB, the world’s governments employ a rather unexciting and practical response - put them all in really, really nice internment camps to buy enough time to think of a better idea. And this is all explained to you in the game, so you didn’t really have to read this. Also, this background isn’t that important in the game anyways.

The current version ends at an error when you choose the tour. I’ve fixed the error on my own version of the game, but I am too lazy to fix it until the next update. If not for the error, players who finished the game would get the ‘secret’ code “I AM COOL BECAUSE I FINISHED A DEMO”, which, if put as a character’s name during a new playthrough, will do something special.


Hmm I like the demo and it sounds amazing.

Our power rating is always low!?! I just want power! I am tired! Most games put us into the shoes of underpowered weaklings! :rage:


I’m really looking forward this game love the checklist,and i hope we will have mission based on our levels of power good luck :grin:

Oh don’t worry, power is definitely in the main character’s future.

The demo was really fun. I’m always open to having superpowers, and I look forward to playing more.

So, The MC’s power is not really low? There will be an evil path to take?

With regard to power - I’d rather not spoil anything. With regard to there ever being an evil path - no, I’m not quite that ambitious. You play a good guy, or at least a decent guy.

This is definitely interesting. Looked forward to seeing more. Loved the end of the demo comment :laughing:

–Well that kids is how SuperVillans are formed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not to be rude or demanding but I would like to see a wider variety of powers maybe
-p.s. loved the demo :smiley:

loved the demo, and the code thing for romancing characters seems neat

the demo is great. and the code thingie is super cool - it’ll make replaying the game more fun :smiley:

For some reason, I can’t be a girl. It pops up a warning about the top of the startup screen? IDK, but the boy path is cool.

Thank you for the catch! That’s a strangely big error for me to have missed. It should now be fixed.

Sounds interesting, although I wish I could talk to all the people there before I decide who I would want to share a room with, if anyone. I ended up with the one I spoke to last, which was not my intention. :cold_sweat:

Also, I always end up with the same error every time I go on the tour:

startup line 541: increasing indent not allowed, expected 2 was 4

Or is that where it ends? :relaxed:

That’s roughly where the game ends so far - there’s a bit of the tour written that the error is preventing you from seeing, but it’s not much. When I finally get around to writing the full tour, I’ll update the link and the error should go away.

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Understood. I suspected it might be, as it was consistent on that branch, but now I know. :relaxed:

I forget is it possible to get a high orbmedium power rating?

The machine always reads “low” in the intro chapter.