New game: Crash Landing Suggestions?


okay so i have writers block on my one game so until that goes away i would like to work on my next idea.
also before we get into that, i am sorry for posting so much i am just very excited to be a part of this intelligent community. Any way i would like suggestion to help me make Crash landing a great game.

Here is some information on what im thinking so far.

your an scientist in a government lab that studies aliens. Like here is the opening i’m thinking of.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Your alarm clock also known as your worst enemy is going off. You sit up in bed looking over at the beeping device. It takes a moment but you manage to get out of bed a turn the dang thing off. Its time to get ready for work. The thought sounds strangely good in your mind, it is your first day on the job after all. After the quickest shower you have ever had you get out your uniform its a simple outfit…

*Just black pants and a white shirt and lab coat.
*Just a black skirt and a white shirt and lab coat.

After fumbling with your (pants/skirt) you manage to get them on just in time to get going to work. You rush strait to your car before remembering to grab your id badge. Your search your house before you relies its in your (wallet/purse).
You live far from your new work place, so its quite lucky that they have housing there for employees. Your work scheduled is quite simple you work for three weeks in a row and you get one paid week off. As terrible as that schedule sounds to you the pay make its way worth it. You will be able to retire in no time at all. You pull into the military base and park your car. Once at the door to the lab a computer prompts you to scan your id card. You hold your id card up to the screen. It prompts you to type in your name to continue.

*choice(based on gender you choose)
(i will have more name choices i just dont feel like typing them all)

The computer beeps once before the large rusty metal door opens. You step in side confused as you look around, it is nothing more then a small rusty room. Your about to step out the door when it shuts and you feel the floor begin to move. It seems that you are on an elevator, this shouldn’t surprise you as you had figured and alien research lab would be underground. The head of research stands before you. “Ah (name) your here good to see you made it here on time.” He says his left hand idly twisting the hairs on his beard. “Come with me.” He says leading you down the hallway, he continues to talk but your excitement prevents you from fully listening. All you really catch is his name which is Edgar. Sad for you that was something you already knew.

He stops at a door that appears to be made of glass. Your eyes peer into the room seeing the alien lying on the floor. Edgar explains that out of three aliens recovered in a recent crash this one is doing the worst, as a new member of the team you get the worst job which is taking care of and trying to save a dying alien. You ask what is so bad about that. Edgar reply’s in a serious tone that in most cases all you can do is watch it die, not only that but injured aliens are far more likely to attack you. He hands you a phone like device, telling you that its all you will need well you are here. He leaves you now expecting you to get to work.

What to do now?

* Examine the alien more closely.
* Check out your new phone.
* Walk into the room.

so thats what i was thinking for the beginning.
what are your ideas on stats?

i was thinking that some of them could be,
Cruelty/Kindness (like the stats in choice of dragon these oppose each other.)
Communication (how well you can talk to the aliens)
Honor (if you keep your promises and stay true to your word people/aliens will trust you more)
Job title (basically the more you have success the way the government wants the more you will get promoted.)
Influence(Motivating or encouraging others.)
Dedication(Being seriously devoted to causes and/or goals.)
Patience(Being able to wait; taking your time to do things).
Perfectionism(Trying to achieve the highest possible degree of excellence.)
Courage(Meeting danger or difficulties in spite of fear.)
Sanity (the place you work is a cruel jail for Innocent alien life if your not careful you might just lose it.)

that’s all i can think you i cant wait your input and suggestions.
on a small side note if any one would like to become my personal game tester please pm me.


So i changed allot of thing sense that post but is no one even curious enough to look at my thread? any way i changed the stats to…

opposed_pair Cruelty
Job title


Sorry about the delay, I meant to comment on this sooner but have been busy. I found a bunch of mistakes but because I don’t have much time right now I’ll focus on your biggest. The difference between your and you’re. Your is a possessive 2nd person pronoun the equivalent to the 1st person pronoun mine. It is used in sentences like: “I like your cat.” or “Is that your shirt.”

On the otherhand you’re is a contraction of the words you and are. It is use in sentences such as: “You’re very happy.” or “You’re right on time.”

Hope that helps cheers!

P.S. Word of advice, and I mean no offense, but I suggest putting the story parts of your script in word so that you can use spellcheck.


I don’t take offence i find suggestions like these very helpful and i thank you for it. i can’t type them in word though sense i don’t have it on my computer in fact the only writing program i have is notepad ++ and notepad.


Then I suggest using Google Docs. It also has a spell check for that matter so does chrome. Its actually checking what I’m writing right now.


Well i do type up my story parts in my email so i can utilize chromes peel check but the issue you mentioned is a grammar problem. chrome doesn’t check for poor grammar which is my biggest problem.


True, I can try and get my friend. who is a grammar-nut, to look at your work and proof-read it every now and then. Unfortunately both me and him are really busy and will probably have little time to help, with proof reading that is I can still give ideas, since that takes me a lot less time.


That would be nice i have a friend in collage for writing and i am trying to get her to proof read it but shes been sick lately.


Where is the demo


Patience ghostface, making games is a long and arduous process, and with appleduck tied with one other game and two comics, it would take some time until she can make a demo she feel is substantial enough for release.


I kno I kno I really enjoy Yall games. And patience is not my strong point


demo should be ready soon


Sounds interesting, excitided for both of your stories, you’re a good author and keep up the good work!


Sounds interesting. By the way, notepad++ had spell checking too (Look under plugins/spellchecker how to get it)


is this one dead to?


I look forward to the demo. I hope you get a chance to dive into your background a little more, maybe type of degee and how you fell into the job. Is there something deeper involved in the story, perhaps the aliens do not like the humans doing research on there kind, or the the dieing alien is important in some way and his race wants him back, or maybe he has come to earth too hide, or carries a message of doom that could save the earth if only you can keep him alive long enough. Sorry just stray thoughts. Will be happy to read what comes next.