Crash Landing (my side project)

I love aliens and moral choices so i deiced to make crash landing a story about you as you get a job at an area much like area 51. Its clean white hall ways give an illusion of a safe work place. But in reality its anything but if the work doesn’t kill you might go insane.

Or you might live long enough to see your self become the villain.

Features planed for crash landing.

+modern setting with sci-fi over tones
+tons of possibility’s every choice will effect the way the story plays out
+moral choices that will make you question your self.
+Pictures (not a whole lot of them but some)
+and more

things wrong with Crash Landing

-spelling errors
-its not done
-bugs (probably)

so yes late in the game (not written yet)
I plan for a research job that requires a team and you get picked at the leader. The whole mission will go differently depending on who you pick for it. The charters will all be people you have meet threw out the game from Alex the kind guard who lives next to you to Vix the girl who always speaks her mind and was born in the base and has never left (shes never seen the sky). each person belongs to a different field of science. You can only pick four people though.

any of course i was more moments as awesome as that to play threw over and over but they take a while to code.

testing that game will get you the start of your second day at work (as of right now)
It wont be updated as often as born a king as this is a more complex side project.

found a error after basically any choice after the first meting with the alien.
to be more precise its the choices that lead to the next day of the job.

Allright thats fixed.

found error next day where anything you do after you save the alien gets error
to be more precise its when you met the alien the next day all the choice with the app have error same ting when you can talk to the alien and you know the language.

Thats not an error I just haven’t written that far yet. :slight_smile:

@appleduck28 Slapping something like TODO where ever your at the end of a thread (even if you don’t want to slap down *ending after it), makes it clear(er) that it’s the end of a path. It also helps you to find where you need to work too (just ctrl+f).

Allright this has been updated and paths that are not completed have TODO’s at the end of the choices. im at the point in the story where it splits into two compleatly different paths that you can switch at some point but for the most part once you pick it your stuck on it.

one path is focused on dedication to working with the alien the other path involves being untrusting of the secret nature of the job. each path will have three endings that will lead you into chapter 1.

There are a few strange phases, some probably typos, but a lot of grammar problems. It gets especially bad during the long pages of text, therefore it’s best to stick to proper formatting and start a speech with a new paragraph. Makes it look clearer.
I’ve also found that the apostrophe is also displayed as a strange symbol, could be just my browser/regional zone/encoding though.
So far so good man! I look forward to it!

the apostrophe problem with with my website but my boy friend runs that and i can never get him to fix it. thanks for your comment though. :slight_smile:

Appleduck28 what a great game can’t wait to play the full game as well as the full game of born to be king

*born a king

Tomorrow im updating this game.

Cool can’t wait to play it and welcome back :slight_smile:

Hm, the job application seems like a poor way to establish stats, why would anyone put that they’re a lying, thieving, misanthrope on their job application? Also, is there any way other than listing every grammatical error I come across to have them corrected? Maybe the scenes could be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word for a basic spellcheck, as they prevent the game from being taken as seriously and get really distracting.

But asides from that, I like the setting, it feels fairly realistic while still being somewhat distinct, and the concept has potential.

You bring up a fine point ventrm but i have applied for many jobs that ask me if i h=ever have stolen or would steal from the company. like homedepo’s application. although I accualy decied to close the testing for this game for now as i am going to rewrite the whole thing once i get back to it.

im just to busy with born a king right now to keep steady updates on this. after born a king i plan to make a shorter game that has pictures that go with every choice.

Ha, I’m actually thinking the same, that I will make a shorter game after I’m done with Samurai.

The difference is that I can’t draw shit so I can’t have pictures :frowning:

Anyway, I don’t think it would be too weird for a job application to ask for criminal records. And since this is some high tech government facility, they probably will be extra careful about this sort of thing.

It’s not the questions themselves I find a bit off, it’s the fact that there’s no motivation for the protagonist not to lie for them. There’s motivation for I, the player, to put that the protagonist is a criminal, and that is a different stat increase.

I wish you much luck with Born a King.

That is true though. Perhaps it should take the form of a personality test?

any up date

is this link dead