IF Comp entry (completed and entered into the competition) - Cecilia Rosewood - Link in post 40


@AAO Do you want to be added to the main thread or to a separate one?


Main thread,please.

I’d like to interact with people as I’m testing.


I’d be glad to test for you, but I can’t guarantee feedback until the weekend (but I would try!), if you’re fine with that.


Well, I’ve still got 13 days to work on stuff :grin:


Nah, you’re in :wink:


Woaaa… is there still a slot for one more tester? im interested XD, though im not really have experience bout it… :grin:


Instructions about what I expect you to do are on the first post of the testing thread. Just stick to that and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


Whoops. No it isn’t. I’ll try to track down where the instructions are at.


Thanks~ here i come :triumph:




I already linked to that topic in the first post of the test thread, but thanks nonetheless. :slight_smile:


Or you talking about jasonstevanhill High/low testing? :slight_smile:


High, low and middle testing, more like it, but there’s a link to that in that thread as well.

(Please try to only summon the big boss if you actually need him, K? :wink:)


Progress update:

I just finished the final chapter, so it seems I’ll have something to hand in, at least. :tada:
I’ll be working on implementing suggestions of my testers today and tomorrow.

(I’m not looking for additional testers at this point.)


I’ve submitted my entry. Now it’s time for a nice long nap. :sleeping:

I’ll probably post a link to the competition site here once the entries are up.


Here’s the link to the list of entries, in case you’re curious about what I spent my last seven weeks doing. Seems like I’ve got a lot of competition :worried: (58 entries in total) And I’ve spotted some familiar names as well.


IFComp 2016 open for judging and reviewing

Huh, my browser says the site is unsafe. :sweat:


Wait a minute…

Last time I went with there,everything was okay.But now,it’s apparently an unsafe site…


Really? @Guhik said the same thing, but it isn’t giving any warnings for me.


No warnings here either, using Norton here.


I got a warning about it being a unsafe site


Came to this via ifcomp, not completed it yet but I’ve noticed you use “this far” a lot. If you plan to take this beyond a competition entry I’d suggest replacing all occurrences with something else.