Idea pitch for a story

First post on forum here so if I break a rule/ commit a faux pas plz let me know.

Suggestion: first page the very valid disclaimer that’s been brought up about real trafficking of people. With three options:
1: thanks for the trauma informed care/heads up now let’s have some fun!!! (Leads to game of nothing but comedy)
2: interesting, i hadnt thought of that off of the game title/premise; Yes plz, tell me the story of the metaphor colored lampshade. (Leads to an inoffensive story with moments where the option you think sounds like a good opportunity just goes wrong and your suddenly far away from any support and all you wish is to go back!)
3: Holy Shiitake mushrooms !!! I’ve been looking for a good cathartic instigator, plz share that draft of cold hard reality. ( Leads to story as dark as cog allows)

Now if my understanding of cog game coding is correct this would require you to either write 3 entirely different games, or code each option with a prec of the different reality setting ( sadly the second choice I believe would leave the dark depressing option just greyed in the menu). I wouldn’t suggest this difficult path but after a lifetime of Sci-fi and utopian/dystopian literature I’ve never once considered the humans are cute approach and it has my brain buzzing with new possible realities.

Go for it did pay to play

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