Destined For Greatness

1 week until beta release of the game destined for greatness, where you live the life of a hero and your choices will literally shape the future of the universe. you decide the strength of your powers and abilities which will influence your future. You have to play it to get it. You will meet many people along your adventure this game is one of the longest beta’s but also it is one of the most customisable. hopefully when i have the final product you will enjoy one of the greatest games yet.

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I look forward to playing and reviewing it.

1 quick question. Romance? Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

minmum in the beta but there will be more in the alpha version countdon

sorry guys but i’ve recently had a lot of free time so i completed the game and currently working on another game before i deliver a second part to this game. what this means is you have to wait until choice of games accepts my game before you can play it. again i apologise for getting your hopes up

i love this game

when will work (corrects,updates) continue?

this game and the other game unfortunately is cancelled but i am putting all my efforts into just one game on mythology of being a god which will become available to play in june