Idea pitch for a story

So, the idea is that it’s in the future, and humans can space travel and have advanced technology and are just barely below aliens when it comes to technology, but the twist is we are never barely ever taken seriously because…aliens think we are really cute. Like, in the way we find kittens and baby seals cute. When they see us they go “Oh my god, look, it’s a human! Aww, look at how adorable it is!” And some want to keep humans as pets. And that’s where the conflict starts, because some aliens have been kidnapping and selling or keeping humans. I got this idea from two tumblr posts that I can no longer find.


Found the posts!


I think it is both a promising idea and one with some very big pitfalls that can trip you up. Human trafficking is something that is on a lot of people’s minds and this idea has shades of this problem.

By the way, is this something you are for sure going to work on or are you still considering it? If it is a sure thing, I can move this to the “Work in Progress” section for you if you desire.


I’m considering, I’m waiting for a larger amount of feedback on the idea.

What would the plot for the story be? I think the idea could be fun but what would we be doing?

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Well I had several plots in mind. One is you’re on of the captured humans and you have to escape and somehow save the others (but saving the others is an option) or something along those lines.

That can be fun. However I think you should flesh out the plot and characters a bit more before asking for feedback. What are the aliens like? How many different types are there? Do humans have a place in the galaxy besides being wanted as pets? Do all aliens do this or just some? Is having a human as a pet legal? What about love interests, will there be any? What kind of tone are you looking to have? Is this going to be a more comedic story or more serious?

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I’m thinking it’ll be mostly be comedic, but have it’s serious moments.

Sounds interesting is there romance

Might be. We’ll see. Also @Eiwynn yes, please switch it to Work-In-Progress.

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School ends this week, so this’ll probably be my summer project to work on whenever I have freetime.

The problem is mostly with the fact that you are inserting a very serious problem (human traffic) in a (very interesting and promissing) comedy.

At the very least, you should put a disclamer in the first page of the book, and do your best to create as much difference as possible between the real and rough human traffic and your version of “Oh my god, I want a human so much that I will buy one”.

Make it as light, innocent and funny as possible, and make sure to put a disclamer where you mention the fantasy human traffic subject, and tell the reader that despite your condemn of the RL human traffic the portrayal in the book is much different even if it might still trigger some human traffic victims or traumatize other readers. Or some other version of a disclamer, I am sure CoG would suggest you a good one when the game was to be published.

Please note that this is just my take on the subject. Other users might think differently. This being said, the idea has a lot of potential for a comedy, you just need to be aware of the problematic and serious nature of human traffic, and avoid the resulting potential problems. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the typos and errors, I am on my phone.


This looks like an awesome game. Can’t wait for an official demo!

This sounds promising. Though as others have said, no doubt you need a disclaimer. Also perhaps the title should represent the premise. As well as, convey the comedic aspect. Something perhaps like: “Adorable humans, the next galactic fad!”

I know it’s a terrible title, but I hope it conveys what I’m getting at. Since, sadly people dive into things without reading descriptions, and get mad despite this.


Oh, ok. I’ll put a disclaimer. And great idea, I’ll take that into consideration.

I like your idea. A million things can come to mind.

If we are suppose to be seen as pets, I would love the option to be chubby or fat. I can imagine an alien parading me to the other aliens and being like, see this chubby/fat cheeks! He is so fluffy.

This is all assuming the story aint dark of course.

Why not be the alien? I mean, the main character were mostly human in most story

That way the story can move freely, because the alien was simply pure from our imagination.

Good plot anyway, simply cant wait for the comedy on the game

I say destroy all aliens. (Pull out out a gun and shoots an space alien). Do you still think I’m CUTE!?! Haha ha…

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Can’t stop fantasizing humans subverting the alien regime, while aliens just let them do so because of their cuteness.
If kittens took over the world I would certainly have no complaint.


@idelem Kittens are manipulating you - you need to get out of their cuteness”

"But see @DUNGEON_MASTER they are so cute "

@idelem but he stabbed you and is now going to fetch a axe to behead you”

"But th…


"A Conversation between two people that took place when Kittens took over the world " Miss Kitty tells to the kittens of cat school.